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July Town HallJuly 13, 2016



Submit now online at town.halls@williamoslerhs.caQuestions?



Remind folks they can submit their questions through the town hall mailbox at any point during the presentation.2

AGENDAWelcome2015-16 Highlights & AGM2016-17 PrioritiesEngagement Survey ResultsQuestions & Suggestions



Welcome everyone

Provide overview of the agenda:




STRATEGIC PLAN: Our five-year roadmap



Osler is working towards achieving our Vision of Patient Inspired Care without Boundaries through our 5-year strategic plan.

Our plan focuses on shifting the nature of health care delivery by transferring the balance of care from the treatment of disease to the maintenance of health

We have made great progress in the first two years

We have made progress in all four of our strategic directions/

As we closed off the year with our AGM yesterday, lets take a few moments to reflect on the great year that was 2014-15..5




Key StrategiesPatient Experience Improve access to Ambulatory Care Regional planning2015-16 Strategic Focus3



In 2015-16 we focused on 3 Key Strategies:

Patient Experience focused on the ED

Improve Access to Ambulatory Care including redevelopment at EGH and Peel Memorial (growth)

Regional Planning our efforts will continue to focus on developing our cross-sector partnership with the CW CCAC and Headwaters to facilitate connections with health care providers across the region in exciting new ways.We will continue to promote collaboration, cooperation, and improve the seamless delivery of health care through the work of the joint Strategic Partnership Committee as we continue to focus on integration and partnership opportunities to build an integrated health system in the Central West LHINWe will continue to build on the innovation and apply new ways of thinking to proactively enhance patient programs and services in our region.Through a focused, strategic approach Osler will maximize our opportunities to support system-wide partnerships and adopt the principle of shared accountability to enhance care delivery and extend system capacity in our region.


2015-16 A YEAR OF GOING BEYONDFirst EVARHospital 2 HomeED Patient Experience TeamRegional Holiday Surge PlanningAmbulatory Care Review1st Global Health MissionEGH Redevelopment RFPPeel Memorial Construction

2016 Canadas Best Diversity Employer3rd National Student AppExpanded DI hoursQBP ImprovementsIncreased Virtual Care VisitsIntegrated Discharge Coord PilotPalliative Care Clinic



Touch on some of this years highlights.


2015-16 Annual General Meeting

Vanita Varma, ChairBoard of DirectorsWilliam Osler Health System



At this years AGM, we launched our 2015-16 Annual Report. Read all about the great impact you helped to make in the lives of patients and families. Its available online on our website.

We also announced our new board chair, Vanita Varma.

Vanitas bio:Vanita is a strategy consultant with over 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector including executive leadership, organizationaldevelopment, and strategic and business planning. Vanita has worked with Boards and Executive Directors of various non-profits on succession planning, board governance, and other capacity building initiatives. Having worked in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, Vanita brings a distinct global perspective on visioning and strategizing, organizational design and structure, and engaging diverse teams in an organization. Most recently, Vanita held the position of Executive Director at Spectra Community Support Services in region of Peel. Vanita holds a Masters degree in Economics, Masters in Organizational Leadership and professional certifications in Counselling, Mediation and Executive Leadership development. She is currently pursuing her PhD with research focus on Organizational Leadership and Policy.9

Hospital 2 Home



What does the patient journey look like in the Central West region as we work with partners to transform the experience for patients?

See the difference it made for a Hospital 2 Home patient as she navigates the health care system with help from Osler, Headwaters and the Central West CCAC.


2016-17 PrioritiesWe will put significant energy into:Operations/Service Excellence56,000 inpatients460,000 outpatients211,000 ED visits

As well as:Accreditation with exemplary standing Clinical Quality Peel Memorial & EGH redevelopment to improve access to ambulatory care Growth850 physicians5,000 staff$700M revenue & cost



In 2016-17, we are putting significant energy into 3 areas:Operational and service excellence in delivering excellent patient care is our core business. - We see over 500,000 patients per year in our inpatient and outpatient units, and we have the busiest ED site in Canada- Our 850 physicians and 5,000 staff are our life blood- We achieve a balanced financial position while meeting volume targets2) Accreditation is a key focus 3) Redevelopment Peel Memorial & EGH continues to be a key priority

We measure this through our Corporate Scorecard (10 indicators) and our QIP (7 indicators)

Call up Ann..11

Corporate ScorecardProgram ScorecardsLeader Evaluation Manager (LEM)PeopleClinical QualityService QualityGrowthEfficiency5 Pillars

Driving organizational alignment



Our Strategic Plan is the foundation for everything we doOur multi-year plans and annual plans provide a more detailed roadmapWe measure how we are doing through our corporate scorecard (provided to the Board), our program level scorecard (used by units and teams) and our LEM (which tracks individual performance)This year, we are using five evidence based pillars as a framework for our annual plans.There is significant alignment between our Strategic Directions and the Pillars The pillars are drawn from our work with Studer and represent a best practice model for increasing alignment and accountability, improving employee engagement and patient experience. All 3 organizations will be using 5 pillars, not only to frame our ABP, but to provide the same framework for our QIP, scorecards & project lists


Leader Evaluation Manager (LEM)Program ScorecardsCorporate ScorecardPeopleClinical QualityService QualityGrowthEfficiency5 PillarsEmployee Experience achieve 66%Physician Engagement maintain at 71.2%ED Patient Experience achieve 75.6% Inpatient Experience achieve 85.7%Accreditation (by Q2) 100% of Accreditation ROPs met as required Acute Typical LOS achieve target of 3.46 days ED Wait Times Admitted Patients achieve a target of 34.7 hrs Peel Readiness (by Q3) 100% of recruitment targets met for Phase 1HSAA Margin achieve a total margin of >=0%

Corporate GOALS



Speak to this years goals at a high level.

As we undertake what will be an exciting and very busy year (Accreditation, opening Peel) having an engaged workforce is critical to our success.

Call up Frank and Christine who will share highlights of our latest engagement survey results.13

2,121Staff Responded - 48.3%

2016 STAFF Experience Survey



-Set some context we did two surveys (one for staff, one for physicians) same vendor, same key questions to measure Engagement-explain that it was a pulse survey in March 2016 (a few targeted questions vs the longer survey from March 2015)Explain why its important that we measure engagement of staff and physicians Why do we survey? Why do survey physicians and staff separately? Whats the connection between them?Explain these are the organization-wide results and that department-level ones have gone to managers and Chiefs to share with staff-indicate that Frank will be up shortly to share the physician results

The full survey measures our employee experience in 10 key areas. Measures key features of healthy, high performing work environments as outlined in the OHA Quality Healthcare Workplace ModelDesigned to capture employee perceptions of the most important aspects of their work environment and factors that enable or hinder them from providing high quality, patient-centred careAccreditation Canada approvedResearch underway to link patient/employee/ physician results

The area that we pay particular attention to is our Overall Rating of Engagement and that is the key focus for the Pulse. (move to next slide)


Proud to tell others that I am part of the organizationValues similar to the organizationOrganization inspires best job performance Satisfaction with current jobLook forward to going to workRate hospital as a place to work

Most indicators increasedOverall Rating of Engagement - STABLE


A gauge of overall work experience based on positive ratings to six questions, combined into a composite score:

What is engagement? A heightened emotional connection that an employee feels for his or her organization, that influences him or her to exert greater discretionary effort to his or her work. (Conference Board 2006.)

We are familiar with this notion of exerting discretionary effort we call it Going Beyond

Proud to tell others that I am part of t