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  • KarnatakaOffering the perfect amalgamationof natural beauty and modernarchitecture, Karnataka, home tothe highest waterfall in the country,will mesmerise you with itsenchanting beauty.

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    Being a hub of the Indian IT industry, youmight expect only tall corporate buildings inthe state but, quite contrary to it, Karnatakais one of the most beautiful places in thecountry, which is well-endowed with naturalbeauty. A trip to the Jog Falls will make yourealise that the above statement is true. Asthe foaming white water cascades down tothe ground, you will have a sight that will beetched forever in your memory.

    Home to five national parks, you will havethe opportunity to explore the richand diverse floras and faunas of the state.The place is dotted with various temples,from the Udupi Krishna Temple to the KukkeSri Subramanya Temple, some of which arepopular for their architectural splendour.Apart from all these, Karnataka's longseashore has many enchanting beaches,which are just perfect to watch the settingsun!

    Karnataka has a long coastline, stretching

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    more than 200 km between Goa and Kerala,dotted with temple towns that are ancientand beaches that the world is nowdiscovering.

    What To

    SEE5 Sights


    1 Hampi

    The ruins of the ancient city ofHampi are strikingly, unexpectedly, eveneerily beautiful. This 16th century capital ofthe Vijayanagara Kingdom lies on the banksof the Tungabhadra River, surrounded bystark rocky ridges and mammoth bouldersseemingly precariously balanced on eachother. The vast spaces are silent, but theruins are eloquent.

    Hampi is a popular tourist destination that isthe home to around 500 marvelous historicmonuments. Imperial palaces, temples and

    forts can be seen standing in pride holdingtales of the past in every brick. It is said thatduring the rule of the Vijayanagar empire,diamonds were sold on the streets, morespecifically in a street named Pan SupaariStreet. The street is now marked by theArchaeological Survey of India for touriststo see. The 'Hampi Utsav' that takes place inthe first week of November is worth a visit. Itis a cultural extravaganza of music anddance and to increase visual delight, whenthe monuments and the ruins are lit up.

    2 Shimoga

    Located in the heart of the state ofkarnataka state, Shimoga is blessed withnature's bounty-landscapes with beautifulwaterfalls, swaying palms and lush paddyfields. Other than being a touristdestination, its rich tradition in education,fine arts and culture make it the 'CultureCapital of Karnataka'. Known as the ricebowl of Karnataka, it has the biggest Arecanut market, along with many otheragricultural produces like rice, chili and


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    3 Kudroli Gokarnath Temple

    Kudroli, Mangalore, Karnataka575003, India

    Also known as The GokarnanatheshwaraTemple,Kudroli Gokarnath Temple is a beautifulreligious place in Mangalore. The temple hasa charm that will mesmerise you to the core.It is the centre of spiritual bliss andtranquillity in Mangalore and is visited withgreat reverence by the followers. If you are aGod lover then you shouldnt miss this placeonce you make a trip to Mangalore. It is apeaceful place to spend some time awayfrom the usual life. The structure makes itan attractive monument. There are evenmany instances of devotees being curedfrom different ailments by the grace of LordGokarnanatheshwara. Make a visit toKudroli Gokarnath Temple for a uniqueexperience.

    4 Kadri Manjunath Temple

    Kadri, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575002,India

    Located at a distance of about 4km fromMangalore, Kadri Manjunath Temple is agorgeous temple. You must visit this placefor the picturesque surroundings. Thetemple Kadri Manjunath is amongst theoldest Shiva shrines in Mangalore. The placeis known for being the centre of spiritualbliss and tranquillity, so it is visited withgreat reverence by the followers anddevotees. If you are a God lover then youshouldnt miss this place once you make atrip to Mangalore.

    5 St. Aloysius Chapel

    P B No 720, Kodailbail, DakshinKannada, Kodialbail, Mangaluru,Karnataka 575003.

    St. Aloysius Chapel is one of the mostbeautiful chapels in Mangalore. The chapelcould stand in comparison with thegorgeous chapels of Rome. The reason whythis chapel is compared to other chapels inthe world is for the beautiful andbreathtaking paintings that cover almostevery inch of the walls of the chapel. St.Aloysius Chapel is a place in Mangalore thatshould be in your itinerary no matter what!Dont miss this place if you are a true art andGod lover.

    Where To

    Eat5 Places


    1 Navayuga Family Restaurant

    Selection Lodge Building, I.G. Road,Near Bus Stand, Chikmagalur,Karanataka 577101, India


    Navayuga Family Restaurant is where allfood lovers should go. A restaurant whichserves delicious meals and drinks which willmake you eat more and more. The smell willlure you to enter the place and you willsurely not regret it. Located in a veryconvenient place in Chikmagalur, you caneasily access this restaurant. You will surelyre-visit this place once you taste the friedrice balls stuffed with mozzarella andchopped chicken gizzards here. NavayugaFamily Restaurant is an excellent place forfood lovers. Do make a visit here!

    2 Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs

    ITC Windsor Hotel, Windsor Square,25, Lobby Level ,In ITC Windsor Hotel,Golf Course Road



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    3 Mango Tree Restaurant

    Near Temple, Janata Plot, Hampi,Karnataka 583239, India


    When it comes to dining out in the ancient,surreal capital of the once mightyVijayanagra empire you will not be too faroff the mark if it invokes images of sittingunderneath an ancient tree on the banks ofriver Tungabhadra indulging in deliciouslocal dishes, just as once the natives musthave. Mango Tree Restaurant brings youclose to Hampi's sublimity, with its rusticand earthy set up and then sets you afloat inthe undeniable romanticism of Hampi.

    Past a dense banana plantation, right intothe backyard of Krishna's family home is astately mango tree where the restaurant isset. With seating on terraced concrete levelswhere straw mats and wooden tables arelaid out, you will have an incredible view ofthe landscape stretching in front of youreyes. River Tungabhadra will stream right byyou in its soothing cadence and birds fill theair with their fluttering and twitters. AtMango Tree, while their special Thali andMango curry is a must try, do indulge in thedelicious coconut lassi and tangy samosa.

    4 Sea Lounge

    Murudeshwara, Uttara Kannada,Karnataka, 581350, India

    In a town that has its crowning glory set bythe lapping waves of the Arabian sea, it'sonly right to want to simply set your base bythe golden sands and stare at the blueexpanse for days on end. While that may benot be practical if you are on a clock, but youshould have at least one of your meals bythe emerald blue expanse of the sea. Simplyhead over to Sea Lounge, the in-houserestaurant of RNS Residency, where, true toits name, you get to lounge more or less by

    the sea and indulge in their delicious multi-cuisine offerings.

    Hankering for a bit of frothy cappuccino andkeen on lingering in their garden set by thesea? Head next door to Konkan cafe wheretheir coffee bar lays out a range of coffeeoptions to choose from and snacks tocomplement them.

    5 Golden Paradise

    Hampi Bazaar, Bellary, Hampi,Karnataka 583239, India

    As you walk into the new age vibe radiatingfrom Golden Paradise restaurant, you willfeel that you have entered a different erareplete with metaphysical hangings andtrance music. One of the best places in townfor a sampling of Indian and Italian, GoldenParadise is located in the middle of HampiBazaar on the banks of Tungabhadra river,directly across Mango Tree restaurant onthe opposite banks.

    From steaming porridge and pancakes forbreakfast to spinach curries, pasta, sizzlerswith milky tea and frothy coffee for lunchand dinner, you have a range of deliciousculinary options at Golden Paradiserestaurant. A must try at Golden Paradiseare the wood-fired pizzas. Incrediblelocation, attentive staff and delicious food-what more could you ask? Do remember tofeed the restaurant's regular customer, thelocal market cow who comes callingeveryday at closing time.

    Returning visitors to Hampi searching forNew Shanthi restaurant need to headstraight to Golden Paradise- that's what therestaurant has renamed itself as.