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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Happy Birthday Julianne FriendBirthday Honoree: Julie Friend, University of PittsburghAccompanied By: Erica Grasinger, University of PittsburghAlbum By Dr. Ronald G. ShapiroMarch 26, 2011</p> <p>HappyBirthdayJulianne FriendApril 2011</p> <p>Ron Shapiro</p> <p>A Special AlbumOf Your BirthdayPreparation Event</p> <p>Just For You Julie,A Very Special Friend!!!</p> <p>You Received Gifts To Announce Your Birthday</p> <p>Your Special Birthday T-Shirt</p> <p>Your I Love Birthday Surprises Hat</p> <p>Your Birthday Bandana Blindfold (Lined With Foil So You Could Not See)</p> <p>Your Birthdayand Awesome Ribbons</p> <p>Happy Birthday, Julianne!!!</p> <p>To Make A GreatOutfitFor A Day Of BirthdayFun</p> <p>For A Surprise Time With Friends (Though You Might Not Know Who)</p> <p>Allowing For Fun Photos, Too!!</p> <p>Your Gifts Also IncludeSurpriseBirthday WishesJust For You</p> <p>The WishesInclude:HealthWealthHappiness Learning A LotGreat Friends Throughout LifeEasy ExamsGreat Coops &amp; InternshipsA Great JobA Great SpouseA Great FamilyA Fun Birthday Every YearA Great Summer --Continued On Next Page--</p> <p>May your special wishes come true!!!</p> <p>Maintaining Your Enthusiasm.Great Strength.Maintaining Your Great Attitude.Enjoying Every Day Of Life.Being A Champion In Everything You Do.Tons of enjoyable and meaningful experiences.Achieving Personal Satisfaction Throughout Life.Finding Love In All the Right Places.Great Kids Just Like You!!!Maintain your great sense of humor.A health, long, and wonderful life.</p> <p>May your special wishes come true.And</p> <p>13</p> <p>Wishing Fond Memories Of The Games!!!</p> <p>Along With your Prizes.</p> <p>All Presented In Very Creative Ways</p> <p>Since You Love Your Birthday!!!</p> <p>And You Are A Real Champion, Too!!!</p> <p>I Hope Youll Have A Great Day With Presents, Wishes, Company and Fun!!! </p> <p>Now Go Have A Lot Of Fun!!!</p>