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South Bays Neighbor Newspapers has been proudly serving Long Island communities since 1953


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At Village Pharmacy &amp; Surgical, we take pride in our ability to serve all of your prescription and Healthcare needs.</p><p> Across from Gemelli Fine Foods (In Former West Marine Bldg.)</p><p> WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR INSURANCE PLANS COMPRESSION STOCKINGS</p><p> FREE PARKING &amp; FREE LOCAL DELIVERY HOME HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS</p><p> Personal Personal Pharmacy Service Pharmacy Service </p><p> Has Returned Has Returned To Babylon To Babylon Village!! Village!!</p><p> 10% OFF ANY SINGLE ITEM EXCLUDING PRESCRIPTIONS (UP TO $10.00 MAX)</p><p> 2780</p><p>08N</p><p>0723</p><p>One Last Celebration</p><p>The North Babylon High School Class of 2014 gathered together one final time on June 28th to celebrate the schools annual commencement exercises. Members of the Board of Education, administration, teachers, special guests, parents and friends surrounded the students as they prepared to collect their high school diplomas and move their tassels from left to right. Congratulations to the grads!</p><p>PRSRT STDECRWSS</p><p>U.S. POSTAGEPAID</p><p>PERMIT NO.#187</p><p>*****************ECRWSS***</p><p>POSTAL CUSTOMER</p><p>Volume 61 No. 44Circulation: 10,141</p><p>Babylon West Babylon Edition</p><p>July23rd2014</p><p>THE MOST COMMUNITY NEWS, PHOTOS AND EVENTS EACH AND EVERY WEEK!COUPONS INSIDE</p><p>A1</p></li><li><p>2 BA</p><p>BYLO</p><p>N - </p><p>SOU</p><p>TH B</p><p>AYS</p><p> NEI</p><p>GH</p><p>BOR </p><p>NEW</p><p>SPA</p><p>PERS</p><p> - W</p><p>EDN</p><p>ESD</p><p>AY JU</p><p>LY 2</p><p>3, 2</p><p>014 </p><p> w</p><p>ww</p><p>.sou</p><p>thba</p><p>ysne</p><p>ighb</p><p>or.c</p><p>om</p><p> 279137BN0723</p><p> Looking for Tom?</p><p> Domestic &amp; Foreign Cars &amp; Trucks</p><p> 745 Deer Park Ave. North Babylon 1/8 Mile North Of Sunrise Highway</p><p> 631 422-4010 1041 Little East Neck Rd. 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Toppings Addtl. Expires 7/30/14. Not To Be Combined With Any Other Offer.</p><p> Delivery Additonal Expires 7/30/14 Not To Be Combined With Any Other Offer</p><p> Delivery Additonal Expires 7/30/14 Not To Be Combined With Any Other Offer</p><p> www.alfredospizzeria.com ORDER ONLINE</p><p> Sign Up Online For FREE Offers</p><p> LARGE CHEESE PIE</p><p> $ 9 99 MONDAY &amp; TUESDAY SPECIAL</p><p> Take- O ut Only No Coupon Necessary. Expires 7/30/14</p><p> + tax</p><p> 1 LARGE 18 CHEESE PIE 2 HEROS:</p><p>JOE LUDWIGHEATING</p><p>422-2115(631)Suff olkWhy suff er with an old, ineffi cient, drafty heating system. </p><p>Call us today. Switch to natural gas heat. </p><p>AWARDED#1 GASINSTALLERCast Iron Boilers</p><p>GAS BOILER SPECIALSPlease Call For Pricing</p><p> LICENSED BONDED INSURED</p><p>GAS WATER HEATER REPLACEMENT</p><p>40 GAL.$1000 50 GAL.$1150Price Includes Water Heater</p><p> HOT WATER BOILERS STEAM SYSTEMS WATER HEATERS</p><p> WARM AIR FURNACES FREEZE UPS BASEBOARD</p><p> ALL TYPES OF FUEL GAS SERVICE CONTRACTS AVAILABLE</p><p>2774</p><p>25N</p><p>0723</p><p>2 Year Anniversary Celebration</p><p>1 Hour Foot</p><p>1 Hour Back Rub</p><p>Facial 75 MinutesGift Certifi cates Available</p><p>$2500$3500$4500</p><p>KUNG FUREFLEXOLOGY</p><p>Cedar Ct.</p><p>Howard Ave.</p><p>Pinelawn Ave.</p><p>Montauk Hwy</p><p>Beach Ave.</p><p>S. Great Neck Rd.</p><p>1048</p><p>CARVEL</p><p>27A</p><p>2 Year Anniversary CelebrationKung Fu Foot Relaxing Spa</p><p>1048 Montauk Highway Copiague 631-464-4088(Across From Carvel)</p><p>OPEN 7 DAYS MON - SAT 10AM-8:30PM SUN 10:30AM - 8:30PM</p><p>INCLUDES 10 MINUTE FREE BODY</p><p>278847N0723</p><p>All Pets</p><p>&amp; Veterinary House-Call ServiceANIMAL HOSPITAL</p><p>Dr. Bob CoronaServing Babylon </p><p>For Over 11 Years</p><p>Now The Vet Can Serve You and </p><p>Your Pet Better!</p><p>HEALTH CHECK LIST</p><p>House Calls Still Available</p><p>Medical Care Vaccines Heartworm Flea Treatment DOGS CATS BIRDS FERRETS</p><p> EXOTICS: PET FOODS PET BATHING</p><p> Heartworm Test Yearly Vaccinations Fecal Test</p><p>Protect Your PetsWith</p><p>FRONTLINEAND</p><p>HEARTGUARD</p><p>New!!Feline Low</p><p>Cost Spays &amp; Neuters</p><p>GOING AWAY FOR VACATION?</p><p>Dont Leave YourPets with Strangers...</p><p>BOARD WITH US!</p><p>BOB CORONA, DVM(631) 376-1133 975 Little East Neck Rd. W. Babylon</p><p>1/2 Mile North Of Sunrise Hwy.</p><p>NEW HOURS!Mon.-Fri.9am-6pm</p><p>Sat.9am-1pm</p><p>COUPON</p><p>Valid For Dogs &amp; Cats In Hospital Only. Expires 7/30/14</p><p>Valid For Dogs &amp; Cats In Hospital Only. Expires 7/30/14</p><p>COUPON</p><p>$5 OFFFIRST EXAMINATION</p><p>NAIL CLIPPING27</p><p>8038</p><p>N07</p><p>23</p><p>Call ForAn</p><p>AppointmentToday!</p><p>Eukanuba Science </p><p>Diet</p><p> BEST PRICE FUEL OIL Where The Name Says It All</p><p> 631-842-1555 C.O.D. FREE Prime &amp; Start for all BEST PRICE customers</p><p> Professional, Friendly, Courteous Service</p><p> Check Around, Get Your Lowest Price, Then Call For BEST PRICE</p><p> Certified Metered Deliveries Fast Same Day Service</p><p> 50 Gallon Price Special - Deliveries Up To 3,000 Gal.</p><p> Will Meet or Beat All Competitors Quotes</p><p> 2788</p><p>52N0</p><p>723</p><p>GUTTER &amp; LEADER</p><p>GUTTER &amp; LEADERWE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR </p><p>CREDIT CARDS</p><p>OWNER IS ON </p><p>EVERY JOB</p><p>Repairs Cleaning 5 &amp; 6 GuttersAluminum Trim Vinyl Soffit Aluminum </p><p>Leaf Guard Screens Half Round GuttersCopper Gutter &amp; Leaders</p><p>631-867-2429Licensed &amp; Insured Suffolk #53442-H Nassau # H010640000</p><p>WATER MANAGEMENT OF LONG ISLAND</p><p>2780</p><p>39N</p><p>0723</p><p>West Babylon Public Library</p><p>The West Babylon Public Library will present the following events:</p><p>Senior AdvocateThursday, July 24th, from 1 to 3 p.m.</p><p>A Suffolk County Offi ce for the Aging representative will visit the Library and be on hand to help with Medicaid, Senior ID cards, food stamps and re-certifi cations.</p><p>***Nutrition &amp; Weight </p><p>ManagementMonday, July 28th, from 5 to 6:30 p.m.</p><p>A Stony Brook University Hospital Speakers Program Representative will teach you how to attain better health and nutrition with the right combination of tools and support. </p><p>***Rock &amp; Roll, Doo-Wop </p><p>&amp; Pop ConcertSaturday, August 2nd, from 2 to 3:30 p.m.</p><p>Featuring the Vic Vincent Group. Required tickets are available. Each attendee may sign up three other attendees.</p><p>***Create Your Own Dream Catcher</p><p>Monday, August 4th, from 7 to 8 p.m.</p><p>Create your own delicate lace dream catcher. Non-refundable materials fee: $3.</p><p>***Handmade Stuffed </p><p>PretzelsTuesday, August 12th, from 7 to 8:15 p.m.</p><p>The Baking Coach will show you how to work with pretzel dough and stuff pretzels with chocolate, nacho cheese and cinnamon sugar. The fl avor of the pretzel will be hidden inside. Non-</p><p>refundable materials fee: $3.</p><p>***For information, contact </p><p>631.669.5445.</p><p> Book Rentals</p><p> College students can visit www.CengageBrain. com to rent more than 1,200 textbooks at 40 to 70 percent of the retail price.</p><p>A3</p></li><li><p>4 BA</p><p>BYLO</p><p>N - </p><p>SOU</p><p>TH B</p><p>AYS</p><p> NEI</p><p>GH</p><p>BOR </p><p>NEW</p><p>SPA</p><p>PERS</p><p> - W</p><p>EDN</p><p>ESD</p><p>AY JU</p><p>LY 2</p><p>3, 2</p><p>014 </p><p> w</p><p>ww</p><p>.sou</p><p>thba</p><p>ysne</p><p>ighb</p><p>or.c</p><p>om</p><p>Thanks to PSEG and SUNRAY SERVICES you can FINALLY offer your tired old CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING unit EARLY RETIREMENT.</p><p> 25244226B312</p><p> Call Today For A FREE In-Home Estimate</p><p> Pre-Season Pre-Season Maintenance Maintenance </p><p> Special Special $ 99</p><p> Mon. - Fri. 8am-5pm Offer Valid Through 2/19/14</p><p> 18 Point Check-Up</p><p> PSEG Early Retirement Rebate up to $1000</p><p> Total Rebates up to $2,700</p><p>278567N0723</p><p>Offer Valid Through 8/6/14</p><p>Summer</p><p>GO GREEN SAVE GREEN$</p><p> Reduce or eliminate your LIPA Bill Receive an investment return of 15-25%! Take advantage of rebates and tax incentives Have reliable backup in case of power failure Reduce pollutants associated w/burning fossil fuel Help reduce the need for foreign oil</p><p>A Rating With</p><p>631.348.0001Long I s l andPowe rSo l u t i on s . c om</p><p>GO SOLAR NOWWITH NO OUT</p><p>OF POCKET COSTDont do a 20 year Lease when you </p><p>can do a 12 year, low interest loan with NO MONEY DOWN Save money every month </p><p>Pay only $.05 - $.09 per kilowatt hour instead of LIPAs $.21</p><p>Smart Solar Program Exclusively by:</p><p>279131N0723</p><p>90 Years Young</p><p>On July 25th, Mrs.Narrie Carter is turning 90 years young. She is a great great grandmother, whose children are acknowledging and celebrating her many years of gained experience and life lessons on July 26th with an intimate dinner at Rare 650 in Syosset. </p><p>Mr. &amp; Mrs. Carter were a </p><p>young, handsome couple from Durham, North Carolina, born during the Great Depression. They met at a dance, fell in love and got married, and started a young family of two girls and a boy. </p><p>During World War II, their lives were interrupted when Mr. </p><p>Continued On 9</p><p>A4</p></li><li><p>5 BA</p><p>BYLON</p><p> - SOU</p><p>TH BAYS N</p><p>EIGH</p><p>BOR N</p><p>EWSPA</p><p>PERS - WED</p><p>NESD</p><p>AY JULY 23, 2014 w</p><p>ww</p><p>.southbaysneighbor.com</p><p>LB.</p><p>FRUIT TREE FARMS1500 SUNRISE HIGHWAY COPIAGUE</p><p>(631) 842-9800 (631) 842-0257</p><p>STORE HOURS:MON.-SAT. 7AM-8PMSUNDAY 7AM-7PM</p><p>Sale DatesWednesday 7/23/14 to Saturday 7/26/14</p><p>FISHDEPT.</p><p>NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. NO RAIN CHECKS</p><p>Grocery &amp; Dairy</p><p>Meat Department</p><p>Fruits &amp; Vegetables</p><p>Deli Department</p><p>WE ACCEPT EBTSWICATM AVAILABLE</p><p>BY MET FOOD</p><p>VISIT OUR WEBSITE SALSFRUITTREE.COM</p><p>CHICKEN BREASTBONELESS</p><p>LB.$279</p><p>LB.</p><p>LB.</p><p>LB.</p><p>LB.</p><p>60 FL. OZ.</p><p>64 FL. OZ.</p><p>10.56 - 18.6 OZ.</p><p>LB.</p><p>LB.</p><p>LB.</p><p>LB.</p><p>Fresh Fish</p><p>LB.</p><p>LB.</p><p>EACH 99</p><p>99</p><p>$299</p><p>2/$300</p><p>APPLES</p><p>GRAPES</p><p>ORANGE OR GOLDEN HONEYDEW MELON</p><p>U.S. EXTRA FANCY</p><p>PREMIUM QUALITY</p><p>CALIFORNIA JUMBO</p><p>FARM FRESH 10 LB. BAG</p><p>GRANNY SMITH</p><p>GREEN SEEDLESS</p><p>ONIONSYELLOW</p><p>FARM FRESH 10 LB. 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