Journalism Next: Chapter 7: Making Audio Journalism Visible

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Journalism Next: Chapter 7: Making Audio Journalism Visible. Cindy Royal, Ph.D Assistant Professor Texas State University School of Journalism and Mass Communication - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Journalism Next:Chapter 7: Making Audio Journalism VisibleCindy Royal, Ph.DAssistant ProfessorTexas State UniversitySchool of Journalism and Mass

  • Audio JournalismAudio not exclusively a radio formatSimple tools: microphone, recorder, free softwareMobile phone publish a report from the sceneListeners see with the mindIntimate and personal relationship with listeners

  • Audio JournalismPresenceEmotionsAtmosphereCombine voice-over, natural sound and sound effects, including musicNPR set the standard

  • Audio JournalismReporter overviewsPodcastsAudio slideshowsBreaking news

  • Recording InterviewsChoose your locationRecord natural soundPrepare your subjectWatch what you sayTry delayed recordingMark the best spots

  • Doing Voice-oversWrite a scriptWarm upFind operative wordsKeep it conversational

  • GearDigital audio recorderRecord on computerUse external micUse headphonesPrep in advance

  • Editing AudioUnderstand formats: AIFF, WAV, MP3, WMAAudacity free downloadGarageband free with MacPodcasting and iTunes



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