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  • 1. We are different but the samePoland- ZambrwNicolaus CopernicusPrimary School

2. This is Poland 3. Our town Zambrw 4. Our region 5. THE BIGGEST CITIES ARE...1 Warszawa 2 Krakw3 d 4 Wrocaw 6. In our school there are 400 students 7. The name of our school is NicolausCopernicus Primary School 8. Polish flagPolish flag is white and red 9. The capital of Poland is Warszawa 10. How many people?... In Poland there are about 39 million people 11. Outstanding Polish athletes 12. This is a famous Polish footballerRobert Lewandowski 13. This is a famous Polish tennis playerAgnieszka Radwaska 14. This is a famous Polish volleyball playerMariusz Wlazy 15. Most popular Polish dishes arepierogi ruskie and bigos 16. These arepierogi ruskieYummy 17. This isbigos 18. Created by : Patryk Korytkowskiand Wiktor Iwanowski 19. Goodbye