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<ul><li><p>E D U C A T I O N. S E R V I C E. S U C C E S S.Celebrating twenty years of educating law students and providing free legal services to the community </p><p>with competence, conscience, and compassion</p><p>20th anniversary celebrationoctober 25, 2014</p></li><li><p>2 Katharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center</p><p>A Message from the Executive Director </p><p>Dear Friends,</p><p>I am so glad to be back as Executive Director! </p><p>Your presence here tonight is a tribute to the Katharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center and the dedication and commitment of everyone associated with it. Without your support and the support of the University, the Law Center would not be able to continue to educate and challenge our students and inspire them to become lawyers of conscience, competence and compassion. </p><p>Experiential learning has been going on here for the last 20 years, long before the ABA and the State Bar became seriously interested in the concept. Graduates who participated as students at the Law Center frequently describe it as the best experience of their law school career. Watching the current students in action energizes and motivates me. I will do all I can to support the mission of KGACLC - an exceptional place where individuals without the means to remedy grave injustices obtain representation and advice. In turn, our students learn how to represent clients under the close supervision of our nationally-recognized clinical professors. </p><p>Everyone realizes that the Law Center could not continue without the fi nancial support of law fi rms, attorneys and other individuals. Our benefactors give in the spirit of the late former Dean of the Law School, George Alexander and his wife Katharine, who so generously started an endowment for the Law Center in 2004. </p><p>Much of tonights success is due to the hard work of the Celebration Committee, which includes many members of the Law Centers Advisory Board and our Staff thank you. I also want to highlight our partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences, the Ignatian Center and the Markkula Center our common Jesuit mission of service to our community unites us in our endeavors. I am especially grateful for the support of Michael E. Engh, S.J., the University President.</p><p>To our sponsors and everyone here tonight, thank you so much for making our 20th Anniversary Celebration a huge success! Have a wonderful evening. </p><p>Cynthia A. MertensExecutive Director </p></li><li><p> Celebrating twenty years of education, service and success 3</p><p>WELCOMING REMARKSLisa KloppenbergDean of the Santa Clara University School of Law</p><p>CELEBRATORY REMARKS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTSCynthia A. MertensExecutive Director, Katharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center</p><p> THE LAW CENTER THEN AND NOW - A BRIEF PERSPECTIVEJim Hammer, Esq.Katharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center Co-founder</p><p>KEYNOTE ADDRESSLuis J. Rodriguez President Emeritus, State Bar of CaliforniaIntroduced by Jim Hammer</p><p>THE FOUNDERS LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDBrief introductory video, presented by Jim Hammer Award presented by Ruben Pizarro and Jim Hammer </p><p>Acceptance remarks by Eric and Nancy WrightKatharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center Co-founders</p><p>THE LIVE AUCTIONRichard Alexander, tonights auctioneerIntroduced by Christopher Schumb</p><p>CLOSING REMARKS Cynthia A. Mertens</p><p>THE MYSTERY PRIZESergio LpezKatharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center Staff </p><p>PRO</p><p>GRA</p><p>M</p></li><li><p>4 Katharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center</p></li><li><p> Celebrating twenty years of education, service and success 5</p><p>A Message from Michael E. Engh, S.J.President, Santa Clara University</p><p>I congratulate the Katharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center on this milestone and express my gratitude to its director, attorneys and staff who continue to serve our community with selfl essness and commitment.</p><p>Th e Law Center truly embodies the values of SCU. It serves the community of which we are a part and gives students the opportunity to understand and improve the lives of those with the least education, power, and wealth. </p><p>Th e Law Centers distinction rests in the fact that it provides direct legal services to the poorest in our community while training law students to be lawyers of conscience, competence and compassion. </p><p>Th anks to the hands-on, experiential learning off ered to our law students by the Law Centers attorneys and staff , their collective impact on our community is truly transformative. In line with the Universitys values of engagement and solidarity, the Law Center is an integral part of our eff orts to build a more humane, just, faith-fi lled, and sustainable world. May the Katharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center continue to serve our community for many more years to come. </p><p>Michael E. Engh, S.J.President</p></li><li><p>6 Katharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center</p></li><li><p> Celebrating twenty years of education, service and success 7</p><p>Introduced byJim Hammer, Esq.Law Center Co-Founder</p><p>Luis J. Rodriguez President Emeritus, State Bar of California</p><p>On October 12, 2013, Luis J. Rodriguez was sworn in as the 89th President of the State Bar of California. He is the fi rst Latino, the fi rst active Public Defender and the fi rst Santa Clara Law School alumnus to serve as President of the State Bar.</p><p>Luis attended Santa Clara University as an undergraduate. While at SCU, his commitment to social justice blossomed </p><p>when he joined a coalition of student groups to urge the schools administration to divest from South Africas then apartheid government; he fought for an expansion of the Ethnic Studies curriculum, and participated in student politics. Upon graduation, Luis was honored with the Nobili Award. Th e award, named after SCU founder John Nobili, S.J., is given by the faculty and the Provost to the graduate deemed outstanding in academic performance, personal character, school activities, and constructive contribution to the University.</p><p>Luis went on to Santa Clara School of Law, where he was active with the La Raza law students, and he continued his commitment to diversity and access to justice. In 1994, he joined the Los Angeles County Public Defenders Offi ce, where he has worked for the last 19 years to fi ght for the rights of indigent adults and children charged with criminal off enses.</p><p>In his role as Special Counsel to then Public Defender, Michael P. Judge, Luis was also key to advancing Mr. Judges commitment to the diversity of the attorneys in the offi ce. Luis was instrumental in ensuring that not only attorneys were representative of the diverse population in Los Angeles County but that law clerks were similarly representative of the countys diverse community.</p><p>Luis has taken leadership roles throughout the years as President of the Los Angeles County Mexican American Bar Association, President of the California La Raza Lawyers Association, President of the Latino Public Defender Association, member of the California State Board of Education and Chair of the State Bar of Californias Council on Access and Fairness (COAF). Th e mission of COAF is to advise the State Bar Board of Trustees on appropriate strategies consistent with State Bar policies and procedures that enhance opportunities and advancement in the legal profession for diverse populations, particularly those who have been historically under-represented.</p><p>Because of the obstacles he faced and the support that he received from many, Luis forever committed himself to being the voice for those who have no voice. He is happily married. He and his wife are raising two young, socially-conscious and loving girls who will become strong, independent and compassionate women.</p><p>KEYN</p><p>OTE</p><p> AD</p><p>DRE</p><p>SS</p></li><li><p>8 Katharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center</p></li><li><p> Celebrating twenty years of education, service and success 9</p><p>Introduced byRuben Pizarro and Jim HammerLaw Center Co-Founders</p><p>Law Professors Eric and Nancy WrightLaw Center Co-Founders </p><p>Twenty years ago, when a disenfranchised community in East San Jos suff ered the injustice of unpaid wages and abuse in the work place, a group of committed Santa Clara La Raza law students and generous volunteers found in Professors Wright the assistance and inspiration they needed to provide relief in the form of free legal advice.</p><p>Th e Wrights enthusiastic support quickly went beyond its supervisory role as they saw the potential of this eff ort and its need for fi nancial viability. So, unfazed by their full teaching load and their many law school responsibilities, they applied for two grants from the U.S. Department of Education and the Legal Services Corporation. Both grants were approved in the total amount of $200,000. Th e money was put to use immediately to pay the rent of badly needed offi ce space and to hire two attorneys to supervise our law students. Th us, in 1994, the East San Jos Community Law Center (ESJCLC) was offi cially born thanks to the work and foresight of Professors Wright.</p><p>In their combined 73 years of teaching, Eric and Nancy have taught literally thousands of SCU Law grads. Th ey are among the most respected and loved of all the professors at the law school. Students rave about their teaching, their genuine concern for them and their success, and their commitment to social justice. Th ey are known for taking action when they see an injustice; they are eff ective, committed and creative, says Professor Cynthia Mertens, the Law Centers current Executive Director and their long-time colleague.</p><p>In addition to their role in founding the Alexander Law Center, Professors Eric and Nancy Wright were the co-founders and initial co-directors of the Center for Social Justice and Public Service at Santa Clara. Th ey also co-founded and were the fi rst co-administrators of the Trina Grillo Public Interest Retreat.</p><p>Th eir teaching also refl ects their commitment to public interest, with Eric teaching consumer law and Nancy focusing on children and the law. In addition, for many years, they have jointly taught a course on Public Interest Practice, in which they encourage students to develop practical and relevant projects for underserved communities and the issues they face. Th ey have also co-taught a similar course on a number of occasions at Stanford Law School. Both law schools have recognized their contributions to public interest education. At Santa Clara, they have received Public Interest and Social Justice Recognition Awards as well as the First Year Professor of the Year Award and the Professor of the Year Award. At Stanford, in 2005, the law school established the Eric and Nancy Wright Chair in Clinical Law the fi rst time that a Chair was endowed at one law school in honor of professors at another law school.</p><p>FOU</p><p>ND</p><p>ERS</p><p> AW</p><p>ARD</p></li><li><p>10 Katharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center</p><p>Th e Advisory Board</p><p>proudly salutes</p><p>Th e Katharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center </p><p>on its 20th Anniversary </p><p>and congratulates </p><p>Professors Eric and Nancy Wright on their </p><p>Founders Lifetime Achievement Award</p><p>Board Members</p><p>Marlene BennettSara Folchi</p><p>Robert E. GreeleySylvia Kennedy </p><p>Estela Lpez Carlos Mino</p><p>Robert NuddlemanRuth Silver TaubeNiels van Naarden </p><p>Bart Volkmer</p></li><li><p> Celebrating twenty years of education, service and success 11</p><p>LEADERS Th e Morrison &amp; Foerster FoundationMichael E. Engh, S.J., President, Santa Clara UniversityWilson Sonsini Goodrich &amp; Rosati FoundationHopkins &amp; Carley</p><p>ADVOCATES Needham Kepner Fish &amp; Rickard LLPJohn Marshall CollinsChristopher Schumb</p><p>PARTNERSCooley LLPBenjamin FangerSara FolchiTh e Law Foundation of Silicon ValleyLaw Offi ces of Balam LetonaMicrosoftRichard Schramm</p><p>SUPPORTERSTh e College of Arts and Sciences, Offi ce of the DeanTh e Ignatian Center for Jesuit EducationTh e Markkula Center for Applied EthicsEdward AlvarezAndrew Shaff erNarendra Th appeta</p><p>SPONSORING INDIVIDUALS AND ORGANIZATIONS</p><p>Th ank you for supporting our dual mission of educating law students and serving our clients with competence, conscience, and compassion.</p><p>THANK YOU</p><p>Th e Law Centers righteous work speaks to our true calling as lawyers, </p><p>to serve and seek justice for others.</p><p>Marisela Sandoval 15SCU La Raza Law Student Association, Member</p><p>Law Center Workers Rights Student </p></li><li><p>12 Katharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center</p></li><li><p> Celebrating twenty years of education, service and success 13</p><p>Advisory Board </p><p>Marlene Bennett</p><p>Sara Folchi</p><p>Robert Greeley</p><p>Sylvia Kennedy </p><p>Estela Lpez </p><p>Carlos Mino</p><p>Robert Nuddleman</p><p>Ruth Silver Taube</p><p>Niels van Naarden </p><p>Bart Volkmer</p><p>Alexander Community Law Center Staff </p><p>Margarita Alvarez, Employment Law Supervising AttorneyDianne Blakely-Depositar, Administrative DirectorReuben Castillo, Consumer Law ParalegalCaroline Chen, Low Income Tax Clinic Director, Supervising Attorney Marisol E. Durani, Legal AssistantErika Henderson, Administrative Director, GrantsMirna Henriquez, ReceptionistSergio Lpez, CommunicationsScott Maurer, Consumer Law Supervising AttorneyCynthia Mertens, Executive DirectorLynette Parker, Immigration Law Supervising AttorneyMargarita Sandoval, Immigration Legal AssistantRuth Silver Taube, Employment Law Supervising Attorney</p><p>LAW CENTER STAFF AND ADVISORY BOARD </p><p>Without you, the work of the Law Center would not be possible. Th ank you for making a diff erence in the lives of so many law students and members of our community. </p></li><li><p>14 Katharine &amp; George Alexander Community Law Center</p><p>Marlene Bennett, Esq.*Dianne Blakely-Depositar +Robert Greeley, Esq.*Sylvia Kennedy, Esq.*Estela Lpez, Esq., Committee Chair *Sergio Lpez+Cynthia Mertens, Professor of Law, Law Center Executive Director +Mariela Rodriguez +Ruth Silver Taube, Esq.*+</p><p>*Advisory Board Member+ Law Center Staff </p><p>CELEBRATION COMMITTEE</p><p>We recognize the Celebration Committee. Your work and dedication to this event and to the Alexander Law Center are truly inspirational. Th ank you! </p><p>THANK YOU</p><p>PLATINUM Brian Blacutt and Carol Blacutt-Underwood</p><p>SILVERDelma LockeEstela Lpez &amp; Haywood S. GilliamSasha MorganAllen &amp; Cynthia RubyRuth Silver Taube &amp; Melvyn Silver</p><p>BRONZEMichael AlcortaCynthia Mertens &amp; Jim RowanKristi Nevarez</p><p>EVENT HOST COMMITTEE</p><p>Our sincere thanks for your fi nancial support and for reaching out to other supporters on behalf of the Law Center.</p></li><li><p> Celebrating twenty years of education, service and success 15</p><p>Many thanks to Dr. Lucia Albino Gilbert, SCU Professor of Psychology, for reaching out to the Women Winemakers of California ( on our behalf. Th e Law Center is very grateful to you and the four event partners featured here in alphabetical order. </p><p>Our Gratitude to the Women Winemakers of California </p><p></p><p>Richard Alexander, Celebration Auctioneer Jack and Marni BalletoChuck Barry, SCU Photographer Nic Bertino, Law Technology and Digita...</p></li></ul>


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