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2. BRIEFTo create a new, interactive adventure based game made on theplatform Twine.To create marketing campaigns for the Twine game: Directadvertising, In Direct Advertising and Promotion 3. PRODUCTThe product I am marketing is a new, interesting & eye catchinginteractive fictional Twine Game Hollywood Tower Hotel. 4. PRICEThe cost of the game will be free for anyone as it is a web browserbased game. 5. PLACEMy game will be available in any web browser on the internet, ona website called TwineWeebly.This makes it easy for people to access and a wide range ofpeople will able to play it. 6. PROMOTIONI am going to create three types of promotion for my marketingcampaign:Direct AdvertisingIn-Direct AdvertisingPromotions 7. Marketing ObjectivesTo raise awareness over my gameTo attract a new audience of twine users and add to existing toexisting usersTo develop a community around my twine gameTo create promotions and prizes for people who play my game 8. SWOT Analysis 9. Marketing Schedule 10. Yearly Schedule 11. TARGET AUDIENCERESEARCH 12. PRIMARY RESEARCHFirstly I created a flow diagram, this i thought was a creative way to ask people questions about twine andmulti-adventure games and ultimately ended on what type of game they playedI wanted to know this because the type of games that people play can reflect on what type of audience theyare in.All together I asked 50 people to fill in my flow diagram and gained a lot of useful knowledge about therecognition of Twine among young people. 13. PRIMARY RESEARCHResultsAll of the people who have not heard of Twine or any Twine gamesThis concludes to me that most youth who play the conventional most popular video games have not heard of Twine.This fieldwork has been conclusive in me finding that young people do not play twine games because they have not heard ofthem. My research led me on a bigger question, would young people play it if they knew what it was? 14. I decided that the best way to proceed was to gain abetter understanding of how young people find outabout the video games that they play.This way I will be able to draw from that and know themost effective way at marketing my gameTo do this i created a questionnaire that i could give outin the same places as my first part of primary research.This will make it easier to compare my two pieces ofresearch as the numbers were the same.PRIMARY RESEARCH 15. PRIMARY RESEARCH You can see the most popular and effective type of video gamemarketing for young people is online This helps me develop my own marketing strategy as I now knowwhere to focus on to attract young people to play twine games. you can see the people who took part played a huge variation ofgames as you can see below. 16. SECONDARY RESEARCHFrom researching online, I decided to take to Twitter where Isearched for Twine users by using using #Twine.After doing some research, I found that the majority of profilesrelated to Twine are very artistic and into indie games. looking at this website, The people Ithink who would typically want to play a Twinegame would be mainly male aged between 18 -mid thirties. 17. SECONDARY RESEARCHAfter completing Richard Bartles gamerdemographicWhat Gamer Am I ? I think thegamer type most attracted to my game is and Explorer,The reason for this is because my game involves the player having to search and explore thehotel to find a way out. I think there is also smaller elements ofSocializers as the gamer caninteract with character is the game.I think the best marketingcampaignsuited for online explorers where adverts could be setup on various networking sites as they could search and explore various things on theinternet.Richard Bartles Gamer Demographic for HTH 18. SECONDARY RESEARCHI have made a mind map for my secondary research identifying different groupsof Twine users and their game style and interests. 19. TARGET AUDIENCESUMMARYMostly Male aged between 18 - 34 years of ageEnjoys text based adventure gamesvery imaginative and creative peoplerookie game makers 20. DIRECT ADVERTISINGDRAFTSAdvertisement on Billboard Sponsor for a Formula 1 Team 21. IN DIRECT ADVERTISINGDRAFTSHaving Facebook and Youtubeadverts would promote my gameto a huge audience around theworld The cost of this promotionwould be hugely out of my budgetSeeing as I have no budget thisidea would be far out of my reach. 22. PROMOTION DRAFTS 23. PROMOTION DRAFTS These merchandise Products would be great for anaudience who are familiar with my game already. May not be as effective as people who have not heard ofmy game have no idea on what the T-Shirts, mugs andglasses are promoting.The feasibility of these ideas could work as I could set upa competition and the winners would receive theseproducts. 24. DIRECT ADVERTISEMENTS 25. DIRECT ADVERTISINGI have created an official Twitter page for my twine game, on here, followers can see updates onthe game and see artwork and discuss the game using the hashtag #HTH.I think this is a very effective way of promoting my game as lots of people in my target audiencesage range would use socialnetworkingsites and I feel having this account as the main source forimages and latest updates will be very effective for promoting my game. 26. DIRECT ADVERTISING Using a hugely popular blogging sitesuch as Tumblr would attract wide varietyof different people. My plans for this blogging site is tomake posts on the characters profiles as ifthey were real in which theaudiencecanget a sense of personal interaction withthe characters in the game. The idea is for the audience to feel a sthough they can interact with the gamecharacters and explore the hotel. 27. Attracting the audience to myTwitter and Tumblr pageAfter thinking about how I would get people to find my Twitter and Tumblr pages, I havedecided to use a community group from Google based on Twine. Here I can promote thegame and tell the audience the merchandise andcompetitionsthat are up for grabs. 28. IN DIRECTADVERTISEMENT This gaming website also offers lots ofpropertieswhich would bereally effective for promoting my game. It features articles such as a top posts and latest features in whichthe majority of the website users would typically read. an interviews section where I could be interviewed by the writers ofthe website which lets me connect with theaudienceandtellthemexactly what they want to hear and finally forums wheregroups of people can share information and talk about the game. 29. IN DIRECTADVERTISEMENTBlogsPosting an article of my game on asupernatural & Conspiracy blog.This is a good way of attracting anaudience of my game because of thegenre they share.A blogger could talk about my gamein a forum which could encouragepeople to play it. 30. PROMOTION - MerchandiseThese Merchandise products feature in myTwine game, I have created a Pen, A roomkey and a desk bell.These products will create more awarenessover my game as they show the audiencewhat is in my game. 31. PROMOTIONPromotional novelty hotel donot disturb sign To distribute toindie gamers and gamingconventions.This promotion would be veryeffective as it is cheap to makeand would create a hugeawareness to the rightaudiences. 32. PROMOTION - 3D BoardGameThe aim of the game is for the player to gettheir character to the top of the hotel first,Along the way, there are obstacles whichcould result in having to go back spaces.Up to four people can play the game usinglittle figures who are the four maincharacters in my game.I will distribute the game to online bloggersas an introductory offer, in return, a blogpost could be written and promoted for mygame.The board game will become accessible toanyone after the game has been released asmore people would know about it. 33. LINK TO MY GAMEHTH