Judaism Clare Horsfall. JEWS AND JUDAISM Judaism is a monotheistic religion They are the oldest non-anglo celtic group in Australia. Jews originated in.

Download Judaism Clare Horsfall. JEWS AND JUDAISM Judaism is a monotheistic religion They are the oldest non-anglo celtic group in Australia. Jews originated in.

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JudaismJudaismClare HorsfallJEWS AND JUDAISMJudaism is a monotheistic religionThey are the oldest non-anglo celtic group in Australia.Jews originated in the Israelites or Hebrews. It is the traditional faith of the Jewish nation. It started around 2000 BC and is one of the oldest Western Religions.Throughout the world there are 14 million Jews and of that there are approximately 300 000 in the UK.Jewish people have contributed to all parts of Australias society. They came over with the first free settlers and convicts. During the 1930s the Jewish population in Australia grew with the huge amount of European Jews fleeing the Nazi Persecution. Traditions and Beliefs- Judaism have laws and traditions that go way back and have been followed for thousands of years. They all have meaning behind them of why they are obeyed. They believe they have to pray three times a day. They pray at particular times which are set in remembrance of the sacrifices in the Temple of Jerusalem that was destroyed in 70 CE. Some believe in these traditions and follow them incredibly strictly but for some they will allow themselves to perform everyday activities.Traditions and BeliefsPEOPLEThere is one god who is omnipresent which means he is in all places at all times, he is omnipotent which is all powerful and their god is also omniscient which means he is all knowing.They believe that each person is created equal.They committed to the religion by following a code of law. It states how they are to treat others and how to worship god.They study Torah which teaches them how to act, think and how to feel about life and death. It contains 613 commandments but the ten commandments are most important of the Torah.FESTIVALSJudaism many festivals with the main one being Sabbath which is celebrated from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon, weekly. They are not allowed to work at all on the day of the SabbathHanukkah is around the same time as Christmas. It is celebrated from mid to late December for eight days. It is also called the festival of lights. The only ritual that has to be performed during the holiday is the lighting of candles. Hanukkah means dedication. Children are given gifts on each of the eight days. Its a very festival holiday and each community has its own traditions.Pesach known as Passover is in spring and celebrates the liberation of the Hebrews for slavery in Egypt. There are less restrictions during Passover compared to Sabbath. Sabbath states they must not do any manner of work but on Passover it says do no manner of servile work.Things to know about JewsJudaism being a religion means they can live anywhere in the world but that may have restrictions in what they can eat or may have rituals in which they need to do.SynagoguesWhen a synagogue service is performed there are strict rules to be followed. During this service the Rabbi will read from the Torah and over the year the whole Torah will have been read.The first permanent Synagogue in Australia was established in 1844.When living in a city a Jew would probably want to be able to know where a synagogue is for them to attend. In Australia there are almost 100 synagogues all over the country.Kosher FoodIt is a strict diet that some Jews choose to follow. The term Kosher means fit and describes all foods that are permitted for consumption. The kitchen is divided into two different sections, one for dairy and one for meat and pareve. They have two sets of utensils, cutting boards, sinks, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans, one for meat and one for dairy. The Jews would need to know what restaurants will cater for this and what sorts of foods that dont mix the two. In most cities there are supermarkets, restaurants and caterers that will provide Kosher food.Statistics After World War Two a large number of Jews migrated to Australia as they were searching for a better life Today around 120 000 Jews live in Australia. The 2006 census discovered the largest Jew community in Melbourne of 40 547and in Sydney the Jew community is approximately 45 000 members. There are smaller communities in more regional areas. According to the 2006 Commonwealth statistics had 888 34 people identify themselves as Jews.There is a lot that we can learn from the Jewish especially that everyone is equal. It is good to believe in something. Everyone is individual and they are a part of our society.


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