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  • Linked...Jons guide to

  • optimising your LinkedIn profile

  • Why optimize your profile?Increase the traffic your professional website receives from search enginesLinking company websites to employees LinkedIn profile improves page rank and search engine rankBecome indexed/listed in search engines, build your own brand.

  • What steps can you take to optimise your profile?

  • Heres what you can do...Enrich your profile with relevant keywordsMake sure you make full use of your professional headlineCreate a unique URL for yourselfCreate unique and dynamic anchor links to your websiteAnswer questions and partake in discussions

  • 1. improve your profile with keywordsInclude true to life information about yourself, leveraging the SEO keywords your team is using.

  • DescriptionCurrentSummarySpecialities1. Enrich your profile with keywordsProfile Edit profileSmall edit buttonFill out as much as possible, focus key words in the following sections:

  • 1. Enrich your profile with keywords

  • 2. make full use of your professional headlineProfile Edit profileCurrent

  • 2. make full use of your professional headline

    screenshotsInstead of something basic like:

  • 3. Create a unique URLThis makes it more likely for your profile to show up in a search for your nameHow?

  • 3. Create a unique URLProfile Edit profileChange public profileEdit public profile urlChange to your nameSet address

  • 3. Create a unique URLYou can see how:Is easier to find/write than:

  • 4. Create custom anchor linksRather than generic my website name. Create custom text anchor linksGoogle will think your page is a good match for these words when searched.How?

  • 4. Create custom anchor linksProfile Edit profileScroll to website EditDrop down other fill out keywords then enter url

  • 4. Create custom anchor links

  • 5. Answer questionsAs well as building your professional reputation and credibility. Answering questions increases direct links to your profile. Strengthening visibility


  • 5. Answer questionsMore Answers Browse then answer. Simples

  • More tipsKeep building connectionsParticipate in discussionsLink other social sites to your profileRequest recommendations

    This will all improve your visibility online