judaism. origin/history the descendants of abraham (c. 1900 bce) god’s covenant: jews are...

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  • Origin/HistoryThe descendants of Abraham (c. 1900 BCE)Gods covenant: Jews are Gods chosen peopleSettled in Canaan (modern-day Israel)Abrahams descendents moved to EgyptExodus: Moses led the Jews out of Egypt and back to Canaan

  • Origin/HistoryThe 10 Commandments and Mt. SinaiContinued exile and expulsionBabyloniansRomansEuropean Anti-semitism (pre-20th century) and the HolocaustZionism and the state of Israel (1948)

  • Diety/DietiesMonotheisticProphetsAbrahamMoses

  • Sacred/Holy Text(s)The Torah The first 5 books of the Old TestamentThe Mishnah2nd Century CEThe Talmud6th Century CE

  • Main TenetsGod will send a Messiah who will initiate a time of peace, justice, and unityJews are Gods chosen people, with whom He formed a Covenant through AbrahamThe Messiah will renew this Covenant

  • CreationAs written in the Old TestamentGenesis

  • Death/AfterlifeJews believe in the resurrection of the dead

  • Holidays/RitualsRosh HashanahJewish New YearYom KippurThe Day of AtonementPesach (Passover)Celebrates Gods deliverance of the Israelites from captivity in Egypt (and avoidance of the 10th plague)ShavuotCommemorates Moses receiving the 10 commandmentsSukkot (Feast of Tabernacles)Celebrates the end of the harvestHanukahCelebrates the rededication of the Temple in the 2nd century

  • Holy/Authority FiguresRabbi SEE ACTUAL

  • Place of WorshipTemple or SynagogueHoly CitesWestern WallThe last standing wall of Solomons temple

  • Lifestyle PracticesCircumcisionBar mitzvah and Bat MitzvahRites of passageKosher: food preparation/taboosAnimals that both chew the cud and have a cloven hoofMezuzah: small boxes on doorposts, contain the shema Tallit: a fringed cloak or shawlYarmulke: head covering for menSabbath

  • Subdivisions/SectsOrthodox/HassidicConservativeReform (or Liberal)