Ketchum SxSW Wrap Report: 10 Trends from Brands

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Ketchum SxSW 2015 Trend ReportMarch 2015

Ketchum SxSW 2015 Report

10 trends for brands

# | 20.03.2015# | 20.03.20151SxSW, the annual music, film and interactive conference took place in Austin, Texas, US, from 13 to 17, March 2015.

Here are ten trends for brands and consumers that we spotted.

For further information please contact me or head to the Ketchum SxSW hub from SxSWHeres what we spotted

# | 20.03.20152Content cant and shouldnt ever be perfect. Instead, brands should view it as a work in progress, ever-evolving, and iterative. It should evolve as the audience interacts and comments. It should be human and authentic.

Christine Dobbin, digital strategist#1 BetaWork in progress

# | 20.03.20153If you bombard your publics with sales messages and ads, theyll turn away. Its an obvious point but one that is frequently forgotten. Successful campaigns connect with their audience through content that appeals to us emotionally. Its effectively art.

Abby Guthkelch, head of digital, London#2 CreativityBlanded content

# | 20.03.20154Live video streaming, a relatively new genre of social media, is hot. At the moment its the apps such as Meerkat that are getting the attention but that will be short lived as people find creative ways to put themto use for demos, first person video and live events.

Stephen Waddington, chief engagement officer#3 Hot appsStreaming is sizzling

# | 20.03.20155Publishers are equipping staff to be their own producers, story writers and video editors. Your iPhone is your mobile newsroom enabling content to be created and iterated quickly, responding to conversation on the social web.

Andrew Jennings, associate director#4 Newsroom workflowApps for the job

# | 20.03.20156Publishers and platforms are using dwell time as measurement tool. Buzzfeed and Super.Me both cited it as an engagement metric. Facebook and YouTubes algorithms both reward content that people watch. Brands take note.

Abby Guthkelch, head of digital, London#5 MetricsTime as a content metric

# | 20.03.20157Hiring and keeping the brightest people is a challenge that trickles down from top employers. The solution lies in continuous learning, but yet only four per cent of professional people are skilling-up for digital. Training is a huge opportunity. Theres almost certainly a skills shortage ahead.

Brad Simon, online communications#6 LearningTrain talent to tackle digital

# | 20.03.20158As technology becomes ubiquitous original human voices and content cut through. Automation has application in modern marketing and public relations workflow but it is the enemy of social engagement. Brands are competing in social feeds, not with each other, but friends and family.

Brad Simon, online communications#7 HumanRobots move over

# | 20.03.20159Much of digital is transitory. Publishers that make their content available openly help ensure its longevity. A community and third-party market helps develop and preserves the original intellectual property.

Ben Foster, digital strategist#8 Digital archivesOpen drives conservation

# | 20.03.201510Brands need to stay on top of algorithm changes if they want to keep ahead of social news feeds. Overhaul your content strategy as algorithms change. Schedule reviews to evaluate your community, and content management.

Ally Mann, digital strategist#9 AlgorithmsChange is the only constant

# | 20.03.201511Brands inflate the importance of personality over content and context. Organisational change is hard; really hard. Action needs to be straightforward. Think hard about messaging and your call to action.

Jayshri Patel, account executive#10 Organisational changeEasy does it

# | 20.03.201512Words & pictures byWith thanks to the Ketchum crewAbby Guthkelch, Christine Dobbin, Ben Foster, Andrew Jennings, Brad Simon, Ally Mann, Jayshri Patel, Stephen Waddington, and Tim WeinbergerFor further information about any of these trends please contact me or head to | 20.03.2015Stephen WaddingtonChief Engagement OfficerKetchum

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