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The Barbavian Collection, Ooce' Wear Collection


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    IN 2011 Black Pearl picks the models

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    The Beauty of

    Kaye Owens Kaye makes the Holidays


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  • Poppa Gallos 48 S. Saginaw

    Pontiac MI 48341

    Available At

    Metro Detroits Newest Boutique

  • Photography by Vince Hollaway

    Every once in a while a model comes along that truly excites the viewers.

    A model that truly exemplifies grace and beauty. Well Detroit, Id like to introduce to you the lovely and talented Kaye Owens.

    Ms. Owens, yes shes single, lights up any photo shoot. Whether its a high fashion or men's magazine, Kaye rocks it and delivers the vision.

    Your ad campaigns can only benefit from including the lovely Ms.


    Extremely humble and down to earth, Kaye Owens is the mark of a true

    professional. Always on time and ready to go, Kaye never disappoints.

    She has become one of Black Pearls favorite models and were sure youll feel the same.

  • Black Satin Double Zipped Jacket and

    skirt by: Ooche Wear Collection

  • Satin and Silk Party Dress by:

    Ooche Wear Collection

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  • The Designs of

    Jacquie Barbavian

    Boutique Beautiful

    Photography by Vince Hollaway

    Makeup by Chantell Myree

    Designer Jacquie Barbavian stands behind Detroit model Carol

    Towns in Downtown Pontiac.

    All photos shot on location at

    O n a Sunny Saturday morning in November I met up with a group of mod-

    els that have forever changed my percep-

    tions about what Detroit Fashion could

    be about. In a newly renovated Boutique

    in Downtown Pontiac, Designer Jacquie

    Barbavian and her gorgeous models

    wore out two camera batteries as they

    rocked some of the most original fash-

    ions around.

    Sophisticated elegance was the

    theme of the shoot. An array of fabrics

    rich in color and texture. They are pro-

    fessionally sewn and crafted to the high-

    est standards.

    So ladies, if youre in search of the finest and most original fashions that