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Mobile learning pre-school program for children.


  • 1. Education is the kindling of a flame, not the fillingof a vessel. - Socrates

2. Why?I want my kid to be smartIt takes a lot of time to select apps and educatedfor my child - age appropriate,educational, without technicalmistakes and no monsters. 3. KidEruditeMobile Learning CenterFor 1-8 y.o. childrenCoherent educational system builtby the team of parents-teachers andpsychologists 4. Mothers FairsSergienko E.A. Professor, Doctor of Psychology,Head of the Laboratory of Cognitive PsychologyInstitute of Psychology RAS 5. US, UK,S.Korea, Japan,Germany,France,Canada, Russia,Brazil, Spain 6. Project TeamOlga VisserCEO,MontessorymomTatyana VolkomorovaGame ProducerKsenya GatilovaDesigner, momElena SergienkoMentorDoctor of PsychologyIlya NetkachSound DirectorOleg Bondarenko,CTO, dad 7. 0,01 $ cost per install 8. Why Well WinThe Market? 9. INVESTOR WANTED$ 2 000 000People + MarketingAchievements 10. +7 (495) 772 48 66olga.visser@kiderudite.comSkype: olgalibraFacebook: visserolga