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June Spotight - W.A. Roosevelt


  • SPOTLIGHTw w w . d a k o t a s u p p l y g r o u p . c o m

    w w w . w a r o o s e v e l t . c o m

    Solve Your Customers Hard Water Problems With The Windsor Series From Capital Water Softener.Windsor Series water softeners are optimal for residences with poor-quality water.

    An innovative valve means fewer callbacksThisseriesutilizes thepremiumCapitalValve,madefromsolidbrass,foraddedyears of trouble-freeservice.

    Convenient features will make this an easy sellTheWindsor Serieshasanumberof adjustablesettingsforhardness,capacityand timeof regeneration.Plusitincludesadigitaldisplayfortimeof dayandgallonsremaining.

    MFG# WS-24WAR# 915800124

    Your Customers Need Sump Pump Backup And A.Y. McDonald Makes You The Hero!The 5000PVSPBU Sump Pump Battery Backup System from A.Y. McDonald provides a solid defense when a primary pump fails for any reason.

    Exceptional performance boosts your imageThissystemcomeswith atough5000PVSPBU12VThermoplasticsumppumpthatmovesupto 25gallonsperminute.

    Includes controls and alarms to keep owners informedThissystem includesoperatingandlow-batteryalarms,alarmresetandatestfeature.

    Durable construction keeps it pumping under tough conditions Itincludesa:





    MFG# 5000PVSPBUWAR# 950505000

    June 2012


  • Printed On 100% Recycled Paper!

    Are You A Mind Reader?I have to believe many people reading this are in a similar boat as memarried. If not, Im sure youve been in a relationship youve considered at least mildly serious. If exhibits A or B are true, youve also likely heard something like this [not so calmly]: Dont you know what Im thinking by now? Sound familiar? My response has always been [calmly], Im not a mind reader and dont have ESPbut I do have ESPN. So please just tell me what youre thinking instead of making me guess.

    So how in the world does this relate to our business? Well, when was the last time you asked your customers what they think of your service? Im not talking about the idle chitchat, How are things going? kind of question, but actually taking a determined approach to bringing your customers voice into your business. Maybe your customers expect you to know what theyre thinking without having to tell you. Or perhaps you think theyll share something if theres

    something to share. Neither is a great way to ensure that the people you should

    be designing your business around are being heard.

    We know this firsthand because its simply been too long since weve gone down this very path. Weve been fortunate to do business with customers that guide us with candid feedback, but we also realize much of this comes to us sporadically and usually as a result of an event. So weve now invested in an annual customer feedback process to make sure that we have a way to look at our feedback collectively, and the first survey should be coming to a mailbox near you soon!

    So if you received the survey, and its still sitting on your desk, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE complete it and send it inwe really cant read your mind! Better yet, think about how you can move away from tea leaves, tarot cards and mind reading to find out what your customers are thinking.


  • Model XN & ZN


    MFG# 4050-06WAR# 012840500

    Easy To Transport. Easy To Store. Easy To Use. Lenox Speed Slot Hole Saw Mini Kits Make Cutting A Cinch!

    Enjoy The Benefits Of Ultra Fast, Ultra Easy Installation With ULTRA Series Ventilation Fans From NuTone.Whether you remodel, retrofit or install in new construction, an ULTRA Series Ventilation Fan will save time and increase your profitability.

    ULTRAQuickInstallationTechnologymakesthesefansupto60% fastertoinstallinretrofitsandupto20%fasterinnewconstruction.





    Quickly Repair And Prevent Costly Refrigerant Leaks With Nu-Calgon A/C EasySeal!

    Save time and get jobs done fasterThesekitscome stockedwithavarietyofholesawsizesmostcommonly usedbyelectricians,resultinginfewertripsbackand forthtothetruck.

    A heavy-duty case means your hole saws are always where you want themMadefromimpact-resistantpolypropylene withadurablemetallatchandmetalhingepins,thekitscaseis designedtowithstanddailyuseinthetoughestenvironments.

    A/C EasySeal is designed to prevent, as well as repair, leaks anywhere in the system, including condensers, evaporators, copper lines and soldered joints.

    Find leaks fasterA/CEasySealcirculatesthroughthe systemwiththerefrigerant,seekingouteventhesmallestleaks.

    Seal it right the first timeA/CEasySealwillreactwith moistureandairthatarenaturallypresentataleak,forminga secureseal.Justaddacantothesystemandmoveontothe nextjob.

    Electricians 8-pieceMFG# 1815139WAR# 130315139

    Plumbers 7-pieceMFG# 1815195WAR# 130315195




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    Mark Boland from W.A. Roosevelt-La Crosse and

    his son (and future turkey caller), Trevor, show

    off a turkey Boland nabbed during a hunt.

    Pop Quiz1. What material was used to stuff leather golf balls up until the mid-19th century?

    2. In all three Godfather films, what fruit shown indicates that there is a death (or a very close call) coming up soon?

    3. What public golf course is the most expensive in the world, with a price tag of $500 a round?

    4. How fast does a sneeze travel when it comes out of your mouth?


    1. feathers 2. oranges 3. shadow creek in

    las vegas, nevada 4. more than 100 m.p.h.

    The very first baseball game was played on June 19, 1846, in Hoboken, New York.

    Female walleye grow faster, live longer and become much larger than males.

    40% of all people who come to a party in your home snoop in your medicine cabinet.

    One out of three employees in the United States who receive a promotion use a coffee mug with the company logo on it.





  • MFG# DTAV40WAR# 498900040


    Reduce Your Inventory With 3-in-1 Motors From Century.

    Superior Refrigeration System Control Starts With Intermatic Timers!

    Be A Part Of Packers Rewards Weekend!

    Minimize customer callbacks with a defrost timer that is as smart as it is reliable! DTAV40 Series Defrost Timers are ideal for air defrost (compressor shutdown) and electric or hot gas defrost systems where the defrost is terminated by the timer. However, if the coil is frost free, temperature or pressure switches will end the defrost before the programmed termination time has been reached, increasingly the systems efficiency.

    Were going to Lambeau Field, and you can too!Join W.A. Roosevelt on December 12 to see the Packers against the Vikings!

    Learn how at www.waroosevelt.com!

    The 3-in-1 multi-horsepower motor is able to replace OEM shaded pole evaporator fan motors found in Heatcraft, Bohn, Chandler, Climate Control and other refrigeration equipment. With Centurys 3-in-1 motors you can take advantage of:

    Fewer failures with cooler operation The 3-in-1 motor uses a permanent split capacitor design that allows the motor to deliver more power with a lower amp draw.

    Quick installation The 3-in-1 motor comes with extra mounting nuts to speed up installation time.

    MFG# 9721 WAR# 642909721

    D id You Know?eWarehouse is W.A. Roosevelts brand new online ordering system! See it for yourself at www.waroosevelt.com


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    PAIDDetroit Lakes, MN

    Permit No. 14

    System Evacuations Made Easy The Supco VG64 Digital Vacuum Gauge Gets The Job Done Fast!Its easy to see why more and more HVAC/R professionals choose the VG64 for vacuum measurements during system evacuations:







    MFG# VG-64WAR# 715212664

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    Check the code on the printed version of your May issue of Spotlight to see if you are a winner! If your code matches one of the codes above, bring in your May Spotlight to your local W.A. Roosevelt to claim 1000 Roosevelt Reward QuickPoints!

    Plus, dont forget to hang on to the printed version of this issue of Spotlight to see if youre a winner in July!

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