Judaism: A Culture and a People. Judaism is not just a religion Judaism is a religion, but it is also a culture and a people

Download Judaism: A Culture and a People. Judaism is not just a religion Judaism is a religion, but it is also a culture and a people

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Judaism: A Culture and a People Slide 2 Judaism is not just a religion Judaism is a religion, but it is also a culture and a people. Slide 3 A culture and a people Judaism does not represent any single race, belief, or viewpoint, let alone values and politics. Slide 4 The Torah Torah means teaching, instruction, or law and is commonly known as the Law of Moses. Slide 5 Maps of Israel Over the Years The map of Israel changed many times since Biblical Times. Slide 6 Most people around Abraham were polytheists Monotheism was a radical break with the common philosophical understanding of the Divine at the time. Slide 7 The Temple in Jerusalem Worship was centered on the temple in Jerusalem. Slide 8 The Western (wailing) Wall Though the temple was rebuilt, the religion became more and more what it ultimately would become, a religion of synagogues, where worship consisted of study of Scriptures without sacrifices. Slide 9 The Bible is divided into three sections The Torah is the first section, and includes the first 5 books of the Bible. The Prophets is the second section, and the Writings is the third. Slide 10 The Messiah An important idea of Biblical Judaism is the concept of the Messiah. Slide 11 Kabbala: Jewish Mysticism Kabbala is based on finding deeper meanings in the words and letters of the Torah that point to metaphysical realities. Slide 12 The Kabbalistic Tree of Life Kabbala: a path of meditation Slide 13 Hasidism Hasidism was a devotional movement that started in Eastern Europe through the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov (Master of the Good Name). Slide 14 Jewish-Danish Children Smuggled into Sweden The Holocaust has had a profound effect on Christian-Jewish relations and dialogue. Slide 15 Orthodox Judaism Orthodox Judaism teaches full following of the Law (Torah), and is traditional in theology, forms of festival and worship. Slide 16 Reform Judaism Reform Judaism has roots in the German Enlightenment, and is liberal in attitude, and does not believe in following the Law legalistically. Slide 17 Jewish Beliefs No dogma is as significant to most Jews as participation in the Sabbath worship, festivals, customs, and observances traditional to the community. Slide 18 Moses Maimonides, 1135-1204 A conventional touchstone for Jewish belief delineation has been 13 principles of faith put down by the great medieval thinker, Moses Maimonides. Slide 19 Abraham Joshua Heschel Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-1972), celebrated the holiness in all things and the possibility of an intense, passionate relationship between God and humans. Slide 20 The Sabbath The Sabbath commemorates the Lords day of rest after the work of creation, and is intended for the rest and refreshment of both body and soul. Slide 21 Rosh Hashana: Happy New Year Rosh Hashana is the Jewish New Year and is a celebration of the creation of the world. It is associated with the sweetness of life, symbolized by honey and sweet bread. Slide 22 Passover Passover is a celebration of freedom recalling the Exodus, parting of the Red Sea, receiving of the law at Mt. Sinai, and entry into the Promised Land. Slide 23 Chanukah Chanukah commemorates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem in 165 B.C.E. Slide 24 Bar Mitzvah: A Rite of Passage The term means son (bar) of the commandment (mitzvah). For a girl, the term would be daughter (bat) of the commandment (mitzvah). Slide 25 A Religion of Action Judaism is a religion of action more than beliefs. Slide 26 Modern Jerusalem In modern Israel, we see some negative issues arising. Slide 27 The Letter of the Law On an internal level, the dark side of Judaism has been in its focus on the letter of the Law rather than the spirit of the Law. Slide 28 Deborah, the Judge On one hand, Jewish women have been celebrated in texts and traditions as charismatic luminaries, heroines, intellectuals, devoted wives and leaders. Slide 29 Tradition It is the role of wife and mother that takes center stage for women in traditional Judaism; most traditions regarding women revolve around her role in the home. Slide 30 Jewish Wedding This attitude even comes out in modern weddings, where the father gives away his daughter to the groom. Slide 31 The Marriage Contract A woman could only get a divorce if the man agreed to give her one. Pictured here is a traditional marriage contract, called a Ketubah. Slide 32 First Female Rabbi: Sally Priesand Today there are women ordained as rabbis and cantors in Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist Judaism. Slide 33 Shekhinah Shekhinah, which is feminine, is the spirit of God at the Sabbath, also known as the Sabbath Bride. Slide 34 Center of Judaism For a long time, Judaism was centered on the temple in Jerusalem in the land of Israel. Slide 35 </p>