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Copyright 2012, HCN - Herring Consulting Network. All rights Reserved. This is a toolkit and resource list for participants in the Jewish Theological Seminary's Continuing Rabbinic Education Track at the 2012 Rabbinical Assembly Convention.


<ul><li> 1. http://slidesha.re/jtstoolkitMaking Torah Relevant to Gen Next: Youre the App for That A Resource Toolkit for Participants March 6-9, 2012 Copyright 2012. HCN-Herring Consulting Network. All Rights Reserved. </li> <li> 2. Table of ContentsI. Social Media OverviewII. Best PracticesIII. TwitterIV. FacebookV. Other toolsVI. Articles for further study </li> <li> 3. Navigation tip: Anytime you see hyperlinksin this presentation, just click on them to navigate to thereferenced website or article. </li> <li> 4. Social Media Overview As the 2010 film The Social Network implies, Facebook is a social network. Social networking is an act of engagement. Social media is a type of media (like TV, newspapers, and radio); it is a channel for transmitting information/content. For further reading on this topic, see this article. </li> <li> 5. Best Practices for RabbisDarim Online promoting best practices of social media for Jewishorganizations (Jew Point 0 Darim blog)Beth Kanter great resource for non-profit organizations use of social media.Subscribe to her weekly blog posts or read her Best of Beth posts.WeAreMedia Social Media wiki for nonprofits from the NonprofitTechnology Network.Mashable many great how-to tutorials and articles on social media for abroad audience.Talance website best practices tips and web design services with expertisefor synagogues. </li> <li> 6. HCN ResourcesThe Herring Consulting Network Social media guidelines has compiled several social for synagoguesmedia resources for synagogues. Social media strategy forPlease visit the HCN website or non-profits email Preston at Social media glossary preston@herringconsultingnetwork.com </li> <li> 7. www.hayimherring.com </li> <li> 8. How to Become an ExpertIts more important to be consistently present on one channel thanoccasional on several.Remember that social media are tools to help you reach your goals,not goals themselves.Dont forget the social component of social media(comment/like/follow/retweet thoughtfully).Consider whether your organization should develop social mediaguidelines/policy (see HCN Resources).Some trial and error will be required to succeed. And finallypractice, practice, practice! </li> <li> 9. Whats a Twitter?Is it a social network, content distributionplatform, or both (a good discussion)?How to use Twitter (step-by-step video)Whats a hashtag and how do I use it?What are followers and what do I need to doabout them?What are @Replies and Mentions and how doI use them? </li> <li> 10. www.twitter.comWhats a Twitter? </li> <li> 11. Twitter Profile </li> <li> 12. Example of a Tweet Mention@Reply Hashtag </li> <li> 13. To Protect or Not Protect? </li> <li> 14. Twitter Profiles to FollowJTS Voice (@JTSVoice)JTS Chancellor Arnold Eisen (@ArnoldEisen)Rabbinical Assembly (@RabbiAssembly)Rabbi Hayim Herring (@hayimherring) Start tweeting in preparation for the JTS Continuing Rabbinic Education Track! </li> <li> 15. Isnt Facebook Just for Kids?Nonprofits, among others, are unlocking the potential ofFacebook to enhance their missionHow to use Facebook (Facebook Help)Join the JTS Rabbinical Track Facebook Group (only participantsin the program will be allowed to join this group and see posts)How can organizations use the new Facebook Timeline? </li> <li> 16. Facebook Pages to LikeJTS PageRabbinical Assembly PageHerring Consulting Network PageConservative Rabbis Facebook Group (private) Do you have a Facebook Page for your synagogue and yourself? </li> <li> 17. Other Useful Websites/ToolsHootsuite Social media dashboard tool (manage your Facebook,Twitter and other accounts from one site and schedule posts)LinkedIn professional social networking (manage your personalonline brand)GroupSpaces good for closed group collaboration, membership, etcPrezi for thinking outside the PowerPointPoll Daddy online survey and polling tool </li> <li> 18. Reading AssignmentBeth Kanter article on arts orgs use of social mediaNYT article on Museums and social media how do you share arcane/esotericcontent with a more digitally-savvy audience?Generation Flux article by Fast Company (a great read on millennials)Michael Rosenzweig article on cultural institutions and instabilityeJewish Philanthropy article on what makes millennials tick (by a millennial!)Talance blog article on embracing generational diversity in organizationsArticle by Rabbi Owen Gottlieb on the need for new Jewish digital narrative contentBlog post on how one national charity positioned its Facebook page to be a virtualgathering place for people with a common interestRecipients of New Jewish Media Innovation Fund </li> </ul>