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We offer Kashmir Handloom Pashmina Shawls at most reasonable price so one can easily purchase it without creating a hole in their pocket. With over decades of working in same field, the company is emerged as a major exporter of textile products and has gained strong presence across the globe within short span of time.


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  • About Us

    Mr.Kashmiri Lal Khanna established the Company in 1975, with the aim to manufacture & export Textile Fabrics. Prior to that all operations were in the export of Tea to Afghanistan & Morrocco under the name of Kashmiri Lal Kasturi Lal & Co., which had been in business since the 1940s. When the present Company was incorporated, the two businesses were amalgamated. The Company is entirely family owned. In 2006, the company was certified as an ISO 9001:2000 company. The Company has emerged as a major exporter of Textile Products to countries like UK, Germany & Australia. The Company specializes in Fire Resistant (FR) Treatments (Flame-Proofing) of Wool Serge for Stage/Theatrical Drapes, in Durable (DFR) & Non-Durable (NDFR) finishes to all International Standards and our buyers specifications of GSM, etc.http://www.kkpl.co.in/

  • http://www.kkpl.co.in/

  • Pure Wool Shawls & Stoles We bring to you our wide range of Shawls, Stoles, Scarves and Wraps in Pure Wool. With large variety of designs in different types of wool, we have something for everyone. Every product we manufacture is made in a traditional way using high-quality wool and thread. The blend of traditional and modern methods, which we apply in manufacturing, gives you the high-quality and unique products at an affordable price.We use different types of Wool to manufacture our shawls and stoles. The quality of wool is determined by the factors like fiber fineness, length, scale structure, color, cleanliness, and freedom from damage. Raw Wool is generally in a creamy white colour, although some breeds of sheep produce natural colors such as black, brown and grey.http://www.kkpl.co.in/

  • Kashmir Handloom Pashmina ShawlsWe are leading as a pioneer in manufacturing and exporting textile fabrics. Here, you get a wide variety of Kashmir Handloom Pashmina Shawls that are available within high success rate.

    The company specialization is in fire resistant treatments of wool serge for theatrical drapes. We are dedicated to provide durable and non durable finishes to all international standards so that customers get real feel in our products.http://www.kkpl.co.in/

  • http://www.kkpl.co.in/

  • Kashmiri Lal Tarun Khanna P. Ltd.555, Golden Temple Road,P.O. Golden Temple,Amritsar - 143 006 (Punjab) India.Phone: +91 183 229 2455Fax: +91 183 255 6615Email: mail@kkpl.co.in Website:- http://www.kkpl.co.in/

    Contact UShttp://www.kkpl.co.in/

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