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<ul><li><p>July 23, 2015July 23, 2015July 23, 2015July 23, 2015 </p><p>Church Leadership Our ministers and lay leaders are available </p><p>to answer any questions you may have to </p><p>help you connect with the ministries of </p><p>First Baptist Church. </p><p>Church Office: </p><p>785/843.0020, ext. 201 </p><p>office@firstbaptistlawrence.com </p><p>www.firstbaptistlawrence.com </p><p>Rev. Matt Sturtevant </p><p>Senior Pastor, x.202 </p><p>matt@firstbaptistlawrence.com </p><p>Rev. Cheryl Harader </p><p>Associate Pastor of Adult Spiritual </p><p>Formation, x.204 </p><p>cheryl@firstbaptistlawrence.com </p><p>Cody Knapik </p><p>Intern for Youth Spiritual Formation, </p><p>x.205 </p><p>cody@firstbaptistlawrence.com </p><p>Amelia Lawson </p><p>Intern for Childrens Spiritual Formation </p><p>x.205 </p><p>amelia@firstbaptistlawrence.com </p><p>Jenny Purvis </p><p>Office Manager, x.203 </p><p>jenny@firstbaptistlawrence.com </p><p>Evelyn Falen </p><p>Organist </p><p>edfal13@gmail.com </p><p>Holly Grassy </p><p>Bookkeeper, (785) 917-9622 </p><p>holly@firstbaptistlawrence.com </p><p>John Pauls </p><p>Moderator </p><p>jphawk@yahoo.com </p><p>Buddy Langford </p><p>Custodian </p><p> Preparing for Worship </p><p>July 26, 2015 </p><p>Worship at 9:30 a.mWorship at 9:30 a.mWorship at 9:30 a.mWorship at 9:30 a.m. </p><p>(Roger Williams Room) </p><p>ninth Sunday after Pentecostninth Sunday after Pentecostninth Sunday after Pentecostninth Sunday after Pentecost </p><p>Rev. Matthew Sturtevant </p><p>Scripture: John 6.1-21 </p><p>SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOLSUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOLSUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOLSUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL </p><p>More than 40 people have taken part in the </p><p>Adult and Youth Sunday school experience of </p><p>The 3 Colors of Ministry: A Trinitarian Approach </p><p>to Identifying and Developing Your Spiritual Gifts. </p><p>You are invited to come take part in this study, so </p><p>please join us for Sunday School this week. More </p><p>books ae being ordered. So, you might be wonder-</p><p>ing, what happens when I identify my gifts? Will you </p><p>just give me more work to do? The answer might </p><p>surprise you: Of course not! When you are confi-</p><p>dent in your area(s) of giftedness, then you have a </p><p>God-given basis to say both yes and no when an </p><p>opportunity to serve is offered to you. In addition, </p><p>when we know your area(s) of giftedness, we will be </p><p>much more likely to only offer those areas of service that fit your gift area(s). In </p><p>the fall, a second part to this study will be offered as a Wednesday night activity. </p><p>We will meet together as Gods church to see where God has gifted us as a con-</p><p>gregation. We will discuss our areas of strength and weakness as a church, and we </p><p>will share our own strengths and weaknesses. We meet at 10:45 a.m. in the </p><p>Roger Williams Room. Our leaders for these weeks will be Nancy and Tim </p><p>Bonner, and Revs. Matt Sturtevant and Cheryl Harader. </p><p>Refreshments &amp; Reception for </p><p>Amelia Lawson, RWR, 10:30 a.m </p><p>Quarterly </p><p>Business </p><p>Gathering </p><p>Sunday, July 26 Immediately following Sunday School at 11:45 </p><p>(Refreshments at 10:30 a.m. -Reception for Amelia </p><p>Lawson) </p><p>Sunday School: </p><p>10:45-11:45 a.m. </p></li><li><p>BUILDING THE BODYBUILDING THE BODYBUILDING THE BODYBUILDING THE BODY </p><p>Summer Worship Series </p><p>July 12-August 9 </p><p>We have spent time, effort, and money on an important part of our life as Gods church: the physical plant. This sum-</p><p>mers Worship and Sunday School time will move us forward as we build the body of Jesus, our community of faith. Dur-</p><p>ing our Summer Worship and Sunday School Series, July 12-August 9, we will together explore what it means to build our </p><p>community from the inside-out. </p><p>During our worship series, we will explore the Biblical theme of building the body through various Scriptures. We will </p><p>together ask how God might be using our individual gifts for use in communal and Gospel ways. </p><p>July 26: Feeding the Body (John 6.1-21); Pastor Matt preaching </p><p>August 2: Equipping the Body (Ephesians 4.1-16); Pastor Matt preaching </p><p>August 9: The Spirits Strength for the Body (1 Kings 19.4-8); Pastor Matt preaching </p><p>Donate School Supplies Until July 31 </p><p>To Salvation Army or United Way In an effort to help low-income parents in our com-</p><p>munity, a group of local agencies and businesses are </p><p>working together to make sure children who qualify </p><p>for free or reduced cost lunches have the tools they </p><p>need for academic success. If you would like to do-</p><p>nate school supplies (lists can be found at Walmart, </p><p>Office Depot, or the USD 497 website), please de-</p><p>liver them to the Salvation Army (946 New </p><p>Hampshire St.) or the United Way (2518 Ridge </p><p>Ct, #200). Monetary donations and gift cards are </p><p>also welcomed. </p><p>Operation Popsicle was a big hit </p><p>again this year! Thank you Christy </p><p>Miller, Wendy Wheeler, and all the </p><p>others who made it a cool success! </p><p>18 cases of water and over 1000 </p><p>popsicles were handed out to busy </p><p>sidewalk sale shoppers on July 16. </p><p>Farewell Reception </p><p>This Sunday Join us as we wish Amelia </p><p>Lawson farewell as she </p><p>ends her internship with us </p><p>here at First Baptist. </p><p>There will be refresh-</p><p>ments and a card shower </p><p>immediately following </p><p>worship this Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. in the </p><p>Roger Williams Room. </p><p>Her plans this fall include taking classes needed to finish </p><p>her degree work for a masters in vocal performance, </p><p>spending a good deal of time as an employee in the music </p><p>library in Murphy Hall and at the Lied Center. She will </p><p>be singing with the Chamber Opera, and certainly there </p><p>will be other performances throughout the year you can </p><p>catch her in! </p></li><li><p>Remember in Prayer </p><p>Family &amp; friends of Bob Shelley, who passed away on </p><p>July 18. Services were July 23 at Rumsey-Yost Funeral </p><p>Home. </p><p>International Ministries Missionaries: Becky Mann, serv-</p><p>ing in Thailand. </p><p>Regional Minister: ABC of Pennsylvania &amp; Delaware: </p><p>Dr. Jeffrey Johnson, serving in Pittsburgh, PA </p><p>Local congregation: St. Margarets Episcopal Church </p><p> You are invited to send prayer requests to: </p><p>(E-mail coordinator) Betty Colbert, bchilder@ku.edu, </p><p>(Telephone Prayer Chain) Hazel Nitcher, 843-5302, An-</p><p>nie Merriam, 841-1384, or Judy Stuart, 856-1782, or </p><p>The church office: 843-0020 </p><p> jenny@firstbaptistlawrence.com </p><p>Farewell Bokhee Min and Ken Lee and their children, Paul and </p><p>Sophia, have moved to Georgia. Bokhee has two job </p><p>interviews this weekend, so they arent sure of the city </p><p>they will be living in. They should arrive in Georgia </p><p>Thursday 7/23. Please keep their move and the job </p><p>interviews in your prayers. </p><p>Save the Date </p><p>An all-church work day has been </p><p>scheduled at Lawrence Habitat for </p><p>Humanity on September 12. If </p><p>you would like to participate, </p><p>please contact Troy Reimer so he </p><p>can gauge interest and begin plan-</p><p>ning for the event. </p><p>Troy.reimer@gmail.com, or </p><p>(785) 371-6509. </p><p>Building Reconstruction </p><p>Update: </p><p>We have a glass wall! The doors to </p><p>our new center aisle should be in-</p><p>stalled soon and the remaining fea-</p><p>tures include flooring in the narthex </p><p>space, wood trim, and final touches </p><p>here and there. The siding has been </p><p>installed on the south addition and </p><p>ready for paint. </p><p>Alpha Christian Childrens Home is </p><p>100% privately funded and relies daily </p><p>on the financial support of compas-</p><p>sionate churches, groups, and individ-</p><p>uals to meet the needs of the children </p><p>who live there. Children at this home </p><p>may have been abused or neglected, </p><p>orphaned, troubled, poor, or from dysfunctional families. </p><p>There are many ways to help Alpha, (see www. Al-</p><p>phachristianchildrenshome.com) but the way we are invit-</p><p>ing this congregation to participate is by collecting and </p><p>bringing your Campbell's &amp; Best Choice UPC symbols </p><p>and General Mills Box tops which are then redeemed for </p><p>cash and school equipment. There is an envelope for </p><p>your labels on the Missions bulletin board in the Christian </p><p>Education hallway. Please contact Linda Lewis if you </p><p>have questions about this project, 841-0346. </p><p>The King will reply, I tell you the truth, whatever you did </p><p>for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for </p><p>me, Matthew 25:40. </p><p>Alpha Christian Children's Home </p><p>15017 27th Street </p><p>PO Box 727 </p><p>Perry, Kansas 66073-0727 </p></li><li><p>First Baptist Church </p><p>1330 Kasold Drive </p><p>Lawrence, Kansas 66049 </p><p>785/843-0020 </p><p>785/843-0021 (fax) </p><p>www.firstbaptistlawrence.com </p><p>Sunday Morning Volunteers </p><p>July 26 </p><p>Nursery 9:30 a.m.Amy Munsterman </p><p> 11:00 a.m.Amy Munsterman </p><p>Extended Care 11:00 a.m.Sherry </p><p> Bernhardt </p><p>Life of the Church </p><p>Sunday, July 26 </p><p> 9:30 a.m.Worship </p><p> 10:30 a.m.Refreshments &amp; Reception for </p><p> Amelia Lawson, RWR </p><p> 10:45 a.m.Sunday School </p><p> 11:45 p.m.Quarterly Business Meeting </p><p>Monday, July 27 </p><p> 8:00 p.m.rebroadcast of FBC worship </p><p> (public access channel 99) </p><p>Looking Ahead: . </p><p>September 12: Work Day at Habitat for Humanity </p><p>September 13, NE Area Mtg, FBC Topeka </p><p>Staff Whereabouts </p><p>Jenny Purvis will be taking some vacation time July 27-31. Pastor Cheryl will be out of </p><p>town July 31-August 1. </p><p> By the Numbers...as of July 19, 2015 </p><p>GENERAL OPERATING </p><p>Weekly Receipts: $6,546.00 </p><p>YTD Receipts: $171,115.20 </p><p>CAPITAL CAMPAIGN </p><p>Weekly Receipts: $1,544.25 </p><p>Cumulative Giving: $421,308.16 </p><p> If you would like more detailed financial information, please </p><p>contact our bookkeeper at grassyclan@att.net, 917-9622. </p><p>Thank you for your generous giving. Your generosity helps to </p><p>make our many ministries possible. </p><p>The Leaflet newsletter is a weekly production of First </p><p>Baptist Church. If you would like to receive the news-</p><p>letter by E-mail, please contact the church office: jen-</p><p>ny@firstbaptistlawrence.com. You may receive a hard </p><p>copy in the mail by request: 843-0020. Copies are </p><p>available for pick up each Sunday. </p></li></ul>