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<ul><li> 1. FranoissFranoissJournal entryJournal entry1789-17991789-1799</li></ul> <p> 2. May 6, 1789May 6, 1789A recent picture of meWe are the backboneof the government 3. Unequally and taxationUnequally and taxationThe taxes raised! was the newspaper this morning. Every morning a man would come by our little townin the capital of France. He would sell the morning newspaper and would always yell out the latest news. Idid not have time to stop and look at the paper but I knew it was a special edition. This morning was aspecial morning because last night, the estate general and King Louis XVI met to discuss what to do withour country since it was in a downfall. Those important articles were always priced higher and thus myfriends and I would buy one together. I went outside to see a bunch of my friends looking old and tired,but there was something else. They looked furious, this could only mean one thing, the taxes were raisedonce again and life would even get harder.My friends and I were all part of the third estate. The third estate was hard working but low earning class.We all worked harder then any other person in the government but still we had a hard life. Taxation wasone of the most faced problems in the third estate because we all did not have very much to spend. Wehad the highest taxes of all the estates even though their salary sometimes tripled ours. We all sufferedfrom the taxations but whenever we voted it was always the first and second estate against us so we werealways in the minority. We are basically the backbone of the entire government because we holdeverything together. Because we were in the minority, meant that they had to go with the unfair rules andaccept the laws that would cause more problems for them. We all knew the consequences of taxation andthat we would have to work long and more hours to provide for out families. This will make life harder butthe three estates always survived. They fight and never give up, thats what we are known for and we willalways keep fighting for our deserved rights. We want an equal France in which there are rules that areequal and taxation that is fair for everyone not just for the rich but also for the poor. We strive for a betterFrance! 4. June 21st, 1789June 21st, 1789Our old homeLong live therebellion 5. Long live the RebellionLong live the RebellionThe Three estates always used to work together and share power until one day we all had enough. We, the Third Estate, decided to break awayfrom the unfair ruling of the other estates and we created our own government. The other estates always said that power was shared equallyamong us, but it was not true. Whenever there was a new law presented to the three estates, it was always the first and second estates againstus. We were always in the minority and nothing went in our favor. We were always outnumbered and always had to go with their unfair rulesand laws. On top of that, we had much higher taxes than the others estates, which was undeserved because we worked much harder than them.So, just because they had better jobs than us, did they deserve more rights too?We had had enough!All of the former third estate members decided to stick together and make our own estate. We established a set of guiding principles thateveryone should follow. For example, we believe that everyone has the same amount of value as any other person. It doesnt matter if oneearns more than another; everyone is equal. Another one of our main beliefs is that all people have to pay taxes, the amount depending on theamount of money earned. Thus, this would not depend on rights or value. Our biggest goal is to overthrow the current king and get power. Westarted meeting at a different place because the meeting hall was closed to us now and we did not want to step foot in there anymore. This new,public place was a tennis court. Anyone who wanted to join our rebellion against the king for its unfair ruling was welcomed and together weformed a powerful force.One day we all took an oath, which was named after the place where we were. Thus, the name of the oath was The Tennis Court Oath. This oathheld that we would not accept the unfair ruling and that we opposed King Louis the XVI and his estates. We stated we do not agree with any ofhis rules because he did not listen and showed no mercy. So, we plan to show him no mercy when we are in power.We all protested and screamed against the Estate General and started our own revolution--a revolution to overthrow the main estates andmake ourselves powerful. This is my personal goal to make our country, France, a better place.I hope that we gain power soon, and when it happens we will imprison all of the generals and the people who did not listen to us.Long live the Tennis Court Oath!Long live the Rebellion 6. October 5th, 1789October 5th, 1789We send a messageTogether we are stronger 7. The beginning of they endThe beginning of they endFrance was still in its dark days and not many aspects were improving for the Third Estate. However, this changed whenthe women made big plans to attack Versailles to get their voice heard. They had no work because the nobles were notbuying any of the goods they were making. Therefore, they did not have any income and no money to buy new products.The day came that I had dreaded for weeks; my wife was going to participate in the attack on Versailles. Over 8000women gathered together, made a plan, and put that plan to action. They started making their way to the Kings palaceto send him a message. The women all stormed Versailles and invaded the palace. Most people of the higher classeswere amazed by the womens attack because they did not expect such a huge crowd and such a rebellious act. Thewomen all came back together, holding their chests high and walking proudly. They showed the leader and king thatwith courage and force they could defeat anybody. This was the beginning of the end of the downfall of the KingsMonarchy. Our women took many important government officials hostage. This they said was a sign of their power andthat they should not be messed with. Because many officials saw that we were getting so strong and could take anyoneon, they decided to go further away or get better protection. The main reason all of the women, including my wife, wentto Versailles was that they did not have any money. I hope this will change the situation for our children and us andmake our life easier.The marching of Versailles was much like the marching of the Bastille. We, the lower class, attacked because of ouranger against the government. In both cases we achieved our goal of sending a message. Both of these scenarios werealso about power and equality. Both of these marchings were mainly about us showing and gaining power for the lowerclass and us showing our immense combined strength against the government. It also showed that we are capable ofmany things; thus we are just as equal as any other person in any class and we should not be taken advantage of. Thehigher classes take advantage of us and make us do the dirty work. They make us pay the taxes, but we have strength;together we can beat them. The government thinks they are in power, and they are, but the real power is with us, thelower class. At any second we can attack and takeover, and we will dare anyone to stand in our way. 8. July 28th, 1794July 28th, 1794The last few unlucky victimsNever stopbelieving inyourself 9. Youre faith in my handsYoure faith in my handsEveryone was scared for his or her faith, including my family and me. The Reign of Terror was rapidly spreadingamongst all people and everyone knew what it was and what it meant. If you did something against the law, you knewyou would always have to watch your back to see if Robespierres men were after you. If they catch you, you wouldhave to tell the truth about your mistake and would go on the chopping block. You would be placed under a big knife,you would have to lay on your stomach and if you confessed to your crime, they would let the knife go and your headwould be chopped off. Everyone was scared of these consequences. But instead of making it more peaceful, there wasso much anger shown towards this horrible style of executing, which was lead by Robespierres. But that was untilyesterday when we heard that the politician, Robespierre, was executed by his own method of killing.Robespierre was mainly known for his horrible execution, the Reign of Terror. Everyone was always very scared ifhe came in the neighborhood because it was always to punish someone for crimes; the beheading would follow. Thekiller, Robespierre, would on certain occasions behead someone in public to show his power and political strength. Hewas also an important figure of the French government. Despite his brutal killing methods, he was a well-admiredpolitician who would stand up for the peasants rights. Sometimes his enemies would mysteriously die by his methodof beheading the day before they were to discuss a new law or some other kind of political agreement. When he wascaught and imprisoned, everyone felt relief because even though we werent the main targets, no one ever knew whatRobespierres was going to do next and who he would hit next.Although Robespierre was caught several months ago, nobody was 100% safe because he still had many followers whowould kill for him whenever he wanted. Now that he was really gone and his followers have no one to listen to, I hopethat will help improve the morale of France. Robespierre was a cold-blooded killer and now he is gone, I can sleepagain as my family is save from him. I hope this execution will stop the Reign of Terror and make people think what ahorrible method of killing it is. Even though some people might deserve to die, it is not right to behead someone andshould never be done again. 10. November 10th, 1799November 10th, 1799Our new hopeLong live France! 11. A new beginningA new beginningDevastating, and untrustworthy was the work of the 5 directors. They promised everyone that they would fix our problems butthey ended up making it worse. Everyone thought that this would be the solution to all our problems but we thought wrong.The 5 directors were in power for the last few months and one claimed that this would be the change we had all been waitingfor, but it wasnt. Yesterday was the long awaited fall of the directory and its followers. Napoleon Bonaparte took advantage ofthis unstable form of government and came to power and took control of the French government. He also said he would form anew improved government but I dont believe him because a lot of leaders have said that these past few years...The 5 men came to power when our country was at a downfall and they promised to make things betters. We all accepted theirattitude and will to succeed but it wasnt meant to be. The five-man directory was at first thought to be the solution to ourproblems but it came to be known as the downfall of France, once again. Once they got to power, the 5 man held immensepower above us and ruled our country with proudness. They formed two other directories that were made up out of noblesand other highly admired characters. But when things started to difficult, they economy got even worse then it already was.People like me, started to realize that this was not the solution but another cause for the problem. Napoleon took advantage ofthis turnover and worked it to his advantage. Thus he gained power and finally, yesterday, was ready to take out the 5 directorsand control France.France needs a leader who can get us out of the financial crisis. Who can save us from our problems, a leader who treats usequally and most of all a leader that works towards making our country a better place. We have had many leaders before thatwere claimed to be the next solution but all of them have either caused more problems or were treating us unequally. We havetried to make those changes ourselves by sending messages like attacking the Bastille and invading Versailles but it nevertotally worked because a new leader would take over that was not appropriate. Those new leaders that claimed that theywould make things better, would always fail or get back to a monarchy, which we did not approve of. Now that Napoleon hascontrol we hope that he will share the power equally among us. We strive for a better nation and to make our countrysomething to be proud of and not something to be ashamed off. We need changes to our government and to our economy andwe need those changes now.Long life France! 12. Citations pageCitations page"The Tennis Court Oath." European History. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 May 2013."Web Links - Revolutionary France." Web Links - Revolutionary France. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 May 2013."Internet History Sourcebooks." Internet History Sourcebooks. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 May 2013."The Execution of Louis XVI, 1793." 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