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KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM Slide 2 2006 2 Kajaani University Consortium has a special administration system Universities of Joensuu, Kuopio, Jyvskyl and Lapland are members of the Kajaani University Consortium Kajaani University Consortium includes all the university units from Kainuu Kajaani University Consortium has a special administration system Universities of Joensuu, Kuopio, Jyvskyl and Lapland are members of the Kajaani University Consortium Kajaani University Consortium includes all the university units from Kainuu KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM Slide 3 2006 3 Ministry of Education is aiming to join together activivies of different universities in university consortia The university consortium work as one actor from the point of region Six university consortia started in the beginning of 2004 WHAT IS UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM? It-Suomi Slide 4 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 4 The mission of Kajaani University Consortium is to improve the knowledge- level of the area, and its well-being, competitiveness and university culture, by means of a customer oriented approach in fields of research, education and development MISSION OF UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM Slide 5 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 5 Synergy: the units and departments functioning in Kainuu mutual support each other due to their co- operative activites Co-operation with Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (Polytechnic) (joint strategy) Co-operation with neighbouring universities Co-operation enhance and strengthen the knowledge and resources of University Consortium, thus replying to the challenge related to learning area and development of innovation COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE OF UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM Slide 6 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 6 University of Oulu centre of multidiscipline research and learning rector Lauri Lajunen University of Oulu has over 16 600 students and 3321 employees active in science and education units. Annual turnover of University is around 203 millions of euros. COORDINATING UNIVERSITY Slide 7 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 7 UNIVERSITY OF JOENSUU MEMBER UNIVERSITIES Slide 8 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 8 OPERATIONS AT THE CAMPUS: Administrative Services Kajaani Department of Teacher Education Continuing Education Lnnrot Institute (Regional development) Library OPERATIONS ELSEWHERE Department of Information Processing Science Kajaani unit Laboratory of Biotechnology (Sotkamo) Measurement and Sensor Laboratory Physical Activity Master Programme in Sports technology, Vuotech University of Jyvskyl (Sotkamo) University Advocate, Research and Innovate Manager (Iisalmi) Universities of Kuopio and Oulu Total staff over 232 (2005) KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM Slide 9 2006 9 Sports Technology Education Head of Research Vesa Linnamo BOARD OF MEMBERS Dep. of Information Processing Science Kajaani unit Head of Unit Ari Heiskanen Kajaani Department of Teacher Education Director Juhani Suortti Measurement and Sensor Laboratory Research Director Juha Kalliokoski Laboratory of Biotechnology Research Director Vesa Virtanen Lnnrot Institute Head of Unit Jouni Ponnikas Continuing Education Head of Unit Arja Poranen KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM Director Juhani Suortti Administration ORGANISATIONS CHART Slide 10 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 10 ADMINISTRATION Slide 11 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 11 BASIC VALUES 1. Regional responsibility 2. Ethics 3. Communality 4. Autonomy 5. Quality 6. Partnership 7. Development orientation Globalization and lokalization Enlargement of The EU Development of technology Russian relations Bologna process Competitiveness of regions Agening of population structure Regional centralization Administrative pilot of Kainuu Change of working life MISSION The mission of Kajaani University Consortium is to improve the knowledge-level of the area, and its well- being, competitiveness and university culture, by means of a customer oriented approach in fields of research, education and development. VISION We are important actor of regional development; nationally respected and highly profiled research, education and development centre acting as part of regional innovation system. We are attractive university unit for students and international reseachers. Our knowledge has lead to develop new products and firms. RESOURCES & ECONOMY IMPACTSINNOVATION & COMPETENCE PROCESSES & STRUCTURES ACTION PLANS: LONG TERM, ANNUAL MUUTOSTEKIJTMUUTOSTEKIJT STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGES Slide 12 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 12 EXPECTED IMPACTS 1. a. Enlargening the permanent university education in Kainuu b. Development of quality and profile of education 2. a. Development of scientific research in Kainuu b. Applying the research results on region and business 3. Enforcing regional impacts INNOVATION & COMPETENCE 7. a. Development as learning organisation b. Development of working environment 8. Attractive image RESOURCES & ECONOMY 4. Growing budget funding 5. Effective use of external funding sources 6. Development of effectiveness support functions PROCESSES & STRUCTURES 9. Strenghtening of resources by university consortium 10. Co-operation between university and region 11. Effective research and education processes 12. Effective organisation and open leadership culture OPERATING ENVIRONMENT MISSION VISION BASIC VALUES STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGES Slide 13 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 13 Kajaani Department of Teacher Education started in 1900, joined to university in 1974 Budget 6,4 M (2005) Staff 104 Students 710 Post-graduate students 36 Main building KAJAANI DEPARTMENT OF TEACHER EDUCATION Slide 14 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 14 Functions Primary School Teacher Education Early Childhood Education Training Master Programme for those who have taken the degree of a nursery school teacher or a Bachelors degree of Education, including the a qualification of a nursery school teacher Education experiment for subject teachers of mathematics Education experiment on Cultural Industry Education experiment emphasising the Swedish immersion course training Conversion training programme on Russian culture and language Master Programme for art teachers Virt@ll as multiform and distance learning Kajaani Teacher Training School IS-Center Post-graduate studies (doctoral studies) KAJAANI DEPARMENT OF TEACHER EDUCATION Slide 15 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 15 Lnnrot Institute is a joint research Institute. It is named according to Elias Lnnrot, collector of Finnish national poems Kalevala. Focus areas include Regional and rural development: evaluation Cross-border development Culture Northern issues Budget 1,15 M (2005) Staff 12 LNNROT INSTITUTE Slide 16 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 16 Started in 1981 from teacher further education and have enlargened to different academic fields Functions Life long learning and health care project Training for the improvement of working life and working communities Budget 1,42 M (2005) Staff 10 Continuing Education and Lnnrot Institute in Kajaani campus CONTINUING EDUCATION Slide 17 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 17 Started in 1996 Focus of action Research on forest berries and Northern special plants Biotechnology of milk Technology transfer, innovation and entrepreneur services Laboratory is a node of centre of excellence in Food Stuffs Budget 1,02 M (2005) Staff 21 Laboratory is located in Sotkamo municipality; 40 km from Kajaani campus LABORATORY OF BIOTECHNOLOGY Slide 18 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 18 Started in 1.10.1991 Focus areas include characterising of pulp and paper process measurement technics measurement of mechanical wood optical planning wireless instrumentation Part of Measurepolis center of excellence in Kajaani Budget 3,47 M (2005) Staff 55 Students 14 Laboratory is located in Technology Park of Kajaani MEASUREMENT AND SENSOR LABORATORY Slide 19 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 19 Functions Software production orientation alternative Software business orientation alternative Digital media (Masters degree programme) Software production (Masters degree programme) Mobile services (Masters degree programme) Budget 1,38 M (2005) Staff 14 Students 137 Post-graduate students 4 DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION PROCESSING SCIENCE Kajaani unit Slide 20 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 20 Sports Technology Education Physical Activity Master Programme in Sports Technology, Vuotech (University of Jyvskyl) Functions Conversion training in Sports Technology Budget 0,63 M (2005) Staff 8 Students 55 Post-graduate students 7 Slide 21 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 21 LIBRARY Kajaani University Consortium Library is a special library of Oulu University Library, which mainly serves the needs of teaching, research and studying at the Consortium. Budget 0,18 M (2005) Staff 5 Slide 22 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 22 REGIONAL MULTISCIENCE POST- GRADUATE SCHOOL Network of doctoral students in Kainuu and Yl-Savo regions: 84 members Most of them coming from working life Consortia Universities: (OY, JY, JoY, KY, LaY) 84 % Other Universities: (HY, TuY, TaY, TaiK) 16 % University of: Slide 23 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 23 Doctoral Schools of Kajaani University Consortium have 84 post-graduate students. Educational Doctoral School (KOKY) have 36 post-graduate students. Multiscience Doctoral School (KYK) have 48 post-graduate students. Slide 24 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM 2006 24 KAJAANI UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM Seminaarinkatu 2 P.O. Box 51, FI-87101 Kajaani, FINLAND (Street address: Satamakatu 3) Tel. +358 (0)8 632 4611 (exch.) Fax +358 (0)8 632 4631 e-mail: firstname.surname@oulu.fi www.kajaaninyliopistokeskus.oulu.fi THANK YOU


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