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A lifestyle magazine that celebrates the adventure of life, diversity, social inclusion.


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    ARE U readyfor adventure?

    the happyscientist

    how to snaplike a pro

    the moodie foodie

    ISSUE 01

    A look into the sneaky ways we wastemoney without even realising it

    talks with Nick Rushworth about just how powerful, and fragile, our brains really are

    The Travel Bug experiences one of lifes hidden pleasures and dives into a wild adventure, literally!

    decoding THE money matrix

    Just Better


    Ocean photographer Joel Coleman shares seven tips on the art of taking great photos

    takes a trip to Redfern and collides with some smashed beans and avocado

    the boom! report 6 things you should never share on social media

  • intro/

    Mick Mooneyeditor & creative director

    Hey everyone, welcome to the first edition of Just Better Living!

    Just Better Living Magazine is an initiative of Just Better Care, Aus-tralias leading provider of in-home support. The team behind this project originally came up with this wild idea of creating a fun, en-tertaining and enlightening lifestyle magazine while brainstorm-ing what kind of society we want to live in.

    Why a lifestyle magazine? Its simple. We believe its important to view every individual as an equal. This is not a magazine for a certain type of person. Its for everyone, regardless of age, ability, condition, or any other reason. People are people. We all have our opinions, our choices and preferences, and have the right to exer-cise them.

    What we definitely do want to achieve is encourage everyone who picks up our magazine to live their best life possible. To entertain, inspire, and engage with our readers on a variety of topics relating to our everyday lives.

    We also want to leverage off our position as a nationally distributed magazine to give our readers the chance to share their thoughts and art all over Australia. Weve got opportunities for writers and photographers (details in the mag) and were open to suggestions on how we can showcase other creative expressions that our read-ers want to share.

    Basically, we want to have a whole lot of fun, and we want to do it together with you and all our readers. Were all about seeing each other as equals in society. We also believe we have the power to shape our society in a positive and inclusive way that encourages everyone to participate within our communities and believe in the dreams in their hearts.

    So enjoy the maiden voyage of Just Better Living. Dont forget to check out our online home, too (www.justbetterliving.com.au). You can get a digital copy of all our present and future magazines there, meet and connect with other readers, and also go in the run-ning to win some great prizes that will get you out of your comfort zone and active in some wild adventures.

    Blue skies,

    Mick Mooneyeditor & creative director

    Just Better

    LIVING/justbetterliving Dont settle for the status quo.

    Life is better than that.

    Youre never too young to start dreaming. Youre never too old to dream new dreams.

    dream on.dream big.

    Because our goal is to encourage people to live theirbest life possible, we give a lot of fun stuff away to our facebook friends. Join us on facebook and be part of a communitywho arent settling for the status quo.

  • live & learn/ The Travel BugOur travel and adventure section. Each edition we plan on sending our resident Travel Bug to a different location around Australia. In this edition, he goes wild underwater somewhere in Sydney.

    What is Social Inclusion?Social inclusion is something all of us should be excited about supporting. CEO Trish Noakes shares her thoughts on why.

    The Moody FoodieThis editions guest Moodie Foodiereviews a tasty local restaurant situated on the edge of Sydneys inner city.

    The Happy ScientistIn every edition, the Happy Scientist interviews an expert in their chosen field. This month its Nick Rushworth from Brain Injuries Australia.

    Take Pics Like a ProJoel Coleman, one of Australias leadingphotographers, shares some tips on getting the best shots possible.

    Got a Story Worth Telling? Are you a writer? Want to get published? Heres your chance.

    The Money MatrixHow to navigate the money matrix, save like a legend, and avoid wasting money.

    Are You Snap Happy? If you have thousands of images on your computer due to your obsessive photography habit, we want to to connect with you.

    The Boom! ReportTips and tricks regarding all things online. This edition we look at what you shouldnt share online and why.










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  • To get to my secret location, I first have to travel across sydneys deep blueharbour waters. destination: manly wharf.

    Today Im embarking on one of lifes purest pleasures. Some-thing everyone should do on a regular basis. Best of all, its a wild adventure that is freeor close enough to free that any-one can do it. To get to my launch destination I first have to do a James Bond style escape from Australias Big Apple. Dont get me wrong, I love Sydneys CBD with its looming skyscrap-ers alongside the hustle and bustle of corporate commuters entangled with wide-eyed tourists.

    the travel bug/Sydney is my home town, but there is more to Sydney than the walls of concrete and the drawcard of Darling Harbour. In fact, there are escape destinations even within escape destinations within Sydney. Sounds a bit like the movie Inception, doesnt it? Well, maybe thats a good description of my adventure. Today, Im going into a dream, and that magical place is only about 30 minutes away from the insanely loud noises of high rise con-struction and non-stop traffic that is the standard soundtrack of downtown Sydney.

    I have to remind myselfthat the journeyis thedestination

    To get to my secret location, I first have to travel across Syd-neys deep blue harbour waters. Destination: Manly Wharf. I decide to spend the extra $2 and go for the fast-and-the-furious version of Manly ferry. The fast ferry. Its smaller, quicker, cooler, and offers better photo opportunities. I line up for my ticket. I still have ten minutes till take off and Im next in line. No problem, except the person in front of me is taking ages. It feels like the ticket seller is explaining the en-tire history of Australia to the curious tourist. Isnt it always the way! Eight minutes later I get my ticket and bolt for the ferry, commando roll under the gate and make haste up to the viewing deck.

    When you are on a ferry leaving Sydney, the towering sky-scrapers stare back at you like a row of hardened detectives watching helplessly as a prisoner escapes. I like that. Hasta la vista, baby!

    The Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, on the other hand, seem pleased enough to let me go. Theyre just happy to see Im having a good time. I have to say, my day has got-ten off to a magical start. In many ways the ferry ride itself is a worthy mini-adventure. You get to see Sydneys iconic landmarks from a unique angle, as well as see the coastline and all the nature reserves that line this particular stretch of coast.

    Im snapping away like a mad tourist, and realise Ive spent more time looking through my viewfinder than simply let-ting my eyes take in the views naturally. I decide to put the camera away and enjoy the moment, but with so many pho-to opportunities its hard to stick to it! (If youre a photo bug too, dont forget to check out Joel Colemans tips on page 20)

    Photo by Philip Calodoukas

    4 5

  • Rumourhas it that

    manly ischock full

    of great littlecafes

    The ferry arrives at Manly. I check my watch. In an hour Im set to rendezvous with the Duke (Aka. Philip Calodoukas, a local water photog-rapher and the guy who shot all the great wa-ter shots splashed around this article). In the meantime, I figure I should see how well the locals brew. Not beer (although perhaps later!) Im talking about my first love: coffee.

    Rumour has it that Manly is chock full of great little cafes. I take a right at the wharf, decid-ing to take a side street instead of the main corso. From experience Ive discovered the best cafes are always just off the beaten track. My instinct served me well. Just around the bend The Barefoot Coffee Traders serve up an exceptionally delicious latte. Sweet caffeine matched with water views. Its not a hard sell to sit down and enjoy the moment.

    Fifteen minutes later I continue on my way towards the beach, but decide again to take a pit stop at another cafe I stumble upon called Pure Whole Foods. Hearing my stomach rum-ble, I decide its in my best interest to grab a free range bacon and egg brekkie roll.

    Again, I was not disappointed. In fact, I think I might come back for lunch and give one of their burgers a shot.

    While chowing down on my brekkie, I pick up the local guidebook and am happy to see how accessible Manly is for prams, bikes and wheelchairs. They even have an easy to read map that outlines all the wheelchair access ar-eas and how to best get around.

    On a side note, when I was researching what to do in Manly, I met the staff at Hello Manly, the local information centre near the wharf, who were all extremely helpful to answer my questions on how socially inclusive Manly is. They showed me a range of fun activities that local operators run that include options for the elderly and mobile restricted individuals. Its encouraging to listen to their enthusiasm, which seemed genuine to me. In fact Manly, as a whole, has a positive and inclusive vibe to it; no matter who wants to have a good