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  • Journalism 1

    Information listed in this catalog is current as of 08/2018

    JOURNALISMStephanie Craft, Department Head119 Gregory Hall810 S. Wright StreetPH: 217-333-0709

    Degree: Bachelor of ScienceMajor: JournalismMinor: JournalismA degree in Journalism prepares students for exciting and fulfillingcareers in traditional broadcast journalism, news-editorial journalism,and emerging media. The primary professional aim is to train studentsas public affairs and enterprise journalists. The Journalism Departmentseeks to prepare broadly educated professionals who will assumedecision-making and leadership roles in a variety of media organizations.

    Bachelor of Science in Journalism (

    The Minor in Journalism allows a student to explore the role of journalismin a democracy and to assess how journalism is meeting its socialresponsibility to engage, enlighten and empower citizens. The minorequips students to participate in the ever-changing world of mediadelivery and consumption.

    Code Title HoursJOUR200 Introduction to Journalism 3JOUR205 History of American Journalism 3JOUR250 Journalism Ethics & Diversity 3JOUR311 Media Law 3Select two courses from the following: 6-7

    JOUR210 Newsgathering Across Platforms 1

    JOUR360 The Media and YouJOUR361 Readings in Sports JournalismJOUR421 Editing for PublicationJOUR450 Media and Public OpinionJOUR451 Research Methods in Journalism 2

    JOUR452 Great Books of JournalismJOUR453 Crisis CommunicationsJOUR454 Propaganda & the News MediaJOUR470 International ReportingJOUR471 Science JournalismJOUR482 Immersion JournalismJOUR483 Investigative Journalism

    Total Hours 18-19

    1 JOURN 200 is a prerequisite for JOURN 210.2 JOURN 200 and Quantitative Reasoning I are prerequisites for JOURN


    JOUR Class Schedule (

    CoursesJOUR199 Undergraduate Open Seminar credit: 1 to 3 Hours. ( changing array of courses focusing on special topics in journalism.Approved for Letter and S/U grading. May be repeated to a maximum of12 hours in separate semesters, if topics vary.

    JOUR200 Introduction to Journalism credit: 3 Hours. ( of the history, freedom, technologies, ethics, and functions ofthe news media. Training in clear, descriptive writing techniques, usingjournalistic models. Prerequisite: Completion of Composition I generaleducation requirement.This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for:Advanced Composition

    JOUR205 History of American Journalism credit: 3 Hours. ( the history of the field of journalism since pre-colonial times.Includes the evolution of the media in the United States and the evolutionof cultural concepts concerning the media, including rights granted underthe First Amendment. Credit is not given for JOUR205 if credit for JOUR405 has been earned.

    JOUR210 Newsgathering Across Platforms credit: 4 Hours. ( of journalistic reporting and writing across print, broadcastand digital platforms. Credit is not given for JOUR210 if credit for JOUR400 has been earned. Prerequisite: JOUR200.

    JOUR215 Multimedia Reporting credit: 4 Hours. ( to acquaint students with the fundamentals of digitalphotography, video, audio and multimedia as it applies to journalism.Instruction will include conceptual frameworks and techniques tocreate multimedia journalism content; the conception, planning andcreation of multimedia projects; coverage of events with audio, video andphotographs; the technical and creative aspects of digital photography,video, and multimedia; delivery platforms for multimedia contentincluding the Web and evolving communication technologies. Creditis not given for JOUR215 if credit for JOUR 410 has been earned.Prerequisite: JOUR210 or consent of Journalism Department.

    JOUR220 News Editing credit: 4 Hours. ( and headline writing, news judgment, ethics and leadership. Creditis not given for JOUR220 if credit for JOUR 320 has been given.

    JOUR250 Journalism Ethics & Diversity credit: 3 Hours. ( on media decision-making and news judgment, specificallyethics and diversity in newsgathering with regard to scope, privacy,bias, economic concerns, and accountability. Examines real-life newsdecisions and the thoughts of journalists who lived through famous andinfamous ethics situations. Key provisions in the Society of ProfessionalJournalists Code of Ethics regarding use of diverse voices will bediscussed and applied in practical ways, and both students and theinstructor will find current examples of ethics issues to present to theclass. Diversity education is part of the required standard for achievingjournalism accreditation from the discipline's national accrediting body.

  • 2 Journalism

    Information listed in this catalog is current as of 08/2018

    JOUR293 Digital Photography for Everyone credit: 3 Hours. ( of digital photography, techniques to produce photographs;the conception and planning of pictures; the pictorial coverage oflocations, events and human interest situations; and the planningand execution of photos in print, on the web and other electronicmedia are the focus of this hands-on course. You will develop apractical understanding of the potentials and realities of photographiccommunication to better use them for full expression of your vision.Approved for Letter and S/U grading.

    JOUR311 Media Law credit: 3 Hours. ( analysis of the theories of freedom of expression, thelegal doctrines of greatest concern to mass communicators, andcontemporary issues related to free speech and press, including libel,copyright, and news-gathering in a digital age. Credit is not given forJOUR311 if credit for JOUR 411 has been earned.

    JOUR315 Adv Public Affairs Reporting credit: 4 Hours. ( and extensive practice of in-depth public affairs reporting - itsconcepts, techniques, traditions, ethics, and social obligations. Creditis not given for JOUR315 if credit for JOUR 415 has been earned.Prerequisite: JOUR210.

    JOUR335 Audio Journalism credit: 4 Hours. ( and writing news for audio programs and websites. Creditis not given for JOUR335 if credit for JOUR 435 has been earned.Prerequisite: JOUR210.

    JOUR340 Video Reporting & Storytelling credit: 4 Hours. ( news studio and field production and principles of fieldreporting and editing of news video; principles of planning, producing,and directing news and public affairs programs. Credit is not givenfor JOUR340 if credit for JOUR 440 has been earned. Prerequisite:JOUR210.

    JOUR360 The Media and You credit: 3 Hours. ( course will survey contemporary public relations to clarify severalelements: publicity, advertising, branding, press agentry, public affairs,issues management, lobbying, investor relations and development.Students will learn to work with the press and the ethical dimensions ofthe relationships that form. The course will employ real and hypotheticalcase studies. Teams will develop strategies to reach a PR goal. Eachteam will make presentations to be judged by real clients or the instructorand guest judges.

    JOUR361 Readings in Sports Journalism credit: 3 Hours. ( about sports and sports personalities are perennial best-sellers.Students in this course will read, analyze and discuss long-form sportsjournalism. Some of the books and stories are considered classics of theform; others may be fairly recent and news-worthy publications. All willrepresent varied approaches to sports journalism in books, magazinesand digital experiments and forms.

    JOUR421 Editing for Publication credit: 3 Hours. ( and practice of editing across disciplines. Content includesstyle, grammar, punctuation, word usage, clarity and brevity. Both printand digital environments are considered. Students will edit text anddisplay copy such as headlines and photo captions. 3 undergraduatehours. 3 graduate hours. Credit is not given for both JOUR421 andJOUR 320. Journalism majors should enroll in JOUR 320. Prerequisite:Advanced Composition.

    JOUR425 Multimedia Editing and Design credit: 4 Hours. ( of visual reporting and editing; seeks to instill application-levelcompetency in a wide array of non-linear, non-narrative techniques ofjournalistic storytelling across various media. 4 undergraduate hours. 4graduate hours. Prerequisite: JOUR215.

    JOUR445 Video Storytelling 2-Producing credit: 4 Hours. ( techniques for reporting, producing, writing, shooting, andediting video news stories and for producing and airing regularlyscheduled news programs on deadline. 4 undergraduate hours. 4graduate hours. Prerequisite: JOUR340.

    JOUR450 Media and Public Opinion credit: 3 Hours. ( of public opinion and communications; relation of communicationsystems to public opinion, social systems, and the political order. 3undergraduate hours. 3 graduate hours. Prerequisite: Completion ofQuantitative Reasoning I.

    JOUR451 Research Methods in Journalism credit: 3 Hours. ( to social science principles of measurement, sampling,statistical inferences and logic of research design in collection, analysisand interpretation of information used in journalism and mass media.3 undergraduate hours. 3 graduate hours. Prerequisite: Completionof Quantitative Reasoning I requirement. JOUR200 recommended, orgraduate standing.This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for:Quantitative Reasoning II

    JOUR452 Great Books of Journalism credit: 3 Hours. ( written by journalists have had great impact on U.S. public policyand understanding, covering such topics as corporate power, politicalcorruption, rural poverty, the atomic bombing of Japan, Watergate, anda soldiers-eye view of war. From hard-edged investigations to nonfictionliterature, the readings broaden and deepen understanding of the powerand purpose of journalism beyond breaking news and celebrities.Readings from eight groundbreaking books, assessment of social andprofessional impact, ethical issues, reporting and writing approaches, andextensive class discussion. 3 undergraduate hours. 3 graduate hours.This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for:Humanities - Lit ArtsCultural Studies - US Minority

  • Journalism 3

    Information listed in this catalog is current as of 08/2018

    JOUR453 Crisis Communications credit: 3 Hours. ( will take on the role of a public relations/public affairs officerto learn how to deal with the media when managing a crisis for a client,whether a multinational corporation or a professional athlete. Studentswill use case studies of actual events to examine how the media dealtwith the crisis. Students will get a look at the inner workings of a majorPR firm devoted to telling the truth while managing the message. 3undergraduate hours. 3 graduate hours.

    JOUR454 Propaganda & the News Media credit: 3 or 4 Hours.( course examines techniques and processes of propaganda in ademocratic society. It draws from contemporary theories of influence andpersuasion to identify propaganda in the context of modern journalism,to delinerate differences between propaganda and information, and toassess the impact of propaganda on democratic decision making in thedigital age. Particular attention is given to the news media practices andconsumption patterns that unwittingly facilitate strategies of modernpropagandists. 3 undergraduate hours. 4 graduate hours. Prerequisite:Junior, Senior or Graduate standing.

    JOUR460 Special Topics credit: 1 to 4 Hours. ( changing array of special projects, research or reading in journalism. 1to 4 undergraduate hours. 1 to 4 graduate hours. May be repeated in thesame or subsequent semesters if topics vary.

    JOUR470 International Reporting credit: 3 Hours. ( of international news in daily lives. Examines those who report itand those who pioneered it. Students monitor how U.S. and internationalmedia cover selected countries and learn how to write international news.In selected semesters, students may research issues and life in a foreigncountry in preparation for an international reporting trip. 3 undergraduatehours. 3 graduate hours.

    JOUR471 Science Journalism credit: 3 Hours. ( will explore media coverage of science. They will examine theinterconnections of scientific advances and public understanding. Theseminar format will allow students to interview scientists and journalists,to discuss work, and to become science communicators. Subjectmatter of reporting projects will be determined by the background andinterests of the students. Field trips and Illinois science will be featured. 3undergraduate hours. 3 graduate hours.

    JOUR472 Business Reporting credit: 3 Hours. ( to follow the money is a key part of covering corporate America,professional sports or Hollywood. No need to fear financial statements:This course shows you easy methods to pick them apart and turn theminto smart stories. Students learn to report and write stories using theWall Street Journal's feature methods. 3 undergraduate hours. 3 graduatehours. Prerequisite: JOUR210 or JOUR 400. Journalism or AgriculturalCommunications major(s). Restricted to students with Sophomore,Junior, Senior, or Graduate class standing.

    JOUR475 Magazine Writing credit: 3 Hours. ( of feature stories and articles; techniques of marketing,market analysis, and publishing articles written in the course. 3undergraduate hours. 3 graduate hours. Prerequisite: JOUR210.

    JOUR480 Adv...


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