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<ul><li><p>Kids birthday party planning checklist </p><p> PICK A DATE, TIME &amp; LOCATION </p><p> CHOOSE A THEME </p><p> CREATE A GUEST LIST </p><p> SEND OUT INVITATIONS </p><p> PIAN OUT MENU </p><p> PLAN OUT DECOR </p><p> PLAN OUT SCHEDULE OF EVENTS </p><p> BOOK WITH THE BEST KIDS PARTY ENTERTAINER </p><p>Things to Remember! </p><p> TABLEWARE (PLATES, CUPS, NAPKINS, SILVERWARE) </p><p> DECORATIONS &amp; BALLOONS </p><p> GAMES TO PLAY OR ACTIVITIES </p><p> FAVORS FQR GUESTS </p><p> CAKE (ORDER OR BAKE) DON T FORGET CANDLES BC MATCHES. </p><p> FOOD &amp; BEVERAGES (ORDER OR MAKE) </p><p> CHARGE THE CAMERA BATTERY </p><p>For the Birthday Child: </p><p> SPECIAL OUTFIT OR COSTUME </p><p> BIRTHDAY PRESENT PLUS CARD &amp; WRAPPING PAPER! </p><p>Throw Party! </p><p> MAKE A LIST OF WHO GAVE WHAT PRESENT </p><p> POST PHOTOS ON SOCIAL MEDIA LIKE Google Photos, Flickr, Facebook </p><p> SEND OUT THANK YOU NOTES </p><p>Need Educational puppet shows? </p><p></p><p>Kids birthday party planning checklistThings to Remember!For the Birthday Child:Throw Party!</p></li></ul>