khalil altaf kassam and khalil altaf kassam doing business ... 2. that khalil kassam, and khalil...

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    terms for which they were not authorized, and deceiving owners about the terms of their tenancy agreements,

    Since Kassam and Pacific Rim living are not licensed, their clients do not have the benefit of the regulatory scheme over which the Real Estate Council presides, licensee mandatory indemnification insurance, or of the real estate special compensation fund which is administered under RESA Continued non-compliance would harm the integrity of the licensed British Columbia real estate services industry, harm the interests of consumers, and would be detrimental to the public interest.

    I AM OF THE OPINION that it is in the public interest to make summary orders under sections 46 and 51 of RESA so that the public is protected against further non- compliance with RESA and to preserve the interests of current landlords and tenants who are dealing with Kassam and Pacific Rim living,

    I THEREFORE ORDER pursuant to subsections 46(1) and (3) of RESA as follows:


    Living on deposit or otherwise held including In account no. _until

    order pursuant to section 45(5) or ~SA.

    I FURTHER ORDER pursuant to sections 51(2) (a) and 49(2) (a) of RESA as follows:

    2. That Khalil Kassam, and Khalil Kassam doing business as Pacific Rim Living cease conducting, directly or indirectly, real estate services, including rental property management services, In British Columbia, effective immediately, unless and until they become licensed to do so under the prOVisions of the Real Estate Services Act.

    TAKE NOTICE that Khalil Altaf Kassam and Khalil Altaf Kassam doing business as Pacific Rim Living, may require a hearing before the Superintendent under sections 51(3) and 45(6) of RESA or appeal these orders to the Financial Services Tribunal under section 54(1)(e) of RESA.

    Dated at the City of Vancouver, Province of British Columbia this If- day of December, 2013.

    ;< ... _{-' Chris Carter • Acting Superintendent of Real Estate Province of British Columbia