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<p> 1. Keep Your Blood Pressure Under ControlMonitoring Blood Pressure or HypertensionBy Health Products ReviewAs many as one third of American adults have hypertension. Its a serious condition and maylead to such conditions as heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. Hypertension can damagethe kidneys, and there may be no symptomatic warning. But this doesnt have to be alarming if youre aware of your risk factors, and youre keeping a check on your blood pressure.Manage Your Blood PressureIf you are at risk and you pay due attention to your health, your blood pressure can bemanaged. It is generally held that there is no cure for hypertension, but treatment can be usedto manage a lowered blood pressure. If hypertension is at a low level it can be brought undercontrol through healthy lifestyle choices such as regular exercise and adopting a low-salt diet. Irecommend this article for further information about risk categories for hypertension:Before The Damage Is Done Keep Your Pressure Under ControlHuffington Post (blog) High blood pressure can damage the kidneys without any warning, but the news isnt all bad. By knowing your risk and keeping tabs on your numbers, you may be able to prevent blood pressure from getting out of control. 1/3 2. What is pre-hypertension?For most adults, high blood pressure consists of a systolic (upper number) pressure of140 or higher, and a diastolic (lower number) pressure of 90 or higher. People who havesystolic blood pressure of 120-139 or diastolic blood pressure of 80-89 are said to havepre-hypertension. Those who fall in the category of having pre-hypertension shouldtalk to their doctors about lifestyle changes that can help them prevent high bloodpressure. Optimal blood pressure is 120/80 or less. With Your Blood Pressure2/3 3. It is encouraging to realize that hypertension may be controlled through healthy lifestyle. This might mean losing some weight, reducing fat and salt intake, reducing alcohol intake to two (or less) drinks a day for men and one for woman. Always beneficial.. you should consider quitting smoking. Then theres regular exercise your doctor can advise on a suitable program, especially if you have health issues such as diabetes. One very important fact is getting your family involved in your health plan, health involves the whole of you, not just your blood pressure!3/3Powered by TCPDF (</p>