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2. sketches These are a few sketches that I did my freshman year in high school. They are some basic shapes that we learned how to sketch and turn into 3-D images. Kelsey Foo portfolio 3. Sketches Kelsey Foo 4. swirls I created this sketch in my art class during my freshman year of high school. We were asked to draw random lines across the paper and then gradually sketch from light to dark in between the lines.Kelsey Foo portfolio 5. Swirls Kelsey Foo 6. thumbs upMy freshman year of high school, we had to learn how to sketcha realistic drawing of our hand. Although it is simple, it allowedme to learn how to shade and bring out a three dimensionalaspect in my artwork. Kelsey Foo portfolio 7. Thumbs Up Kelsey Foo 8. mapleI created this artwork while I was attending a summer art classwhen I was in 4th grade. We were learning how to use plaster tocreate a different affect and give the painting texture. Smearingthe plaster with random strokes is what gave this painting a uniquelook. Additionally, I combined the plaster with different colors andbrushed them across the canvas. I also decided to incorporate myJapanese influence into this piece by adding maple leaves into themix. Kelsey Foo portfolio 9. Maple Kelsey Foo 10. amandlaThis is a sketch that I came up with for a t-shirt design. During myjunior year of high school I went on an immersion trip to SouthAfrica, and the students wanted a unique shirt that wouldrepresent our class. Since the fist resembles freedom in SouthAfrica, I decided to include a variety of important words in the fist.I also selected the colors from the South African flag for the words.After voting in class, my design won and we turned it into a t-shirtthat we wore while volunteering and helping many children. Kelsey Foo portfolio 11. Amandla Kelsey Foo 12. sunset This was a painting I did on my own at home using watercolors. After returning from Hawaii, the calming sunset stretched across the oceans horizon inspired me to recreate an image of my experience. Watercolors seemed to be the perfect choice to use because it allowed me to illustrate the flowing waters easily. Also, I used black to paint the silhouettes of the island and palm trees to make them stand out against the colorful background.Kelsey Foo portfolio 13. Sunset Kelsey Foo 14. branches I created this project my senior year of high school, and the idea was to use different scraps of materials to glue onto the board and then paint over them. I chose to use several tree branches and I cut out pieces of cardboard to be shaped like leaves. After arranging them onto the canvas, I decided to choose a teal and scarlet red color scheme because I thought the colors would give it an intense presentation. Also, I used rough brush strokes to give the painting an edgy look. Kelsey Foo portfolio 15. Branches Kelsey Foo 16. kylieIn my painting class we were also assigned to paint our dogs usingan influence by Alicia VanNoy Call. We were to use all the colors onthe color wheel and gradually transition between the colors. Wealso learned how to shade and use the colors to make the picturelook more realistic and three dimensional to really bring our dogsto life. I really enjoyed this project because I was able to paint myown dog and capture the excitement and curiosity of her as apuppy. It was featured in the high school art class portfolio.Kelsey Foo portfolio 17. Kylie Kelsey Foo 18. calla lily I created this during my senior year of high school in my painting class. We were supposed to choose an object and transform it to have a twist of our own. I was inspired by the gentle shape of the flower petals, and I decided to elongate the stamen of the flowers and have them flowing off the canvas. I also chose to use a monochromatic theme because I thought it would make the painting have a stronger statement. Kelsey Foo portfolio 19. Calla Lily Kelsey Foo 20. blurred shapes This was the first project we did in my painting class senior year. We started by sketching a bunch of the same shapes and connecting them into a pattern. After transferring my sketches onto the canvas, I used warm colors to blend the dark black lines and create a smooth flowing appearance. Kelsey Foo portfolio 21. Blurred Shapes Kelsey Foo 22. sweet summerI created this painting my freshman year of high school in my artclass. We were learning how to use the monochromatic colorscheme, and how to use white and black to highlight or intensifycertain aspects of the painting. I chose to do this little boy eating awatermelon because he reminded me of the innocence and purememories of the summer days as a child. Also, I really focused onhis facial expression as I wanted to express how unaware he is ofthe serenity of childhood. Kelsey Foo portfolio 23. Sweet summer Kelsey Foo