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Kearney Volunteer Fire Department Modular SCBA Maze. Always Ready Since 1883 Modular SCBA Maze Goals. Provide quality training Functional training for any ability or skill level Challenge firefighters of any size or stature Ability to build skills and challenge firefighters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department Modular SCBA Maze</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department Modular SCBA MazeAlways Ready Since 1883</p> <p>www.kvfd.net1Modular SCBA Maze GoalsProvide quality trainingFunctional training for any ability or skill levelChallenge firefighters of any size or statureAbility to build skills and challenge firefightersEasy to set up for trainingEasy to reset between participantsEliminate firefighters from memorizing mazeStop the Trained Rat syndrome and decrease the ability to cheat in training.Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze2Goal of this presentationShow other fire departments how to recreate the Kearney Modular SCBA MazeLet you learn from our experiencesSpread the knowledge</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze3What The Kearney Volunteer Fire Department Ask Of You:Give credit where credit is due:Use the ideas, spread the knowledge but give the Kearney Volunteer Fire Department credit for the concept.Be creativeIf you see a way to improve on the design do so, but please share the idea with us and others.Adapt this concept to work for your departmentBuild this yourself, dont allow some person or company to make money off of it. </p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze4What is a Modular SCBA Maze?A maze designed to improve firefighter knowledge, confidence and ability to function in challenging situations with their SCBA.A maze that can be easily reconfigured to challenge firefighters every time they enter it.A maze that makes the small firefighter work with their SCBA the same as a large firefighter has to in order to clear an obstacle.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze5 5What does it consist of?A series of boxes called modules.Each module provides a different challenge for the firefighter to overcome.Overall, each module is the same size allowing them to be moved around within the mazeOnly two modules remain in the same place, all others can be interchanged.Currently Kearney has 13 different modulesKearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze6What Equipment Do You Need To Build The Kearney Modular SCBA Maze?Circular saw and drill</p> <p>Highly recommended if building multiple modules:Table sawRadial arm sawImpact driverKearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze7Basic Module DimensionsConstructed of 2x4 lumber and CDX Plywood</p> <p>Interior Dimensions:32 wide48 tall8 long</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze8Why Use These Dimensions?Kearney chose these dimensions based on the following information:Measurements of a larger firefighter in PPE/SCBA on his hands and kneesPlywood comes in 48 wide sheetsIt allows firefighters the ability to maneuverKearney uses a 53 long connex (metal shipping container) with a 96 inside heightAdapt the dimensions to work with the space you have!Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze9The Basic ModuleEach module has 4 ribsConstructed using 2x4Upright sections are 48Top and bottom are 36.5 Connected together with deck screws.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze10A Jig Can Be Very Beneficial!Built From Scrap Material</p> <p>Simplifies The Building Of Ribs</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze11Basic Module AssemblySpace ribs evenly and attach with deck screws to plywood to make one side.Repeat for other side.Install top and bottom using (1) 32 or (2) 16 pieces for each.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze12The Completed ModuleCompleted dimensions:8 long36.5 wide51 tallPrevent racking by installing corner braces on all ribsChest handles (2 per side) help in moving</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze13Joist At Right Angle ModuleSimulates crawling across joistBuild basic module without a floorInstall 2x6 at center and midway between center and ends on 16 centerFinish ends with a 2x4 stood on end over ribs</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze14Bottom View Of Joist At Right AngleJoist In Line would be similarWhen placed on top of another module, provides more realism due to the fact there is more open space before the firefighters toe strikes something solid.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze15Joist In LineSimulates crawling along joist in lineBuild basic module without floorPosition (2) 2x4 on 16 centers and attach to bottom of ribsFinish ends with a 2x4 stood on end over ribs</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze16Floor Tilting Over CenterSimulates crawling on a floor that starts to give way.Construct the basic module without a floor.At center point along bottom of sides drill a hole sized to the pipe you will be using.This will be the pivot point.Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze17</p> <p>Floor Tilting Over CenterUsing scrap pieces of plywood drill holes in them and attach to side of module to help support pipe. Cap each side to keep pipe from sliding out.Double layer the floor section trimming side to allow movement.Trim 1.5 from end to clear filler strip.Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze18</p> <p>Floor Tilting Over CenerUsing pipe clamp brackets secure floor to pipe.Attach 2 filler strip to bottom of the exit end.Attach 2 wide strip to underside of floor on the entrance side.Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze19</p> <p>Floor Tilting Over Center</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze20Weighted end on entrance side will allow floor to reset after firefighter exits opposite side while also filling gap between floor and rib due to increase in floor height created by the pipe.Filler strip on exit side provides a flush floor if firefighter was to enter from this end. Also encloses the gap between the bottom of the floor and rib for safety.Floor Tilting Side To SideAllows firefighter to work on balanceBuild basic module without floorPivots on a pipe running the length of moduleCut hole slightly larger than your pipe centered on (2) 32, 2x4s</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze21Floor Tilting Side To SideUse (2) pieces of 32 OSB screwed together for floor.Attach to pipe with pipe clamps as with Floor Tilting Over Center.Trim to length and width, allowing floor to tipCap ends with 32, 2x4 to hold pipe in place</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze22Spongy Floor ModuleAllows firefighter to experience spongy floor feeling in a safe environment.Construct basic module without floor.Attached to bottom ribs to keep plywood from sliding under the firefighters weight.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze23Spongy Floor ModuleUse a 32 wide piece of or 3/8 plywood for the floor, attaching it to the filler strip on one side only.The amount of give in the floor is achieved based upon the size of filler strips and plywood thickness. </p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze24V-Floor ModuleProvides unfamiliar surface for firefighter to maneuver across.Construct basic module without floor.Utilizing scraps plywood cut (2) 3x8 piecesSecure them to the bottom of the module to secure sloped sides.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze25V-Floor ModuleCut two 8 pieces of plywood to form the V.The width of the two pieces used determine the angle of the V.The KVFD used two pieces 24 wide.Attach V to the bottom and sides.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze26Plastic Tube ModuleUsed to simulate crawling through a confined space.Build basic module.Acquire 8 piece of plastic pipe that will fit in the module. The KVFD used a 24 diameter piece.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze27Plastic Tube ModuleUsing 2x4s create supports for the pipe inside the module as needed.Attach pipe to supports and module.Apply Rubberized Undercoating to bottom of tube to reduce slipping.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze28Reduced Opening ModuleUsed to create a reduced opening for the firefighter to maneuver through.Size of opening can easily be changed to challenge firefighters of all sizes and to meet the training objective.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze29Reduced Opening ModuleConstruct a basic module.Centered in the middle of the module make a 1 trench cut on the top, bottom and one side of the module.Use pieces of plywood to span the top and bottom openings.Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze30</p> <p>Reduced Opening ModuleThis creates a channel for the insert to slide in.Attach a large slide bolt to side of module with a corresponding hole in the insert to lock them in place.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze31Reduced Opening ModuleInserts are made out of CDX plywood.Insert is 4 tall and at least 41 wide with at least one grab handle to facilitate change out.Size of hole determines if the SCBA remains on or off.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze32Reduced Width ModuleSimulates firefighter moving through a reduced width space.Width adjustable from 28 down to fully obstructed. Build Reduced Opening Module complete with slide bolt.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze33Reduced Width ModuleCut one 4x41 insert with grab handle.Cut (2) 44x47 pieces of plywood.Attach to insert with door hinges.Attach a garage door roller on top and bottom of both moving pieces of plywood.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze34Reduced Width ModuleAttach 2 piece of garage door track to top and bottom of moving plywood on each side of module.The garage door rollers and track allow the interior plywood to move. Guides the firefighter to the opening.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze35Reduced Width ModuleWith insert slid completely in scribe where it meets the module.Interior width corresponds to exterior measurements.Slide bolt keeps width from changing during use.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze36Moveable Pipe ModuleBuild basic modulePrior to installing the sides, drill 5 vertical holes centered between the outside set of ribs on both ends.Install these side walls. The holes will hold the sections of pipe.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze37Moveable Pipe ModuleCut (8) thick by 4 spacers at least 1 wide.Attach on each side of vertical holes.Cut (4) thick by 4 cover pieces to span the spacers and pipe.Back two cover pieces are screwed in place.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze38Moveable Pipe ModuleOn front side secure cover pieces with hinges and add slide bolts to form a door.Slot can be cut to view pipe position with door closed.This keeps the pipes from sliding out during use.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze39Moveable Pipe ModuleCut access door between the two center ribs. Attach hinges to bottom, slide bolts to top and sides.Facilitates inserting pipe into back wall.KVFD used 1 5/8 OD pipe cut to 35 lengths.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze40Forrest Reeders Box of DeathThe Box of Death concept was created by Chief Forrest Reeder.Consist of a wooden footlocker with two arm holes cut in the lid.Student inserts arms in, instructor has them perform a task without being able to see what they are doing.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze41Forrest Reeder is the Battalion Chief &amp; Director of Training &amp; Safety for the Pleasantview Fire Protection District</p> <p>Serves as the drill master for</p> <p>Forrests Reeder Box of DeathIdea came after hearing Chief Reeder speak.Solved the problem of transitioning students from one side of connex to the other.These two modules always remain in place at the far end of the connex.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze42Give credit where credit is due.</p> <p>These two modules are a modification of Chief Reeder's Box of Death.</p> <p>We simply modified the idea to work for us.Forrest Reeder Box of Death32 deep, 64 tall and 8 wide to allow the firefighter to kneel.(8) 36.5 and 64 x 2 wide material for ribs.Center ribs are 32 from outside ribs.9 arm holes centered 7 from end and 36 from bottom.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze43Forrest Reeder Box of Death32 deep, 32 high and 8 wide. Built same as bottom module, dimensions adjusted accordingly.(2) 9 holes centered in plywood.Firefighter lays on side to stick arms out of module.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze44Forrest Reeders Box of DeathBottom module allows firefighters to kneel and stick arms out.Top module allows firefighters to lay on side and stick arms out.Instructor has them tie knots, adjust nozzle settings, identify hose ends (way out), etc.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze45</p> <p>Floor Drop ModuleAllows instructor to decide if floor drops or not.Firefighter falls onto foam mattress (double stacked) held in place by carpet to protect mattress and hold it in place.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze46Floor Drop ModuleRecommended that 2x6s used for durability due to movement during drop.Use (8) 36.5 &amp; (8) 99 2x6 for ribs.Sides are 2 full sheets of plywood plus (1) 3x8 pieceTop and bottom are 32x8 pieces of plywood.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze47Floor Drop ModuleTo construct each half of the floor use (2) 16x8 pieces of plywood.Attach each wing with heavy duty hinges on each side of module at a height of 54.Attach an 8x8 piece of plywood to the underside of the back wing along the front edge.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze48Floor Drop ModuleThe 8 piece of plywood will support both sides until the wings are clear of the floor.Wings were constructed of (2) 24x18 pieces of steel. (2) heavy duty hinges were welded to each wing along with two castor wheels.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze49Floor Drop ModuleCut a 24 tall section between the two center ribs allowing the wings to swing clear of module.Lever was made by cutting down a 2x4 and bolting it to the module.A cable is attached to the lever and wings.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze50Floor Drop ModuleCut a 24 high access door between the outside ribs. Attach with hinges and slide bolts. This provides access to reset the floor.(2) cleats are attached to the bottom of the floor to keep wings at a right angle to the floor.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze51Floor Drop ModuleAlthough this may seem simple, several prototypes were used to refine the process.Once dropped the instructor asks the firefighter to perform LUNAR or similar report and then self rescue to continue in the maze.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze52Entrance ModuleEntrance module allows firefighter to enter the maze and also serves as a means to exit maze.To exit maze firefighter breaches a wall or passes through an entanglement maze.Also provides air movement in SCBA maze.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze53Entrance ModuleOverall depth is 4, 6 wide and has a 54 floor height to match other modules.Width allows instructor to access rest of maze.Design is similar to floor drop module with center ribs modified to allow room for wall breach.</p> <p>Kearney Volunteer Fire Department SCBA Maze5454Entrance ModuleFor room to accommodate wall breach a header was created.(2)4x4s were ripped to 2.5x3....</p>