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  • Culture


    Most people in Colombia prefer to attend a national musical festival than international musical festival. Colombian people prefer to support and spend money on our festival than other festivals around the world, because Colombians don`t like to attend alone to the festivals and they would rather assist with a group of friends in order to be happier than alone.

    In our Country we have a lot of Festival of National Musical from different regions:

    Vallenato Node

    Vallenato Legend Festival Its first version took place in 1968 and it is held on April 26th -30th every year. It is staged at Consuelo Arajo Noguera Leyenda Vallenata Park, in the Colombian city of Valledupar, capital of the department of Cesar, though earlier it was held at Francisco El Hombre stage at Alfonso Lpez Square. The Festival is organized by Fundacin Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata.

    Pacific Node

    Petronio lvarez Festival of Colombian Music from the Pacific It started in 1997 and it is held in the city of Cali in the Colombian department of Valle del Cauca. It takes place annually, in August, and IT is organized by Secretara de Cultura y Turismo de Santiago de Cali. It is considered as the most representative Festival of that region of the country.

    Petronio lvarez Festival

  • Caribbean Node

    The Festival began in 1985. It is held every year during four days in October in Palenque de San Basilio or San Basilio de Palenque, small village close to the village of Mahates, on the foothills of Montes de Mara, 50 km Southeast of the Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias, department of Bolvar. It is organized by Corporacin Festival de Tambores y expresiones culturales de San Basilio de Palenque. It is framed in the ethno-educational program of the global ethno-development project of Ma Kankaman de Palenque Community Council.

    With the suport of the Ministery of Culture of Colombia, we have a lot and important festivals in our Country that represent our Culture and our beliefs, and a lot of people around the world come to Colombia in order to attend and know how are our festivals and the hapinness in Colombia


    From a long time were created the park festivals in Colombia, these are cultural events that are made in Bogot during the year. Especially these are concerts of different kinds of music for everybody, and there are major artists invited from different musical genres. Also, there are dance, folklore, crafts and Colombian cuisine. The main characteristic is they are free events and open for all audiences; these events were created by The Mayor of Bogot to promote culture and make people enjoy a good free time. Park festivals are an excellent option to enjoy culture in Bogot, there are many national and international artists invited. This allow citizens of all classes, ages and educational levels meet in parks and outdoor spaces for enjoying art and music, and give an example of coexistence. There are six interesting music

    festivals for all tastes that meet in each edition to thousands of spectators.

    Rock al Parque It is one of the most important festivals in Latin America. It started in 1995 to show the public the rock bands of Bogot and help them grow. Along time, it dont only became a rock music event, also joined other genres as metal, punk, ska, reggae, alternative music and now colombian music mix.

    Jazz al Parque Thanks to the good results of Rock al Parque, in 1996 the jazz festival started to diffuse this music genre between Bogot citizens. This is an important space to show the university and local bands.

  • Hip Hop al Parque:

    Its objective is the diffusion of the urban street rhythms and artists of the city. Also, there are dance competitions, freestyle and graffiti.

    Salsa al Parque

    It is the most latin festival with a lot of tropical flavor in Bogot, where a lot of citizens enjoy this space to hear the best singers of this genre and enjoy dancing.

    Opera al Parque

    It started in 1998 to create culture and diffuse this kind of music to all public. Its concerts and recitals are for reduced public and in auditoriums designed especially for this kind of music.

    Colombia al Parque

    It's an event that brings all music genres of the country: Cumbia, porro, bambuco, msica llanera, carranga, etc. Also, you can enjoy the typical dances of different regions, crafts and Colombian cuisine.

    The park festivals are a good choice to enjoy musical and cultural events for all tastes in Bogota and without

    spending much money. Its important to seize the cultural spaces that the city offers us!


    Silvia Tcherassi was born in Barranquilla on August 21, 1965. In 1990 created her own company called Altamoda. In 2003 she was invited to the fashion week in Milan. In 2004 Tcherassi was

    honored by the the French

    ambassador in Colombia, Daniel Parfait, with the Order of Arts and Letters, which the government gives to foreign and French. In this same year she was invited to attend the fashion week in Paris. She has stores in

    Colombia and the United States with a brand that bears his own name. Silvia Tcherassi also has a hotel in Cartagena, which is part of Tcherassi Hotel Collection, the hotel Tcherassi and Spa, which was included in 2010 by Cond Nast Traveler as one of the best new hotels in the world. The same year she released her book, "Elegancia sin esfuerzo". In March


    announced that she will launch a shoe collection for Payless ShoeSource. Silvia Tcherassi is married to Mauricio Espinosa. They have two children, Mauricio and Sofia Espinosa.

  • Tcherassi is a spokesperson for UNICEF's campaign against the use of landmines, more art, less mines.

    Her style has been defined by the Dizionario della Moda as eclectic, her clothes, as having the delicateness of a ballet dancer, while at the same time, the strength of a rock star. Her prt--porter gave rise to the concept of demi-couture while her wedding gowns have become the perfect vehicle for her creative talent; recognized by the invitation to have one of her pieces at the Unbridaled: The Marriage of Tradition and Avant Garde exhibition in Paris. Her approach to fashion has made her deserving of important international recognition, including her receipt of the prestigious designation of Chevalier de lOrdre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Government; an honor bestowed on leaders of the international arts community for their contribution and commitment to cultural service.

    Inspired primarily by Giorgio Armani, Tcherassi has been described as

    "revolutionizing the Latin American fashion scene in a definitive way". Elle magazine has described her dresses as "tempting". She once said, "My creations are absolutely designed to serve a woman, from 18 to 50 years old." Her collections has been showcased in the catwalks of Milan, Paris and New York.


    Learning Foreign Languages with Movies

    Nowadays, movies are a really good tool to teach and learn a new foreign language. Teachers who teach a foreign language use these films in order to introduce their students with a different culture, accent and attitudes of foreign countries. It is relevant to say that authentic materials like movies help learners to acquire a better accent and pronunciation in each word or sentence they use. In other words the usage of foreign movies in the classroom give the students the opportunity to learn new vocabulary, new structures and listen to native speakers that

    can help a lot in the acquisition of a new language.

    The goal of many foreign language teachers is always to transmit to their students the knowledge and the best way to learn a new language as easy as possible, taking into account that learning a new language is really hard and everybody learns in different ways, For example, it is said that, in some cases when you reach adulthood it is a little more difficult for you to learn a foreign language, even if you practice grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening, people tend to forget almost everything when they stop practicing for a month. On the other hand, children have more capacity to learn and understand a foreign language. That is why, foreign language movies are recommended as a good way to teach a second language, so that students can practice their listening and comprehension.

    Students studying a second language can be assigned a number of films with themes relating to words they are expected to learn. Or they can

  • pick up the words, idioms, slangs or structures, from the movie that the teacher wants to teach them. This is a good strategy, because they can learn different ways to use them depending on the context.

    In conclusion, I recommend watching movies in their original dialect, as a good resource for teaching, because students will learn a second language naturally and easily, taking into account that they will find class pleasant where they can learn the new language throughout watching a movie that they really like.



    The most successful singer of the history: Paul McCartney

    Sir James Paul McCartney was born on June 18 of 1942 in Liverpool England. He is a musician, songwriter and businessman. McCartney was named for the BBC like the greatest composer of the millennium. He has won 60 gold discs and his song Yesterday has been played more than 7000.000 times on American radio since 1965. His fame has been gained for belonging to the most successful band of the history The Beatles.

    When Paul McCartney was 15 years old, he met John Lennon and formed a great working relationship creating the band The Beatles later George Harrison and Ringo Star joined them. One of the most important album was called Revolver. In this album there are three of the best songs of the successful band yellow submarine, I want to tell you and She said, she said. Another important album according to critics was Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with songs like "with a Little Help from my Friends", "Lucy in the Sky with diamonds and "Getting Better". In the 70s and 80s, after the break of the Beatles,

  • Paul McCartney continued his musical career forming The Wings with Linda McCartney and Denny Laine.

    The most important album of the band was Band on the run with one song called like the album and Jet. After 1980, McCartney launched his solo career where he sang genres like rock, classical and electronic music.Here todaywas a song added in his album Tug of war

    where he did a tribute to his best friend, John Lennon.

    All in all, Paul McCartney is a living legend that you can enjoy.

    On his tour On the run

    Paul came for first time

    to Colombi

    a. If you wanted

    to see his

    show, you had to pay minimum

    $85000 and maximum $863000. Music critics said it was the best concert of the history in our country.

  • Was one of the best rock bands of the World since 1965 until 1985. They were known by their psychedelic music and their philosophical lyrics. They are considered one of the commercial successes and one of the principal influential rock bands IN history. They sold near of 300 million of album around the world and their best decade was the 70's. Pink Floyds name was a tribute to two blues musician: Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. The first band's name was The Pink Floyd Sound, but across the time, the name was changed to only Pink Floyd. The original members in 1965, were Roger Waters (bass player and singer), Nick Mason (drummer), Richard Wright (keyboard player and singer), Bob Klose (guitarist) and Syd Barrett (rhythm guitar and principal voice). Their main composers were Roger Waters and Syd Barrett. Bob Klose left the band because parents pressure to learn blues. This separation converted the Band in four members, but the main voice, Syd Barrett, left the band because his

    excessive use of drugs. He was replaced by David Gilmour until the end. Due to the departure of Syd Barrett, Roger Waters was the main leader to the band, since 1968 until 1985 when the band was separated due to legal problems interns.

    The most important success album to the band is "The Dark Side of the Moon" (1973) where their lyrics were inspired in Syd Barret's mental illness a few years ago. Breathe, Money and Time were some important songs in that album.

    The Wall (1979) has been converted in inspiration to new artistS around the world. Its a true classic to the rock music in the

  • world and source to inspiration to protest by the system, education and wars. It was the eleventh album and maybe the most important to influence us, the fans. Roger Waters created a fictional life inside The Wall, where the bricks are his Father's death, his Mom's overprotection, the oppression of British education, his love failures, his pressure by be a public figure and his drugs. They teach us to break the wall to not self-destruct. It was described, as one the best works in the history of the rock and obviously of the band. It was the bestselling album in the decade of 70's, with about 23 platinum albums. Another Brick in the Wall", "Mother", "Goodbye Blue Sky", "Hey You", Comfortably Numb", "The Trial" were some important songs in that album.

    Some years later, Roger Waters made the film Pink Floyd The Wall (1982) and to many people is considerate to masterpiece, due to the connection between Pink FloydS music, the images, the cartoons, the Roger Waterss trauma and the actors.

    In 1985, Roger Waters declared to Pink Floyd extinction, but David Gilmour and Nick Mason continued with the band until to Roger Waters sued, for name rights.

    A few years ago, every Pink Floyd gathered again in the concert Live 8 (London, 2005) and it was the last time to Pink Floyd performed a concert for the world.

    Pink Floyd was one of the best rock bands of the World, with about 23 platinum albums. They sold near to 300 million of albums around the world. Its a true classic to the rock music in the world and source to inspired.



    Surfing is a surface water sport in which the athletes (surfers) ride a tablet called surfboard, then the waves in the sea carrying the surfer towards the coast.

    This sport is practiced mainly in the ocean because it is necessary to have availability of high waves, but there are places like big lakes and rivers where is possible to practice too. The most important element for practicing this sport is the surfboard. Originally it was made of solid wood, but most recently surfboards are made of polyurethane, fiberglass, and polyester resin, typical length of

    recently surfboard is between 1.8m and 3m, its weight is between 45kg and 90kg.

    There are two basic steps for practicing this sport: first, when the waves come to the surfer, he should lie on the surfboard, once beginning the sliding, The surfer should to stand on the surfboard, the movement of waves is in charge of allowing his displacement. Therefore, when the size of waves is bigger, his movement and speed will increase. On the surface of surfboard its applied wax for permitting grip at moment the surfer is standing on it.

    Also the surfer has a leash, it is like a belt used for fixing the tablet to the body (leg) of the surfer.

    If you have the interest of living a new experience and feeling too much adrenaline, probably learning and practicing Surfing can be a good way to achieve it. The only thing that you must do is take a rest, go to coast and begin to know and to practice this extreme sport.


    The places where you can practice surfing are on the beach, in the pool or when you are a beginner on the sand. Then, when you improve your skill in surfing, start to visit the different beaches of Colombia and around the world.

    If there is one thing that characterizes the surfers, its a restless spirit and a desire for adventure. Thankfully, in Colombia you can satisfy the thirst for adventure while surfing by discovering areas rarely touched by a board. The spots to practice surfing are really exotic and healthy, where you just dont enjoy sports, but also the atmosphere, also and these places are crowded with people from countries around the world.

    Australia is home to some of the great waves on the planet, and some of the hottest surfers. If you are looking to take a trip somewhere and want plenty of coastline to choose from then Oz is the go! You have three choices - east, south or west. There is no surfing in the north mainly because of the stingers (jellyfish) and salt water crocodiles.

    Sunset Beach is an island located in North Carolina, the USA, and provides top-rate surfing opportunities for experienced and highly skilled surfers. Its huge and powerful waves mean this is no place for beginners! Experienced surfers can enjoy trying out classic tubing waves which occur frequently here. The professional surfing competition, the Pipe Masters, is held here annually. The best time to surf at Sunset Beach is between November and March.

    Hawaii is one of the most traveled surfing destinations in the world. Because of the virtually never ending coastlines and numerous secret beaches and surfing spots. Surfers from all over the world travel to this state just to experience what surfing

  • is really all about. Besides, surfing was originated in Hawaii.

    It is a fantastic place for a surf vacation or regular holiday, and although its not the place for the novice surfer, it is still a great place to visit just for the spectacle of surfing.

    These are the best places to know and enjoy surfing. If you are planing a five day trip or a week trip, and you want to surf and visit most of the spots we suggest you to take a tour. There are different companies that can provide you different services, boat trips and tours this way you

    won't waste your time, you will feel more safe and you will be able to surf

    all the spots in the country in one week, the guides know the best spots according with the conditons and weather, you will be able to know not just the hotel surf spots, but also you will visit all the different areas and also other tourist destionations inside of the country. The country is very small and the roads are in perfect conditions you will enjoy your time traveling with a guide and transportation.


    Didnt you think sometimes your vacations are too relaxing but not enough exciting?, Well, if you are kind of like getting bored when youre in a peace and quiet beach for more than a few days, these recommendations could be perfect for you:

    Tandem Jumping in Brazil

    Tandem is probably the easiest way to introduce yourself into the flying-extreme sports, its a pair-skydive where youre in companion of a instructor, tied up to him by a safety belt, these jumps are from a height around 12.000 ft, the free falling spends around one minute

    and then you hang during around 5 minutes enjoying the beautiful landscapes, Is important not to be so heavy (170 pounds max weight). Price: from USD 180. Place: the beach of Barra de Tijuca, near the city of Copacabana.

    Parasailing in Punta Cana

    This easy way of flying seems more like to be hanged in a kite, but the kite is a variation of a parachute. Is necessary to have a good wind but Dominican Republic has the perfect weather all the year. When you are on the top the only thing you listen, its the wind, so you just can relax in the sky; certainly therere parachutes for 2 or 3 people. Price: from USD 50. Place: Punta Cana Dominican Republic.

  • Skydiving in Mexico

    Just for experts, this is probably one of the most exciting experiences. Mexico offers a lot of alternatives of skydiving associations in cities like Guadalajara and Celaya; if you want to train on parachuting, the course to get a license includes 7 jumps plus around 8 hours of in-floor instruction. After getting your license youll be able to skydive anywhere in the world. Price: USD 300 per Jump, equipment included. Place Guadalajara / Celaya Mexico.

    There are nice options to try Sky extreme sports, just select one according to your experience and your need of adrenaline; Latin America has great landscapes and the perfect weather to enjoy this kind of adventure. So, you dont need to go far away to find them.

  • Honeymoon in Punta Cana

    Punta Cana is the best place for a honeymoon. You can do a lot of activities. This place is very romantic and you will enjoy all the time with your partner and the food is delicious. The most beautiful

    beach in the world is the perfect place to relax. If you are going to plan the

    best honeymoon, we are going to say

    some tips to have in mind.

    In Punta Cana you find different kinds of food. The average restaurant is not expensive, but it depends on when you want to eat. You find international buffet restaurants and menu restaurants. If you prefer to go

    to menu restaurants, it is advisable to make a reservation because these restaurants have a high demand. But if you have a touristic plan, dont worry because generally when you buy a plan, all is included.

    If you want something different in your honeymoon, the beach in Punta Cana is very romantic for horseback riding. While you and your partner are horseback riding, you can see the beautiful ocean. Most resorts have excursions and include lessons, but if you prefer relaxing activities, you can go alone with your partner. If you and your partner are adventurous, you can go on a touring by helicopter trip to see the beautiful beach.

  • Punta Cana is a perfect resort for honeymoon. In the most at the hotels you can find a places and plans to relax: Jacuzzis, swimming pools, snorkeling gear, bars, spa

    and sports. Enjoy water sports; if you practice snorkeling, you will see the attractive animals in the ocean.

    You can find different places to go on

    honeymoon, but if you go to Punta Cana, it is going to be fantastic and the best adventure of your life. You are going to live a different

    experience with your partner. Enjoy

    this trip and repeat this adventure.

  • If you love the sea: you can swim and feel the sea waves lulling you. However, if

    you additionally like sea life, you can have a relaxing time

    snorkeling putting on your snorkel and float, and while you

    do, you can see the wonder of the wild life under the sea.

    Relaxing activities near the Beach

    When the days are running of the same old grind,

    its the time for a long weekend on

    the beach. The sun on your face,

    the sand under your feet, and

    beautiful people around you

    nothing more relaxing than a

    beach vacation. You can do a lot

    of things for having repair time in

    the beach.

    You have many things to do, and

    you can choose them according to

    your preferences and likes. That

    means, if you are an activity

    person or calm and quiet, maybe

    you love the sea life or the nature

    or you only want to change your

    routine and have a relaxing and

    repairing time; you have a special

    thing to do at the beach.

    Relaxing time!

    By in the other hand, if you are an activity person maybe you

    like sports, theres no better place than on the beach to do it. Its

    the perfect combination, relaxing time, sports and sun.

    Meanwhile you enjoy a sunbath, you can exercise your body

    and get a great skin color; there are too many beach sports as

    soccer, volleyball, ultimate, running...etc.

    As a matter of fact, if you only need a relaxing time, you can spend your beach time taking a sunbath,

    catching up on your reading or making sand castles. And remember: taking a sunbath is good for your

    health; the sun helps to set the calcium in your bones. Another advantage for the sunbath is its

    psychological benefits, making you feel better and happier. Finally, a good sunbath gives your skin a

    wonderful color that makes you look more attractive

    A lot of people have found the beach as the best place for vacations. Therefore, you can be an active

    person or more quiet, but you always have terrific things to do at the beach!.