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Anecdotal storytelling of Suning Appliance Air 4 wedding, foreign land refresher conference, wedding


<ul><li><p>Key Elements Of transmedia storytelling</p><p>Anecdotal storytelling of Suning Appliance Air 4 wedding, foreign land refresher conference,wedding celebration night, pass the exam time."? These four lines that are four wedding event whenin a life time. Said, it is connected to every little thing in the shopping mall like a battlefield old,business experience such a pleasant occasion unavoidably comparable feelings. Inform me how youdo not tower above you for this wedding company, it seems nothing to do with we individuals, yetobtain to the base up and also is closely related.</p><p>To enter the year 2005, iced up, steel, copper as well as aluminum prices has not minimized thesigns of the global oil cost is soaring. A/c producers and also the current acquisition costs of basicmaterials in October 2004 as compared to steel increased by 70 %, plastic materials increased 73.9%, up 39 % galvanized sheet, copper rose 1,600 yuan each ton. Steel, copper, plastic and variousother major resources made up one third of the price of a/c machine, air-conditioning device in theproduction cost is expected to rise 20 %.</p><p>Since 2001, cooling costs had fallenfor 3 consecutive years, an ordinaryannual decrease of 6 % to 7 %. March2004, Suning Home appliance AirConditioning sector top held inGuangzhou, in the face of a littleimpromptu examination in 2004, theprice is up or down air-conditioning,gone to by even more compared to 30guests, two thirds of the favorable,bearish one-third. If the same problemin March 2005, no thriller, the answeris 100 % bullish.</p><p>The beginning of the year, Su Ning claimed: Suning to occupy the nation in 2005 1/ 6 share, a totalof 400 million collections of air conditioner sales. Experts believe that a/c is a fully grown innovationproducts, the primary aspect affecting prices is the price as well as dimension. Suning initial time,air-conditioning procurement procurement classification version, air-conditioning manufacturers ofdomestic and also foreign assistance of the mainstream brands, Suning first batch of custom-madeorders, the energy efficiency of air-conditioning also in the greater than 3.0 made up 72 %, thegroup of the brand-new rate greater than 30 %. In the first batch of 100 million orders forpersonalized air-conditioning, domestic heating and cooling are all active in one giant, beautiful,.</p></li><li><p>Haier About 200,000 units each hold abig one, Chunlan, Panasonic, Kelon, areall even more than 100,000 devices.</p><p>If factors 2, tables 1, Suning has one-sixth of the world, regular individuals,in guaranteeing top quality coincidesrate also get actual benefits. In 2004residential sales of 22 millioncollections of air-conditioning businessin 2005 is expected to rise to 25 millionunits. According to vice president ofSuning Appliance, Mr. Jin Ming, director of marketing center stated Su Ning Advertising Facility2005, the transmedia storytelling core activity of air-conditioning sales complete engagement inmarket consolidation, to be taken off to be taken forward, as well as the yearly number of nationalbrand name structure personalized workshop make custom machine purchases to 160 million units,representing 40 % of sales plan. It is precisely this purchase, just to cut rates in Difficulty Suningcooling.</p><p>It is learned that this week, Suning offered an unprecedented cold as well as warm air hang down to600 listed below, an inverter hvac down to listed below 2,000 yuan, an energy efficiency ratio of 1.5minimized air-conditioning less than 2,500 yuan. Thousand streams and also lakes within the specialdevice reproduction. In Suning, a home heating put up cooling, cost merely 518 yuan; the UnitedStates of a heating and cooling home heating put up, put up Kelon a home heating heating andcooling, price just 818 yuan; Changhong 1.5 split hang for just 999 yuan. On rate, Suning has beenthe solid support of the producer.</p><p>Afar instance of old close friend Appliance establishments appear to take place only in big cities willgathering, to secondary and also tertiary markets, consumers difficult to locate their trace. To meetthe business advertising system in 2005, Suning chain development firm led by the provincial-levelefforts to establish two, 3 market networks, east, south, southwest, as well as other high-yieldlocation air conditioning sales will certainly go in advance.</p><p>2004 years back, Suning chain system in a sales volume bookkeeping for 90 % of the anticipated endof 2005, 2, 3 market share rise to 35 %. Suning as well as a variety of national chains as the networksynchronization titan downward action, the brand name nationwide distribution of the substantialmodifications essential to chain the terminal as the leading brand a/c market combination, willcertainly come to be the heating and cooling industry in 2005 among the features.</p></li></ul>