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  • Results Driven Accountability

    Federal Programs Division

    "Kids First, New Mexico Wins!"

    Hanna Skandera Secretary of Education

    New Mexico Public Education Department Denise Koscielniak

    Director of Federal Programs

  • 2

    Results Driven Accountability (RDA) History

    • Message from Secretary Arne Duncan

    • Shift from compliance to outcomes

    • 2011 Continuous Improvement Visit (CIV)

    • Must focus on measurable indicator(s)

    • 2nd State to pilot plan

  • 4

    NM’s RDA Plan • Stakeholder Meeting

    2011 o Focus on state efforts o Elementary-level reading o Overall school improvements

    (school grades) o Lowest quartile (students with

    disabilities, low socio-economic status, Native American students)

  • RDA • NM’s plan

    o Supports A-F school grading

    o Focuses on reading growth rates especially in grades K-3

    o Supports Reads to Lead o Math and positive

    behavioral interventions and supports

    o Includes parent involvement and funding for parent centers for parent training


    o Title I and Special Education Collaboration

    o Shared FTE o IDEA B State Directed

    Activities funds o Fiscal plan – support RDA

    activities o REC Support o IDEA Advisory Panel

  • RDA Cont’d • Site Selection and

    Consideration o C, D or F school grade o Quartile 1 Grade o High % spec. ed.

    enrollment o School-wide Title I o Elementary Schools o 50% sites high Native

    American population


    • Coordination with Priority Schools Bureau

    • Collaboration with Literacy Bureau

  • 8

    • Keep on implementing plan

    • Guidelines forthcoming

  • 11

    “It’s Official” RDA Next Steps

    • RDA announced o Accountability o State Systemic Improvement

    Plan (SSIP)

    • How to scale up o Infrastructure o Alignment of state initiatives o Implementation

    • HR • Fiscal

    New Mexico

    Other States

  • 12

    RDA or SSIP • Student oriented • 5 year plan (2014/15-

    2018/19) • Does not have to be

    state-wide • Includes scale up • Must relate to other

    indicators o Reading Proficiency – direct o Disproportionate

    Representation – direct o Other indirect indicators

  • Phase I SSIP


  • Phase I

    IDEA Data Center

  • 15

    RDA Data Analysis • State Reading

    Assessment • NAEP • NMSBA & PARCC • Graduation Rates • Drop-out Rates • Suspension/Expulsion • Disproportionality • State Demographics,

    including poverty

  • Reading Proficiency

    through Early Reading Initiative

    Increased Graduation Rates

    Decreased Drop Out Rates

    Decreased Discipline Infractions

    Decreased Inappropriate


    Improved School Grade

    Improved Q1 grade


  • RDA in the Title I Bureau • RDA is housed in the Title I bureau of PED, funded

    through special education (the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act – IDEA Part B and D)

    • In-kind support Title I staff and combined FTE • At risk students and students with disabilities tend to

    score in the lowest quartile (the lowest 25%) • Focus is on lowest quartile, but important to support

    entire school improvement o Most students with disabilities spend most of their time in general

    education classrooms


  • Priority Schools Support

    Results Driven Accountability Interventions

    Desk-top Monitoring

  • State-identified Measurable Result(s) (SIMR) for Children with Disabilities


    A description of the result(s) the State intends to achieve through the implementation of the SSIP. The State-identified result(s) must be aligned to an SPP/APR indicator or a component of an SPP/APR indicator. The State-identified result(s) must be clearly based on the Data and State Infrastructure Analyses and must be a child-level outcome in contrast to a process outcome. The State may select a single result (e.g., increasing the graduation rate for children with disabilities) or a cluster of related results (e.g., increasing the graduation rate and decreasing the dropout rate for children with disabilities).

  • SIMR

    FFY 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Target 39.8 41.8 43.8 45.8 47.8


    New Mexico’s State Identified Measurable Result (SIMR) is: By federal fiscal year (FFY) 2018, 47.8% of students with disabilities in Results Driven Accountability schools will score benchmark on the End of Year DIBELS-Next Composite. Baseline data and targets are measurable and rigorous Baseline data from 2013 indicate that 37.8% of students with disabilities in Results Driven Accountability (RDA) schools scored benchmark on the End of Year DIBELS-Next Composite. Reaching the 2018 goal of 47.8% represents a 26% increase in achievement from the baseline data, collected in FFY 2013. FFY 2013 – FFY 2018 Targets

  • 21

  • Phase II SSIP


  • Phase II

    IDEA Data Center

  • Measures Short-Term Outcomes • What customers and

    people learn as a result of outputs

    • What awareness, attitudes, or skills they develop


    Outputs • Program

    Accomplishments • Direct Results of Activities • Description and number

    of products and events • Customer contacts with

    products and events • Fidelity of program


    IDEA Data Center

  • Measures Long-Term Outcomes • Broad program

    outcomes • Results that fulfill the

    program’s goals • Impact on children and

    families • Program sustainability,

    or what ensures or promotes scale-up and sustainability


    Intermediate Outcomes • Changes in adult

    actions or behaviors based in knowledge

    • Fidelity of the planned interventions

    • Improved organizational functioning

    • Improved system functioning

    IDEA Data Center

  • Formative Evaluation

    26 IDEA Data Center

  • IDEA Data Center

    Summative Evaluation

  • 28

  • 29

  • 30

    We are seeing results with result driven accountability

  • 31

    RDA sites through 2015-2016

    Results Driven Accountability Results Driven Accountability (RDA)�History Slide Number 3 NM’s RDA Plan RDA RDA Cont’d Slide Number 7 Slide Number 8 Slide Number 9 Slide Number 10 “It’s Official” �RDA Next Steps RDA or SSIP Phase I SSIP Slide Number 14 RDA Data Analysis Slide Number 16 RDA in the Title I Bureau Slide Number 18 State-identified Measurable Result(s) (SIMR) for Children with Disabilities SIMR Slide Number 21 Phase II SSIP Slide Number 23 Measures Measures Formative Evaluation Slide Number 27 Slide Number 28 Slide Number 29 Slide Number 30 Slide Number 31


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