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  • The Seven Characteristics of Judaism By: Marcus Chalmers
  • S t o r ie s o f O r ig in &Im p o r t a n t P e o p leMoses: Moses was a great prophet and chosen by God to lead the Jewish people out of slavery in Egypt. Moses was the only man that talked to God face to face. No other prophet did the great and miraculous things that God gave him the power to do. Moses parting the Red Sea that Moses receiving the allowed the Jewish people to Ten CommandmentsComic: Parting the Red Sea cross to freedom out of Egypt from God on Mount Sinai
  • S t o r ie s o f O r ig in & Im p o r t a n t P e o p leThe Story of Abraham: Abraham was almost the only person (at the time) that believed in only one God. God told Abraham to leave his homeland and go to Israel and become the father of the Hebrews. Abraham was so loyal to God he almost killed his son because God told him too. Abrahams name was Abram and God changed it to Abraham meaning Father of a Nation Abrahams journey from Haran to Abraham walking Abraham sacrificing with his son Isaac his son to God Canaan
  • C o r e B e lie f sThe 613 Mitzvots: The 613 Mitzvots or commandments are a list of rules in Judaism Known as the Law of Moses and contained in the Torah The amount of mitzvots a Jewish person would follow determines which category of Judaism you are in; Orthodox, Conservative or Reformed Orthodox Conservativ e One of 613 Mitzvots to keep Kosher Reform The Three Categories of Judaism
  • H o ly W r it in g sThe Holy Arc The Torah ScrollTorah: The torah contains the old testament also known as the five books of Moses and the Hebrew testament. The Torah is treated with a lot of respect. It is so holy and fragile that it cant be touched by human hands on the animal skin paper so the torah has a special pointer for reading called a Yad (slide 8) The Torah is usually covered in a decorative case.
  • H o ly P la c e s a n dP la c e s o f W o r s h ipTemple, Synagogue, or Shul: The Jewish place of worship is known by all of these names. Each Synagogue has some items that are in every one. Eternal light Bema Holy Arc Chairs Two Flags (one of the home country and Israeli flag Synagogues can be big or small. In addition to services Synagogues are used for many celebrations. Front of a Temple The Bema is a raised platform
  • H o ly P la c e s a n d P la c e s o f W o r s h ipThe Western Wall: The Western Wall is the holiest sight in Judaism This was built buy Herod the Great as a wall of the Temple Mount complex The place was an area for prayer when Israel captured the Old City. This wall is the only thing that is left From when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and its Temple. The Temple MountPresident Obama praying Complex The Western Wall
  • O b je c t s a n d S y m b o ls The Yad: The Yad is a ritual pointer used for reading the Torah The Yad (Hebrew for hand) ensures the Torah parchment is not touched by human hands Most Yads are made from silver and sometimes wrapped in fabric. They have a small hand at the end with the pointer finger pointing out.Hebrew wordfor hand
  • O b je c t s a n dS y m b o lsMezuzah: A case that contains a tiny scroll with the words from Deuteronomy 6:4-9 that is placed to the right side of the door post as you enter the house. The words in passage command a constant remembrance of Gods word. The Mezuzah is placed at a diagonal to the left because the Rabbis couldnt decide whether it should be horizontal or vertical, so they compromised. Decorative Mezuzahs
  • R i t u a l s /R i t e s o fPassage Brit or Circumcision The Brit is the first major moment in a Boys life. After 8 days of birth a Jewish boy has a ceremony where the circumcision takes place. Traditionally the father is suppose to do the circumcision when the grand father holds the child but that doesnt always happen. This ceremony, completes the transformation from an infant to a child of Adam On the boys 8th day the circumcision is performed
  • C e le b r a t io n s &Purim H o lid a y s This joyful holiday remembers the defeat of a plot to eliminate the Jews in Persia The Jews celebrate by a public reading of the book of Esther while yelling the villains name. Haman the king of Persias advisor who was given the fate of the Jewish people This one day celebration consists of parties, drinking and eating fruit filled triangular cookies called hamentaschen and usually celebrated in MarchPassover The Festival of unleavened bread. This remembers the Jewish slaves being freed from Egypt buy the ten plagues sent by god. Jews celebrate this buy avoiding all leavened grain products and food close to it and a retelling of the Exodus story. Passover begins on the 15 day of the month of Nisan in the Jewish calendar, which is in the spring in America, and is celebrated for seven or eight days. It is one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays. Hamentaschen (Hamans pockets) Matzos unleavened bread
  • Thank you for watching mypresentation and I hope youlearned some new information.Marcus Chalmers