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Principal’s Message
JULY 26 2013
Bulen & Warin
the wet and chilly weather, we have had a
very productive and lively start to the new
term. It is really a wonderful place to be
when students and teachers are well rested,
refreshed and ready to embark again on
their formal education.
8, 9 and 10 students since our return. We
have been delighted by the level of parent
interest and participation in the discussions
about their child/ren’s progress and future
pathways. It is most gratifying to witness
the very high level of parent satisfaction
with the changes we have made to Year 10
course offerings. Parents and students have
given us their enthusiastic endorsement to
the Pre VCE and Pre VCAL offerings now
available. Included in these offerings is the
opportunity to undertake VET Plumbing,
VET Hair and Beauty and VET Auto at
Kambrya College for the first time. These
exciting new courses have been eagerly
taken up by many of our students.
Over the break, Nalini Naidu, Roz Muscat
and I travelled to South Africa to explore
the establishment of a sister school
relationship in the city of Durban. Our visit
was strongly facilitated by Nalini’s amazing
network of friends and family. (Nalini
immigrated to Australia from South Africa
with her family in 1999). We visited
Johannesburg, Soweto, and the Drakensburg
mountains before arriving at Durban. We
then visited Strelitzia Secondary School with
its 1,100 students and 45 staff. It was a
wonderful visit. I was most impressed by the
enthusiasm with which students from very
poor backgrounds embraced their education.
The principal at Strelitzia gave us a very
warm welcome and showed great
interest in developing programs between
our schools. We have initiated
discussions about a teacher exchange
program. We also discussed the offering
of a scholarship to a dedicated student
from a disadvantaged background the
opportunity to study at Kambrya College
for ten weeks. Programs like these will
greatly assist us in developing
intercultural awareness and a broader,
more international outlook. We are
reasonably confident of securing ongoing
corporate sponsorship from South Africa
to fund these projects – Nalini is putting
her old network to work! It was a very
special visit and I am optimistic that we
will bring a number of our proposals to
fruition for the benefit of our students
and teachers.
Michael Muscat
with Mr Muscat.
the Strelitzia Secondary School community.
Darrabi News There will be an Information Night for the 2014 Darrabi Program, on
Thursday 15th August.
Information Session: 6:00pm
Information Session: 7:00pm
The Darrabi (‘awaken’ in the Woiwurrung language) Program is an all-boys class designed for
students who, for a variety of reasons, are
dis-engaged from their learning or who are not thriving within the normal classroom environ-
ment. The program has a strong community links and group project focus with an
emphasis on developing students as more self-aware learners. For more
Central Australia Camp News
Sunday June 23rd saw 44 students and 4 staff head off on year 10 Central Australia camp. This
year’s camp was different to previous years as there was just the one bus instead of two, and this
made for an amazing opportunity for all involved to
really get the most out of the experience.
We visited many sites and towns along our journey
to the Red Centre, with stays in Adelaide, Lake
Hart, Coober Pedy, Yulara, Kings Canyon and Alice
Springs. All involved had a fantastic time. There
were lots of laughs and everyone pitched in to make
it such a smooth camp. Students should be proud of
how they conducted themselves throughout this
camp, as feedback from the cook and driver for the
trip was very positive.
A big thankyou to Mr Forbes, Mr Padayachee and
Jennie Leiner for giving up their time for this camp and making it such a great time for
Reading in English, Years 7-12
Texts are a core aspect of the English curriculum. We focus not just on the
comprehension of characters, plot and themes, but also discuss an author’s views and
values and the ways in which they communicate these messages. From Years 7-12 we
look at novels, novellas, short stories, poetry, plays and newspaper articles. Here is a
summary of what Kambrya students will be reading in English during Term 3:
Year 7 English – Helicopter Man by Elizabeth Fensham
Pete struggles to cope with a sick father, but he’s not sure about who to turn to for help.
This novel explores relationships, mental illness and homelessness in an approachable
Year 8 English – Don’t Call Me Ishmael by Michael Gerard Bauer
This novel is an award winner about growing up, relationships, resilience and finding a
sense of belonging. Ishmael, his namesake from Moby Dick, discovers his life is a
"walking disaster area registering nine point nine on the open-ended imbecile scale".
Year 9 English – ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by William Shakespeare
A tragedy about young, forbidden love, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is a classic tale. Ultimately,
forgiveness comes too late in the ongoing family feud between the Montagues and the
Capulets as “a pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life”.
Year 10 English – To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
An enduring tale, Scout and Jem learn the importance of justice and equality in a town
seething in racism and discrimination in the Deep South of America in the 1930s.
Again, this is a classic that many parents will have read when they were at school.
Year 11 English – ‘Macbeth’ by William Shakespeare
A fictional story of war, witchcraft, ghosts and bloodshed, this play depicts the
relationship between husbands and wives, and, Scotland and her King. The central
question: to what extent should one strive to achieve one’s goals?
Year 12 English, and, Year 11 and 12 EAL (formerly ESL) – ‘Twelve Angry Men’
by Reginald Rose
Twelve angry men are the jurors who determine that fate of a young man on trial for
homicide. This 1950s play explores issues of prejudice and justice.
Year 11 Literature – ‘Othello’ by William Shakespeare
One of Shakespeare’s most notorious villains Iago comes to life in this tale of love,
jealousy and revenge.
Year 12 Literature – Katherine Mansfield Short Stories
Mansfield, an intriguing New Zealand writer and one of the world’s best known and
loved short story writers, brings us tales of isolation, identity and life’s complexities in
twenty of her short stories including ‘Bliss’; ‘At the Bay’; ‘Prelude’ and ‘The Garden
Science News
On Friday the 19th of May Year 12 Biology students attended a workshop at the Gene
and Technology Access Centre in the city.
Students worked with PhD students to perform a gene technology called gene splicing
where they cut and inserted a glow gene into bacteria. Students then assessed the
lengths of the DNA fragments using a separation technique called Gel Electrophoresis.
Sarah Treadwell ( VCE Biology )
Exiting Students
Please be advised that any student exiting from school (intending to leave) must
complete formal exit paperwork. Parents are invited to seek further information
from Ms Shirley Bell in the front office.
Our year 12 students have been attending one
on one interviews with the Careers team in
readiness for when applications to Universities
and TAFES open through the VTAC website on
August 5th. We are urging all year 12 students
to be ready for applications by compiling a list
of the courses they are likely to apply for.
There is a fee of $27 charged by VTAC for time-
ly registration and applications. This fee can be
paid on-line by using a Pay-Pal account or
Credit card. After the 27th of September, the fee
will increase to $91, so please ensure you apply
to courses before September 27th. We will be
available to assist students with their applica-
tions during their scheduled study periods.
Please encourage your sons/daughters to at-
tend as many University and TAFE open days
as possible.(See below for Open day dates)
Year 11
tion forms for 2014 on Tuesday the 16th July.
We encourage year 11 students and their par-
ents to contact the Careers team if they require
any assistance regarding Career paths or
course direction.
Careers Team.
TAFE Open Days are coming up soon. These
are a great opportunity for you to check out
facilities, courses, locations, attend
and to talk to staff and students. Year 10 is
good time to start attending these, and Year 11
is a good time to attend too. Starting visits in
Year 12 is leaving it a bit late, although still
worthwhile. Applying for courses happens in
Term 3 of the Year 12 year, the same time as
Open Days are scheduled.
available on the VTAC website -
Gippsland, Peninsula campuses)
(Warrnambool); Monash University
sity (Melbourne); Deakin (Geelong); Gordon
(Geelong); RMIT (University and TAFE)
(generally 10am to 4pm – check websites):
Sat 3 Aug – Monash University (Berwick,
Gippsland, Peninsula campuses)
(Warrnambool); Monash University
sity (Melbourne); Deakin (Geelong); Gordon
(Geelong); RMIT (University and TAFE)
AS A CAREER – Interested in a career as an O.T.?
If so, go to an information and demonstration
evening and
Melbourne Uni (Parkville & Southbank -
sity; Box Hill Institute: Deakin (Burwood);
La Trobe (Bundoora); Victoria University
and TAFE; William Angliss Institute
Sun 1 Sept – La Trobe University
Obtain an Open Day Guide and plan beforehand
(eg from websites like www.deakin.edu.au/openday,
or www.openday.unimelb.edu.au) - some hard copies
of thea Guides are in the careers room
Plan to be at Open Day when relevant information
sessions are conducted
Allow sufficient time for your visit; two hours or so
would be advisable
your questions beforehand
ying courses that interest you
Collect information/brochures
nities; these can assist with gaining employment
Ask about international study opportunities – a
very popular option
from where you live?
you be happy there for three/four years?
Consider the facilities/clubs offered at your pre-
ferred institution
Consider visiting a rural campus, especially if you
think you won’t obtain a high enough ATAR for a
metropolitan campus. ATAR’s are often lower and
they often offer more personal assistance, accommo-
dation, and a lifestyle which will suit some students.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Planning to apply for a
course involving an interview/folio presentation/
audition? As part of the selection process you may
be asked what you learnt/found of interest about the
course at Open Day. Attendance is A MUST!
Caree rs N ews ( Con t i n u ed ) hear from Occupational Therapists experienced in
spinal rehabilitation, hand therapy, mental health
and neurology. When: 5.30-8pm, Thurs 12 Sept;
Where: Education Precinct, Level 4, Austin Tower,
Austin Hospital, Studley Rd, Heidelberg; Regis-
ter:email [email protected] – all guests
must be registered and places are limited to a maxi-
mum of 2 attendees per reservation – you will receive
a confirming email.
ing in the trades, corporate and professional sectors.
There will be a vast array of career advice, employ-
ment opportunities, a large university and
training representation, and a ‘hands on’ Skills
Industry Hub, When: Fri 16 – Sun 18 August;
Where: Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Clarendon St,
Southbank; Info: www.careerexpo.com.au. An oppor-
tunity to collect information, talk to people and find
out more about careers in one location.
2014 – Swinburne will be making some changes and
additions to a range of Bachelor of Design courses in
become a four-year program
replaced with a four-year Bachelor of Design
(Interior Architecture)
(Animation) will commence in 2014.
be offering some new majors in the Bachelor of Sci-
ence in 2014: Applied mathematics, Biomedical phys-
iology, Biomolecular science, Chemistry, Computer
science and mathematics, Environmental science,
Physics, Psychology, Psychology and Psychophysiolo-
will seek exciting career options in the global work-
force. Arts Advantage is a new subject which will
stimulate students to think from the very beginning of
the degree about work readiness and the attrib-
utes sought by employers. The compulsory unit
will focus on work readiness, and building relevant
skills and knowledge in essential areas. It will be un-
dertaken in the B. Arts, B. Creative Arts and the B.
Arts/B. Global Studies from Semester 1, 2014.
study options for your child, how to prepare for this
important transition, and key dates and processes?
You will be able to meet staff and students, find out
about the range of courses, the costs associated
with further study, the VTAC application pro-
cess and more about campus life. When/Where:
6-8pm, Wed 24 July, Deakin University, 221
Burwood Highway; 6-8pm, Wed 11 Sept, Gee-
long Waterfront Campus, 1 Gheringhap St, Gee-
long; Register: www.deakin.edu.au/parents.
be daunting for parents and students. Find out
about courses, facilities, the VTAC system, how
parents can assist with transition, and talk to
VU representatives. When: 7-9pm, Tues 13
Aug; Where: Footscray Park Campus; Regis-
ter: www.vu.edu.au/vce-information-evening.
UNIVERSITY? If you are passionate about
staying fit and healthy, and want to help others
do the same, you can join a motivated group of
like-minded people in VU’s College of Sport and
Exercise Science. Be spurred on by internation-
ally recognised teaching staff who are highly
sought after in the sports and exercise science
industries, as coaches, advisers and more. You’ll
also benefit from the close links with sporting
institutions such as the Victorian and Australi-
an Institutes of Sport, Western Bulldogs, AFL
and Netball Australia. With a range of courses
spanning TAFE, bachelor and postgraduate
qualifications, you will find an entry point that
suits your level of education.
new degree in counselling in 2014. Recognised
by the Australian Counselling Association
(ACA), the degree will provide students with a
solid background in psychology, as well as in-
field placement opportunities and will focus on
delivering counselling to diverse communities.
At completion of the degree, graduates will be
job ready as this course does not require further
postgraduate qualifications to find accredited
employment (unlike a psychologist).
Pu b l i c N o t i ces
We’ve got just a few Entertainment™ Books left Selling for only $65, the new 2013|2014 Melbourne Entertain-
ment™ Book is packed with hundreds of up to 50% off and 2-for-1
offers from the best restaurants, cafés, hotel accommodation, at-
tractions and activities.
Please remember to reference Kambrya College
when registering your 2013 | 2014 Entertainment™
Pu b l i c N o t i ces ( Con t i n u ed )
Public Notices (Continued)
Pu bl i c Not i c e s (Con t inu ed )
Education Maintenance Allowance 2013: Instalment Two
Instalment Two The Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is provided to assist eligible
families with the costs associated with the education of their children.
Parents and guardians may be eligible for the EMA if they have a valid
Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card.
The second instalment of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)
payment is due to be paid from mid-August onwards for parents/guardians
who chose the ‘direct deposit’ or ‘pay direct to school’ payment option on
their application form.
their payment from late August / early
Parents and guardians who lodged an EMA application at the beginning of
the year do not need to lodge another EMA application to receive the se-
cond instalment EMA payment.
Parents/guardians whose children have transferred to this school since 28
February 2013 will need to submit a new EMA application form. Applica-
tions close on 2 August 2013.
Eligibility information can be obtained from: www.education.vic.gov.au/
Contact: School Office for an application form and further information.
Key Dates:
Eligibility day - 15 July 2013 Parent applications close - 2 August 2013
Direct Deposit payments - Mid August 2013 onwards Cheque payments - Late August / Early September 2013