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Kulture Interviews Southern Fried Record’s brainchild KASHII.p3 D ear Kulture readers, 1 Take a peek at our graffiti picks of the month. 2 May 2011 Ain’t no party like a Megabooth party! See what festival’s got fruity and has got people picking fights! May 2011 3 May 2011 Gary chilling at Dance2 Records, Brighton. Photo by Kate. 5 “...For every Damien Hirst”...”there’s someone just as talented out there, often pushing the boundaries further.”


  • We speak to Sean Williams about Zeitgeist

    blog and how its about to hugely evolve.p5

    Kulture Interviews Southern Fried Records brainchild KASHII.p3

    Dear Kulture readers, With the royals safely tucked away for the time being, this edi-tion of Kulture brings you a delight of distractions. From becom-ing involved with your community, to planning another party season, its all here. As your purse strings are tightened after the last two weeks of partying, thats right kids The festival sea-son is coming! Worry not as we arent shoving them down your throats but just broadening your horizons to a certain Kent field. This edition has been a pleasure to construct as ever, meeting new people and our little minds being filled with fun summer ideas. Thanks for reading.Kate Stewart

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  • Give It Up!We discuss the benefits of volunteering.p7

    Take a peek at our graffiti picks of the month.

    2May 2011

    See what festivals got fruity and has got people picking fights!

    Aint no party like a Megabooth party!

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  • May 20113

    Introducing KASHIIOn a rooftop with sun bursting through the clouds, Kulture catch up with Southern Fried Record (SFRs) newest additions. Home of Armand Van Helden and The Whip, this little friend of ours has been picked up by the sweetest progressing label for club bangers. The man is only 22 but has been a part of so many outfits. Now hes honed his skills with this lone ranger act and has got signed to SFR as Kashii. Working at Dance2 Records in the day, Kashii (real name Gary) has set up life in Brighton pretty successfully. With his rooftop garden, a shed load of records and approaching summer, hes moving on to even bigger and better things Originally based in Hertfordshire, Kashiis been part or parcel of Party Shank, Frankmusik and Appi Mu-sic, then as he moved to Brighton, became DJ partners in the group,

    France, where theyd play at the NME club nights. He explained to me how he has been into music ever since he was around 12. You start writing little tunes, then you start a band with some friends. I got into the production side of things when I was about 15 and I started properly listening to dance music. Kashiis experience comes through in his manor as although hes young and living a rock star life style, with his sunglasses on and Rock and Roll tattoo across his chest, this boy is not trying to impress anyone, he just does. Theres no arrogance, just an honest, hard-living attitude. He shows hes knowledgeable about the industry and sounds like hes got his head screwed on. I have been in a few bands that were either doing really well or went on to do really wellIve learnt a lot about the

  • 4May 2011

    industry during my time in these bands. He goes on to explain how this helped him have enough gump-tion to look after himself in his solo project. Hes also picked up on new influences with the progression of House and Dubstep music into the charts and this has influenced his work into what SFR describe as Fu-ture Garage. After covering his past and a couple of cold beers, we move on to future and fantasy. The way to make it in the industry now being collaborat-ing with other artists and sharing fan-bases. When asked whom hed ideally collaborate with in a visual way, he told me Chris Hopewell from Collision Films. Chris made Radio-heads There There video and won an MTV award for Best Art Direction in 2003 for it. Some people may know him from skate zines, pirate radio, being a graphic designer for magazines such as New Musical Express (NME) or for one of the many other famous videos hes produced. Radioheads video shows the band walking through an eerie wood with a mixture of stills and video to create a surreal feel. Kashii said, I just love the style and quirkiness of the video, it would be interesting to work on something similar with one of my tracks as its a totally different vibe. Art is all well and good but we need to know what this musical mastermind would have as his very own line-up! Id say Id love to play alongside Daft Punk because they are heavy and Ive never seen them live! Id also like Blur to play, so that once Ive finished my set I can get

    battered and sing along to them for hours! This mix of electro and brit-pop displays an eclectic taste between two mainstream mile-stones and here at Kulture wed like to be at Kashiis festival. Leaving fantasy behind we knuck-led down and focused on what was to come for him. He let us into how hed sent demos to SFR and they liked what they heard. The guys told him if you can keep bringing us tunes like this then its all go! In just over a year hes released 2 EPs with various remixes on people such as Crookers releases. He also went on to explain how he had a lot of exposure from big DJs such as Eddie Temple-Morris. Looking on to the summer, Garys creative hub is working on 5 collaborations with other producers and people such as Marco Del Horno, Hybrid Theory and Kill Light. Hes also going to have another Kashii EP out in the summer. With more exposure from his collabo-rations, EPs and with him already be-ing booked to play Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party, this boy is set to make a lot more noise.

    Gary chilling at Dance2 Records, Brighton. Photo by Kate.

  • May 20115

    A new blog is sweeping the web-ways, relentlessly introducing new talent from everything from bands to bruschetta. It features culinary delights, tracks down muralists and gives spotlight to their talented acquaintances. From a family of friends frustrated with not getting anywhere, to a growing, official, cutting-edge network of talent, Zeit-geist is taking its time but pulling its punches revealing new artistes. Founded in August 2010 by an anonymous Editor character and Sean Williams, now Creative Direc-tor, the idea had formed in 2007. Their network of friends was frustrated as many of them are or know extremely talented and dedicated artists, musicians, photogra-phers, fashion design-ers, stylists and writers. Nobody was finding the breaks they needed from press or careers, which wasnt helped by the financial turmoil of the coun-try. It didnt make them stop their creativity, but made people more de-termined to get themselves out there as everyone realised nobody was go-ing to come to them. Williams said it was built on a were not getting the success our talent perhaps merits but our belief and love for what we do

    is so strong that were going to do it anyway spirit. This mantra and the passion of the people involved made the blog accelerate quicker than (Williams) could have ever imag-ined. Why is the Editor anonymous you may ask? Well, she revealed that she feels many magazines can be lead by the Editors own motives and become an ego-trip. This Magazine is purely for the peo-ple by the people. Its a platform for emerging talent and to let everyone know that for every Damien Hirst, Kings Of Leon, Rankin, Lady Gaga,

    Banksy, Marc Jacobs or whoever, theres some-one just as talented out there, often pushing the boundaries further, but its going unseen says Williams. Showing that being backed by a major label doesnt have a

    direct indication of talent. Although backing underground and extremely quirky artists, they try not to alien-ate readership and keep their eye on mainstream talent. The message therefore being wether youre an underground performer or writer or a signed pop artist, as long as what you do is virtuous and entertaining, you could well fit in with the Zeitgeist movement. Providing that youre interesting! A favourite example of

    ...For every Damien Hirst...theres someone just as

    talented out there, often pushing the

    boundaries further.

  • May 2011 6

    Zeitgeists wonders is Miss Cakehead. For Halloween, she launched the Worlds First adults only cake shop and has even created a pop-up shop for the Japanese Earthquake where all of the cakes look like sushi! The Running of Zeitgeists hasnt been all easy going as its run by a couple in their twenties and cash isnt exactly abundant these days! Even so, lenders cant see values as easily on websites as they do on con-ventional businesses if you can even get anyone to lend you anything. The producers have too little hours in the day as they want to cover so many things. The Editor is the backbone of the company and even designed and built the website. Apparently she is quite the techno-magician whilst Sean helps out with everything else and helps tie all of the little bits together. There are over 50 contribu-tors and section editors and they hope to get bigger and start making more of a business out of it. People are always submitting ideas and Wil-liams is constantly looking for new features as Press Release journalism

    doesnt really cut it for this unique pair. They like it hot off the press and as fresh as Miss Cakeheads pas-tries This is where Future Zeitgeist comes in. They are people who have really stood out so deserve an extra little platform. Its a showcase of talent they feel more of a bond with that they can nurture and even go on to put on club nights. At the moment they focus on singer LeeLou, The Lysergic Suite and The Black Dove Experiment. Although these are musi-cians, they arent limiting this section to only music. More marketing and more events is the obvious way to go for Zeitgeist. But this will take time and need followers. In comparison to other blogs of its kind, its quite unusual and I can see it becoming into a more concise, grown-up version of Dont Panic. It is like a creative or clubbers guide where you flick through to find a new interest, band or just some inspira-tion. We hope you keep your eye on the blog and see some exciting new things unfolding.

    Above: Miss Cakeheads shop. All photo credits to Nathan Pask. Words by Katherine Stewart