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Webinar presented to JRF congregations in NY, Spring 2009


  • 1. Inspiring Action A study in how to get users to take the action you want. Presented by Lisa Colton June 25, 2009

2. Goals For Todays Session

  • Building on the last session, about capturing and retaining users attention, today well discuss how to turn their attention into action.Well learn:
      • Setting goals and preparing for action
      • How to design the user experience
      • Measurement of success and fine tuning
  • By looking at case studies of 3 examples of action we might want a user to take:
      • 1. Becoming a member
      • 2. Making a donation
      • 3. Signing up for an event

3. Its a Dance

  • Every web site visit is (potentially) a relationship building experience.
  • A relationship requires two parties
  • engagingwith one another.
  • Use of a web site might appear to
  • be one way, but its really a dance
  • between both sides.
  • You need to choreograph your steps in advance!


  • Leads!Guide people exactly where you want them to go by designing a clear path of logical steps to the goal.Design for users behavior, not just for the information you want them to know.
  • Is intuitive! Anticipate what people want and need to take the action step you desire. Users more frequentlyscanthanread , so write your text accordingly.
  • Is coordinated!Dont make a user take more steps than is necessary or helpful to reach the desired goal.
  • Listens! What else does a user want, or might be interested in? Provide links to relevant information and opportunities (opening in a new window to minimize losing the path youve created).

A Good Dance Partner 5.

  • Is sensitive!Make it user friendly -- offer downloadable versions, simple instructions, clear formatting, etc.
  • Is helpful! Makes recovery from errors or wrong clicks easy.This might include listing steps on each page, or showing all pages in a section in the side navigation or on the page, as well as having clear sections in the navigation.Kayak principle- if you roll, you should not end up head down!
  • Is easy to approach! Easy and intuitive starting points in the navigation, as well as highlights for special actions on the home page (registration for a specific event, preschool, etc.), and links within email and other communications.
  • Invites you to dance! Dont assume people will look and act on their own.With many demands for their attention, you must invite them!

A Good Dance Partner 6. Reads one or multiple pages Prospective Members: Steps of the Dance Sees URL Or finds via Google Clicks around to learn a bit Goes to Home Page Clicks on Prospective Member Info Is confused, turned off or impatient and leaves. Gets lost, with no clear destination, and leaves Clicks toMembership form and completes it Office receives form Real person proactively calls Doesnt find you in the top results: GAME OVER 7. Prospective Members: Invitation to Dance through Navigation Membership section Membership category withMultiple sections listed,including the action step. Prospective Memberssection 8. Prospective Members: Invitation to Dance through Home Page One third of home page, above the fold, dedicated to defining the dance:Acknowledgement of two parties defines already that they are interested in dancing.Who are you shows that they are a listening congregation, and care about the individual. Bottom left:Quick links totake actionis a strong lead. First three are for prospective members at various points in their searching path.Other links show additional ways to get involved (as a member or prospect). 9. Prospective Members: Series of Steps Pros:Relevant links a prospect might find interesting on bottom left. Cons:No inspiring information or incentives to complete form. Pros:Multiple steps in navigation and on the side; use of quotes to share members perspective. Cons:Would be nice touch to add photos next to quotes. Might also consider including quotes/photos in other content pages instead and/or in addition. 10. Prospective Members: Movement from Step to Step

  • Though nicely designed and good information nicely laid out, this page is paralyzing:
  • No links for action steps (to a form, to another page, etc.). Phone and email are greater barriers than a simple form.No dance -- just wallflowers!
  • No connection to other related information that was so nicely presented on the home page (tours, meet people, about the congregation)

11. Prospective Members: Movement from Step to Step

  • Quick links along the top show a prospective member the information available, number of steps, and suggested order of progression.Strong lead! (these are anchors for one page, but could be multiple pages)
  • Nice formatting helps scanners get basic information easily.Use of bold for important accessible dues drives the eye down the page, and provides incentive (removes barrier) for not moving to the next step.
  • More info? is an invitation to take a next step.Clear options for online form, email or phone are given.

12. Prospective Members: Action!

  • Come be a part of our family
  • - nice invitation!
  • Downloadable application
  • Invitation for additional info --
  • link to form, email and phone
  • Friendly text
  • Clarity on what will happen
  • Invitation to walk into the
  • building
  • Includes the name and
  • position of the person who will
  • call them.
  • Clarity of what will happen
  • next.

13. Prospective Members Track the conversion rate (and change in the rate) of these populations (preschool families, buy High Holiday tickets, attend a class, etc. but arent members) to full members. Gather anecdotal stories and feedback. Increase the number of peripheralcommunity members who becomemembers of the congregation. Track number of prospective member inquiry forms completed, and conversion rate from first prospective member page to completion of membership form (where are you losing them?).Increase the number of shul shopperswho identify themselves to you (key action step, initiates relationship, provides you withtheir information). Track page views of prospective member infopages, review referals report (where people camefrom -- typed in URL, Google, etc.) Increase interest in the congregation. Track the conversion rate (and change in the rate) of prospective members to full members, and the elapsed time from their first inquiry to completing membership. Anecdotally, have membership staff or volunteer ask if/how the web site played a role in their synagogue search and/or decision, and ask what could have been helpful. Increase the number prospects who become full members. Measurements Goals 14. Online Donations: Invitation to Give 15. Online Donations: Movement from Step to Step Step 1 Step 2

  • Main donations page has little information, incentives to move to the next steps, or clear action steps offered.
  • Having list of funds on aseparate pageadds inconvenience and an opportunity tolosea potential donor.With slim text on the first page, this congregation could easily list the funds on the same page.
  • Need to add an invitation for action.A link to the donation card, or an email link or address for the written request and some information about what that action step results in ($ added to your next member invoice, etc.)

16. Online Donations: Movement from Step to Step

  • Giving (Gemilut Hasadim)
  • category in navigation shows
  • multiple ways to engage.
  • Each step provides unique
  • information and clear next
  • steps.
  • Balance of culture,
  • information, and practical
  • steps.

Step 1 - Navigation invitation Step 3 - opportunities: Annual fund, capital, plaques,Prayerbooks, etc. Step 3b - more detailed list of funds and their purposes if donorswant more detailed information. Step 2 - Culture ofGiving and Reasons Step 4- donation form 17. Donations Others? Track number web stats reports for those pages, and RSVPs online for such events. Increase awareness of funds for specialprograms, campaigns or fundraising events Track number of online donation forms submitted (frequency) and total dollars.Track page views of eachstep to see if/where you are losing potential donors. Increase total donations Use other channels such as email to plant this seed, and track click through rates of those links, and increase in total donations following the marketing. Increase honorary donations (birthday,anniversary, etc.) Measurements Goals 18. Online RSVPs Invite to Attend & RSVP Links on home page to more details and RSVP for events.Efficient use of space,but users may not know online RSVPs are available. Email invitations with links to web site For more details and online RSVP.Evite.com and others are also options. 19. Online RSVPs Invite to Attend & RSVP Important consideration for event information: There is big difference between notifyin