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Before Kesha became a star, she had a secret desire... read about it at


<ul><li> 1. Before Ke$ha Became A Star </li></ul> <p> 2. She as a poor girl 3. So poor that as a little girl 4. She had no shoes 5. She had nothing to eat 6. She had nowhere to stay 7. The street was her home 8. Things were so bad, she started to steal 9. Young Ke$ha stole canned vegetables from groceries to survive 10. She slept rough 11. And all the while she dreamt of being a singer 12. Then one day someone asked her to sing for free 13. On a track called Right Round 14. She didnt sing 15. She poured her heart out 16. And the world stood up and listened 17. The track shot to the top 18. And a star was born 19. Tik Tok Blah Blah Blah Your Love Is My Drug 20. So poor, she had no shoes 21. Ke$ha has belted out hit after hit 22. And become a Global Icon 23. But deep down she is just a small girl 24. A girl whose greatest dream at one time 25. Was something so special 26. Something so extraordinary 27. That you wont believe what it was 28. Read about it at... 29. So poor, she had no shoes Ke$has Secret Dream was to ... </p>