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Father of Modern Fantasy. J.R.R. Tolkien. Bio / Childhood. 1892-1973 John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (His surname means, oxymoron / came from an East Prussia village) Born in South Africa, but raised in England Dad died when he was 1 / Mom died when he was 12 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Father of Modern Fantasy

  • Bio / Childhood1892-1973John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (His surname means, oxymoron / came from an East Prussia village)Born in South Africa, but raised in EnglandDad died when he was 1 / Mom died when he was 12As a child he was bitten by a large, baboon spiderKidnapped as a child, because he was a beautiful babyIn school, he was good at drawing and writing

  • MarriageWanted to court Edith Mary Bratt, but could not because of religious differencesAt the age of 21, when he could convert religions, he did so, and decided to contact EMBEMB was already engaged to be married, but decided to meet Tolkien anywayThat night, when they met under the bridge, they decided to get married

  • What a Good DadWith EMB, he had four children, two of which are still aliveWhen they were kids, every Christmas, Tolkien would write letters from Father Christmas, and each year, would get more detailed and introduce new characters

  • Love of LanguageIn college, he studied languages: Greek, Anglo-Saxon, Oxford, FinnishHe worked for the Oxford English dictionaryHe translated Beowulf from its original text, and could even read it aloud. When he died, they found at least 2,000 pages of research on BeowulfIt is thought that Tolkien used his knowledge of the Finnish language to invent, Quenya, the Elvish language used in the LOTR books

  • WWI / WWIIDid not want to enlist, but due to the draft was forced to go to war (WWI)He sent letters to his wife, and very romantically, had a secret code for tracking his whereaboutsWhile in WWI, he contracted trench fever, and was released to go homeIn WWII, he was enlisted, but this time as a codebreaker

  • The InklingsMet with several authors, including C.S. Lewis, the author of The Lion, The Witch, and The WardrobeThe authors usually met at a pub, and drank heavily as they discussed different ideas for their storiesAt the pub pictured to the right, called by its patrons as The Bird, has a reserved sign in honor of The Inklings meeting ground

  • DeathDied 21 months after his wife, due to old age#6 on the highest paid writers list#5 on the highest paid dead writers listOn his wifes tombstone is Luthien, on his tombstone is Beren