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<ul><li> 1. Just for Kids Project CLIWNechifor Doru-AdrianCiocoiu Razvan</li></ul> <p> 2. IntroductionOThe study of this document refers tothe developing of Web applications onclient side. The application presentedsupports learning and knowledge testingin an attractive way.O To be made there were usedtechnologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScriptand PHP. 3. Creating a Web SiteO You have to consider a list of aspects, asfollows: basic computer skills access to a personal computer access to the Internet a free HTML Editor (a web pageconstruction tool) a place on the world wide web to publishyour page 4. HTMLO HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is themain markup language for Web pages. HTMLelements are the basic building-blocks ofwebpages. It uses a form of structural componentcalled tags or HTML tags to define the structure ofthe information it contains as well as point to otherdocuments over the Internet.OIt also uses some other components set todefine the presentation of the html document (CSS)and yet another set to define the behavior of thedocument in response to the user ( JavaScript).HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT are the major client-side components in web application/sitedevelopment. 5. HTML Page Example 6. JavaScriptOJavaScript is an easy-to-useprogramming language that can beembedded in the header of your web pages. Itcan enhance the dynamics and interactivefeatures of your page by allowing you toperform calculations, check forms, writeinteractive games, add special effects,customize graphics selections, create securitypasswords and more.OYou can think of JavaScript as anextension to HTML; an add-on. 7. JavaScript Example 8. CSSO CSS is a style language that defineslayout of HTML documents. For example,CSS covers fonts, colors, margins, lines,height, width, background images, advancedpositions and many other things. HTML canbe (mis-)used to add layout to websites. ButCSS offers more options and is more accurateand sophisticated. CSS is supported by allbrowsers today.OHTML is used to structure content whileCSS is used for formatting structured content. 9. CSS Example 10. Related WorkO Just for Kids Web Site is a seriouslearning Web game for kids in which theycan learn and test in an interactive way their knowledge in a selected subjectarea such as Math, Geography or History.OIts structure contains an index page,with a menu, made with JavaScript andjQuery library. It sends the user to other 4web pages, E-learning, Tests, Curiosity,About us. 11. E-learningOE-learning has a three structuredmenu, depending on the age of the kid that isaccessing it. In first category, from 7 to 9years, they can learn about Mathematics,exercise their skills, or even test theirknowledge. Second category (10 to 12 years),has another subject of learning, Geography,where they can play an attractive game offinding a capital to a country. To the third one(13 to 15 years) it was added History. 12. TestsOThe Tests Page from main menu letthe user choose a subject about the quizthat he will take. Again, depending on theuser age, he could choose the appropriateone.OAfter finishing the quiz, the user isasked to enter an e-mail address, wherehe will receive the result of the quiz. 13. Curiosity &amp; About usO Curiosity page offers someinteresting information for the user, to readwhile relaxing.O Last, but not least, it is the About uspage, where the user may communicatewith us, and maybe send some feedback. 14. ConclusionOKnowledge of web page developmentcan help you in your career. Manybusinesses today have their owncorporate Intranet sites, which are simplyinternal Internet systems used to sharecorporate information.O The ability to communicateelectronically is a valuable skill toemployers. </p>