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71 ways to develop "Kaizen Eyes"


<ul><li> 1. 71 ways to develop"Kaizen Eyes" By Tom Curtis </li></ul> <p> 2. Created by Tom Curtis August 2010 Blog: www.onimproving.blogspot.com Other presentations on www.slideshare.netUnder Onimproving Email: ideamerchants@gmail.com 3. Introduction Kaizen is continual improvement for thebetter. "Kaizen Eyes" see opportunitiesto improve. These eyes are a skill that can be developed through technique and practice. Contained in this slide set areways (techniques) to be practiced. Theywill help to widen the ability torecognize opportunity that may not be in full view. Good luck! -Tom Curtis 4. Ask new questionsLook with a specic purposeObserve from multiple anglesTake notesCompare notes with non similar thinking individualsVisit at different timesDescribe to another personTry to write work instructionsStand quietly in one place and observeRead widely and diversely 5. Practice activity of the productPractice activity of the personPractice activity of the machineDraw a spaghetti chartMap the processLearn something newWork the jobShadow an employeeWrite somethingTeach the activity to someone 6. Put yourself in someone else's roleVisit other placesTake picturesDraw the value stream mapAsk yourself what normal should look likeMeasure Takt (rhythm of the process)Audit standard workYokoten something to another activityDesign a simulationDo logic puzzles 7. Ask "why not?" questionsTake specic trainingRecord annoyancesInvest in small stepsLook from different frame (i.e. quality, safety, materials)Follow owDo an experimentCount somethingSwim up the processTest a theory 8. Ask a childLook for patternsUnderstand the nancialsLearn the history of the processResearch technology changesImagine what the activity would look like with different stafngUpdate or upgrade an activityBuild somethingPrice a replacementSpecify value through the eye of the customer 9. Start to kaizen somethingJoin an improvement teamCreate a poka-yokeBrainstorm possibilitiesStudy other kaizensCollect examples of improvements from all parts of lifePractice at homeTeach to a childTake something apartAsk for help to solve a problem 10. Do a walkthrough with someone elseAsk someone for helpStudy problem solvingQuiz suppliersListen to customersTry to SMED the processWhat would you do with unlimited budget?What would you do with $20?Search help forumsCreate a checklist 11. Always be lookingfor opportunity </p>