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<ul><li> 1. Electronic Career PortfolioCarlisle County High School</li></ul> <p> 2. Table of ContentsResumeCareer SummaryAwardsRecommendations Goals 3. Table ofContentsResume Table of Contents Personal Information Education Community ServiceWork ExperienceActivitiesAchievements- EducationalAchievements- School 4. First Name: Katie Last Name: Handley Home Phone Number: (270) 655-2700 Mailing Address: 191CR 1230 ArlingtonKy, 42021 E-Mail Address: katieh1994@hotmail.comResumeTable ofContents 5. Carlisle County High SchoolGraduate: May 2012GPA: 4.0Advance Courses: Honors Geometry Honors Algebra 2 Pre-Calculus MOUS CertificationWest Kentucky Community and TechnicalCollege: College Algebra Resume Personal FinanceTable ofContents 6. Carlisle Students Investigate- 64 Hours Health Rocks- 12 HoursTutor children Teach dangers of drugs and alcoholHelp with arts and craftsManage Children during gameServe on Saturday- 16 Hours Find food from the freezerTerrific Tuesday- 43 Hours Ask what food is desiredLead arts and crafts Painted nailsLead a Bible study Helped fold and pick-out clothesManaged children on field tripsServed lunchVacation Bible School- 36 HoursPrepared foodServed mealsCleaned upResumeTable ofContents 7. Bus Aid- 6 Years Walk preschoolers to class Keep preschoolers calm on bus Help preschoolers on busCarlisle Students Investigate- 1 Year Tutor children Help with arts and crafts ResumeTable of Manage Children during game Contents 8. Future Business Leaders of America- Active Member (3 years) Future Business Leaders of America- Bulletin Board Chairmen (1 year) Future Business Leaders of America- Reporter (1 year) Volleyball- Jr. and Varsity Team Member (3 years) Volleyball- Jr. Varsity Captain (1 year) Volleyball- Varsity Captain (1 year) Student Council- Class President (2 years) Arts Guild- Active Member (3 years) Arts Guild- Reporter (1 year) Fellowship of Christian Comets- Active Member (2 years) Fellowship of Christian Comets- FCC council (1 years) Students Taking Action and Resisting Substances- STARS Council (3 years) Beta- Active Member (2 years) FCCLA- Active Member (1 year) Health Rocks (1 year)Resume School News Paper (2 years)Table ofContents 9. Biology Outstanding Student Award- 9th grade English 1 Outstanding Student Award- 9th grade Honors Geometry Outstanding Student Award- 9th grade American Government Outstanding Student Award- 9thgrade Economics Outstanding Student Awards- 9th grade English 2 Outstanding Student Award- 10th grade World Civilization Outstanding Student Award- 10th grade Introduction to Biology, Earth, Space, and Physics- 10thgrade Third Place at State with FBLA Financial Business Plan- 10th First on FBLA Parliamentary Procedures Test- 10th Second in FBLA Parliamentary Procedures-10th Resume Honor Roll- 9th and 10th grade Table of Contents 10. Class President- 9th and 10th grade FCC Homecoming Queen Candidate- 11thgrade Hugh OBrian Leadership ConferenceAmbassador- 10th grade Class of Kentucky Representative- 10thgrade Volleyball District Champions- 9thand 10th Volleyball Jr. Varsity Captain- 10th ResumegradeTable of Contents 11. Table of ContentsCareer Summary Table of Contents What I Want to Do What is a Chiropractor Chiropractic Education Future of ChiropracticsCitations 12. CareerSummary Table ofContents I didnt know what I wanted to do for a long time. I thought I could be a veterinarian. But when my donkey got hurt and I couldnt help care for him I realized that wouldnt work out. Though I knew what I didnt want to do, I still didnt know what it was I did want to do. Then I thought, "Hey Im young. Ill figure it out eventually. a few years later I was diagnosed with early scoliosis. I was told I would have to go to the chiropractor. My mom used to go to the chiropractor and I would begin crying because I thought he was hurting her. I was pretty scared to say the least. But one of my friends had severe scoliosis and I didnt want to end up like that. So I went to the chiropractor. Much to my surprise it didnt hurt. In fact, I felt really good. My scoliosis eventually went away and my posture greatly improved. I realized how much I was helped and knew that being a chiropractor was what I wanted to do. 13. CareerSummary Table ofContentsCareer Description Chiropractors, diagnose and treat patients with health problems of the musculoskeletal system. They also treat the effects of those problems on the nervous system and on general health. Many chiropractic treatments deal specifically with the spine and the manipulation of the spine. Chiropractics is based on the principle that spinal joint misalignments interfere with the nervous system and can result in lower resistance to disease and many different conditions of diminished health.Career Specialties The chiropractic approach to healthcare focuses on the patients overall health. Sports injuries Chiropractors provide natural, drugless, nonsurgical health treatments, relying on the Neurology bodys inherent recuperative abilities. They also Orthopedics recognize that many factors affect health, including exercise, diet, rest, environment, and Pediatrics heredity. Chiropractors recommend changes in Nutrition lifestyle that affect those factors. In some situations, chiropractors refer patients to or Internal disorders consult with other health practitioners. Diagnostics imaging 14. CareerSummary Table ofContents 90 semester hours working toward a Bachelors Degree. Classesinclude English, social sciences or humanities, psychology,organic and inorganic chemistry, biology, and physics. During the first 2 years, most chiropractic programsemphasize classroom and laboratory work in sciencessuch as anatomy, physiology, public health,microbiology, pathology, and biochemistry. The last 2 years focus on courses in manipulation andspinal adjustment and provide clinical experience inphysical and laboratory diagnosis, neurology,orthopedics, geriatrics, physiotherapy, and nutrition. After completing the chiropractic program theapplicants must attain a license from the State LicensingBoard. The requirements vary from state to state. 15. CareerSummary Table ofContents Though in 2008 there were 49,100 employed chiropractors there are so supposed to be 20% more by 2018. This growth in the number of chiropractors is more than the average occupation. Chiropractors who enter a multi- discipline practice have even better job prospects. The amount of work chiropractors will have is related to the customers ability to pay. In recent years more health insurance companies include chiropractic visits under their policy. educating the community about the benefits of going to the chiropractor will help in busting the number of new patients. 16. CareerSummary Table ofContents Statistics, B. o. (n.d.). Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition . Retrieved February 2011, from www.bls.gov/OCO: http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos071.htm Kentucky, C. o. (n.d.). Kentucky Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Retrieved February 2011, from http://kbce.ky.gov: http://kbce.ky.gov/licencees/licensure.h tm 17. Table of ContentsPage TitleClub AwardsSport AwardsCommunity AwardsAcademic Awards 2009 2010 2011Other Awards 18. 1st Place Regional Parliamentary Procedures Exam3rd Place StateBusiness FinancialPlan 2nd Place Regional Parliamentary ProceduresAwardsTable ofContents 19. Volleyball DistrictChampions Volleyball 110% Effort Award Volleyball CampAwards Future MVP AwardTable ofContents 20. Hugh OBrian LeadershipConference AmbassadorClass of KentuckyAwardsTable ofContents 21. BiologyEnglish 1 Outstanding Outstanding Student Student AwardAward Honors Geometry Outstanding Student AwardAwards Government EconomicsTable of OutstandingOutstandingContents Student AwardStudent Award 22. Introduction to Biology, Earth, Space, &amp; Physics Outstanding StudentAwardWorld CivilizationOutstanding Student Award English 2Awards OutstandingTable ofStudent AwardContents 23. Participation in the Regional Governors Cup Completion District Governors Cup- 1st Place MathAwardsTable ofContents 24. AwardsTable ofContents 25. Table ofContentsTo Whom It May Concern: This letter is to honor and recognize the achievements of CarlisleCounty High School junior, Katie Handley. Katie is a very dedicated anddependable young lady. She is involved in many school clubs, such asyearbook, FBLA, FCC, and FCCLA. She is also a member of the CarlisleCounty Volleyball Team. Despite all of her extra-curricular activities,Katie is a great student. In my class, she has a solid A and always anactive participant. She is an outstanding leader, in that she is able togive her input to the group and she listens to other members forfeedback. Katie has great character and potential to be anything thatshe wants to be, and the drive that will take her there. Please accept Katie Handley into Commonwealth HonorsAcademy. If you have any questions are concerns about thequalifications of which Katie has acquired, please call me at CarlisleCounty High School (270) 628-3800 ext. 4123, or email me atanna.toon@carlisle.kyschools.us. Thank you for your consideration.Sincerely,Anna Toon 26. Table ofContentsMy goal is to graduate Carlisle CountyHigh School with a 4.0. Then I plan to go toa four-year college where I plan receive aBachelors of science degree. Then I planto go to Palmer Chiropractic College inIowa. After receiving my degree, I willcome back to Kentucky to start mypractice in the area. I know Ican do all this because I haveand will continue to give 110%effort in everything I do.</p>