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Keys To Online Success is a revenue initiative designed to help radio and television stations maximize their online revenue.


  • 1. Keys to Online SuccessIncrease Your Online Business! Convert Web visitors to New Customers!

2. Web Educated More than 90% of people between 18-54 turn to the Internet first for product information before making a purchase47% of local searchers visited a local merchant as a result of their local search 52% said they searched the Web, not Print, for a business phone number or addressComScore and Nielsen NetRatings 2008. 3. Online Marketing Can Be Overwhelming 4. Now You Have A Solution! 5. Keys to Online Success 6. Keys to Online Success Comprehensive Website Evaluation:This special evaluation will helpyou determine if your Website isoptimally designed and functioningat its full potential. Our evaluationprovides recommendations on howyou can increase your searchengine rankings, improve yourtraffic and grow your futureonline business. 7. Keys to Online Success Production of a Custom Walkout Video Adding the power of sight, sound, motion & emotion to your website increases visitors trust in your brand and is proven to increase consumers purchase intent! The resultincreased sales for your business! 8. Keys to Online Success Production of a Custom Walkout VideoStore & Play is a powerful online application that allows you to store an unlimited number of Walkout Videos in your own password protected online video library. Here you may schedule your Walkout Videos to play at anytime on your site. The resultincreased sales for your business! 9. Keys to Online Success 10. Keys to Online Success 11. Keys to Online Success 12. Example Keys to Online Success