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<p>Karate Birthday Party Agreement </p> <p>This Birthday Party Agreement (Agreement) dated between Kempo Karate of Manorville, </p> <p>Inc. DBA Kempo Karate and Fitness (Kempo) located at 585 Montauk Highway, Eastport, NY 11941 and </p> <p>Parent Name __________________________________ (Party Giver) </p> <p>Address ________________________________ </p> <p>City _________________________ State ____ Zip Code ________ </p> <p>Phone # __________________________ Email Address ________________________________ </p> <p>Birthday Boy/Girl _____________________________ Age ______ </p> <p>Date of Party ___________________ Time ___________ </p> <p>Description of Services: Kempo will conduct a 1 1/2 hour party including an introductory Karate lesson and games </p> <p>including Dodge Ball, Capture the Flag, Bag Races, Tag and Block and other fun plus Pizza, Drinks, Napkins and Paper </p> <p>Plates, Tables and Chairs at the location, date and time listed above. A cake or decorative items, if desired, must be </p> <p>supplied by the Party Giver. </p> <p>Payment for Services: Party Giver will pay a minimum fee of $250 for up to 12 children (party restricted to ages 6 to </p> <p>12); any additional attendees, up to a total count of 20, (unless a different amount is approved at time of reservation) </p> <p>for $14 each. </p> <p>$100 Deposit is due with your reservation to reserve your date and time with a final count required 5 days before </p> <p>the party. Balance due the day of the party. </p> <p>Party Givers Obligation: Party Giver must be on premises at all times. Party Giver is responsible for the childrens </p> <p>special needs as required. The Party Giver will distribute a release form to all participants and have completed, </p> <p>signed copies given to Kempo prior to the beginning of the party for each attendee. Release forms to be supplied </p> <p>by Kempo. </p> <p>Release &amp; Waiver of Liability: The Party Giver and signer of the agreement acknowledge that the studio, Kempo or </p> <p>any affiliate, its instructors and employees are not responsible for any injury to participants and by this agreement, </p> <p>the undersigned assumes all risks inherent and incidental to this type of activity as a condition of participation. The </p> <p>signer acknowledges that there are no medical ailments that would prevent any attendees from participating in the </p> <p>lessons, games and activities. </p> <p>Please Print Name _________________________________ </p> <p>Parent Signature _______________________________ Date ________________ </p>