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  • Journal Entries:American Revolution

    Danny Cho

    Thursday, February 27, 14

  • March 25, 1765: John StaitonTheir enmity toward us lighted up so quickly like matchsticks. It was visible that they abhorred us so much. After the 7 years war as known as the French and Indian war, our @inancial suddenly decreased. We didnt want to lose our colonies, so we sent ten thousand armies called red coats to America. However we needed lots of money to care them, because they ate a lot and wore a lot. When ever the British parliament came out with new tax law it made American crazier. I personally think we should have used violence or anything to keep them down and keep them away from rebelling.

    I am 29 years old and I follow British monarchy and Im always loyal to my country Britain. British parliament passed the stamp act and American people could not stand it. In my eyes they were just small bugs trying to survive. They were abject. Every time they tried to repeal it, it was abnegated. We were the best and we were undefeated. American was out of our eyes, they werent even rival of ours, it was just our colony.

    All the news, licenses, document and all the printed-paper were taxed. We were desperate for money, after we moved to America we lacked money and this is what we chose to do. Before we tried something called sugar act. Americans took sugar as important thing in their life so we taxed it with higher price to gain money. However we had to repeal it cause they seemed poor to us. Then there is the stamp act, which was just passed. They were furious, everyone raised their voices and told speech about kicking us out of their land; they said we were some kind of tyrant. Americans called it the taxation without representation. They didnt mind paying taxes to their own government because they elected them but they thought it was unfair paying to us. However our thoughts were different, our opinion was that we were the ruler and we had right to control them because we were always stronger than them.

    Yesterday, I heard news that the Americans broke into the tax-collecting place and broke tax collectors belongings. That was when the British Parliament repealed the stamp act. There were bell ranging everywhere in the city, because the Americans were happy about the fact that they didnt have to pay tax to us anymore. After this I kind of understood their feelings because they are weak, and miserable.

    We still have lots of days left in our colony, America. We can still rule them and get a good control of them. Americans are vindictive and we have to be careful but the fact that we are the strongest will never change, because they are hopeless.

    Thursday, February 27, 14

  • December 18, 1773: John StaitonThey were not ordinary snowballs those were deadly. The red coats were bombarded with hard snowball stuffed with ice, oyster shell, and stone. I wasnt there and didnt see it with my own eyes but I heard there was a @ight between the red coats and townspeople. This happened 3 years ago, I cant remember the exact date but it was like March 5th.

    It was somber outside, cold and snowy. A boy came along and began shouting insults at the soldier. The soldier dashed out of his box and hit the boy with his musket. Then the boy ran away crying. But soon he came back with his friends and threw snowball at the guard. Stupid kids, if I just think about those kids I cant control my anger and beast living inside me. Anyway, red coats loaded their gun and aimed at them. But captain Thomas Preston came and told the kids to go home. However they did not. They kept on insulting them, so the soldiers shot their musket and 5 were dead. Why only @ive? They should have just massacred them and show them they cant insult us never again.

    Im 37 years old. I thought the American would be quiet after the Boston @ight, which ended with our victory. But they did another stupid thing. When three British ships were coming with 90,000 pounds of tea the Americans were there waiting. After the Boston massacre, parliament had repealed the Townshend act, except for the tax on tea. Tea was the only British product that the Americans refused to buy. Our great prime minister thought that if the Americans had no other choice they would buy the tea imported from Britain. Americans were outraged, about this fact. Did they think they could beat us, with military? That night Americans dressed up as Indians and entered the ship. Then disguised Americans dumped all the tea out of the ships. This happened in December 18, 1773, and they call it the Boston tea party.

    After the Boston tea party my majesty was furious, how dare this happen. So the parliament passed new laws designed to govern the colonies more strictly than ever. This was what we wanted. Americans were suffering and they called it the intolerable act. I was so happy about the fact that we were ruling them; I wanted to call it the best act.

    By, now war seemed certain. The Americans knew that we could crush their militia. So they did what weak people do, unite. Delegates from all the colonies were invited to Philadelphia, and this was the @irst continental congress. On September 5, 1774, @ifty-six delegates met, and including John Adams. There was a huge discrepancy between two opinions. One was @ighting for independence, which was stupid, and the other one was having a peace with us. But they chose to @ight for freedom.

    Freedom, and independence are bad word for the colonies. They are never getting it and they wont even get close to it.

    Thursday, February 27, 14

  • July 6th 1776: John Staiton

    Our troops were leading the war, until they reached Concord. On the way there was a @ight, at Lexington. 8 colonists were dead and 1 British soldier was hurt. However when we reached Concord they attacked us with stronger force. This @ight ended with their victory. 73 British soldiers were dead, 26 missing and 174 were hurt. However the colonists had 49 killed, 5 missing and 41 wounded. This war happened because in April 1775 general Thomas Gage received orders to enforce the Coercive acts, with force if necessary.

    By late spring 1776, John Adams had concluded that the colonies needed new form of government. Still, Adams felt he could not propose independence, as he feared conservatives would defeat it. Adams wanted a unanimous vote, but the debate showed that some colonies still opposed the idea. He agreed to postpone the vote. Soon after the approval of the Declaration, Congress received some good news. France and Spain had agreed to help the colonists. They were helping because they didnt like us because we were the number ones in whole entire Europe.

    One year passed and John Adams had concluded that the colonies needed to be separate from Britain. After they even declared independence. The document Jefferson wrote has resonated through the ages. It was hard to get a copy of it but I f got it. The opening of the document explained why the document was made. The congress appointed meeting and told Thomas Jefferson to write the document. The document was not the @inalize version, Adam and Franklin had made changes on Jeffersons work and re published it. The document included that they had their natural right that cannot be taken away from us. It also said that if we keep on threatening them they would make a new government that will be safe and responsible of caring them. On July second, twelve colonies approved the resolution; its assembly had instructed its delegates not to approve independence, but less than two weeks they also agreed on the independence. Freedom was a happy word for the colony but it was also frightening too.

    In the spring of 1777, the British army launched two new assaults. But they were planned separately and were not coordinated. General John Burgoyne led the northern attack.

    After the help from French and Spain the colonists are growing their power, we need to stop them and colonize them before they get too strong.

    Thursday, February 27, 14

  • October 21st 1781: John StaitonAgain, bell was ringing in the city like last time when stamp act was repealed; next motion I took was blocking my ear. Cacophony, worst thing I can hear with my ear, Americans celebrating. Enmity and hatred toward the Americans took over me and I had to calm down. I didnt know what I was going to do next. How cans this happen? We had the strongest army in the world but how. Im pretty sure its because the French army helped the Americans. . Like me lots of other Britain couldnt believe it, we wanted to take it as false and just laugh but it wasnt easy for us.

    Cornwallis launched a Virginia campaign. His 7500 men carried out raids, harassing our enemy whenever they could. By August 1781 Cornwallis had reached the Yorktown. American moved quickly to surround and contains us. Soon after, French forces joined them. In a September naval battle near Yorktown, the French defeated our @leet of ships. Why are the French helping the Americans, Im pretty sure they are interested in the colony too. Anyway, that was not the end. The British could not help Cornwallis army escape or bring reinforcements. By late September, Washington reached the area with more army. His men were 16000 and Cornwallis was only 8000. At October Cornwallis could not tolerate it and he picked up white @lag.

    When the Revolution began we had the strongest army in the world. Im not exaggerating it, we had it, and we had power. However why, how? Our army was all experienced unlike Americans militia. We had a strong supporter too, the king. We had huge amount of economic resources and my majesty taxed the Americans to support us. But the colonies had to make a government, army, money, they started from bottom but we were at top. At the end it was their victory. I ca