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<ul><li><p>Page1of6</p><p>JON REZINBOLDED = Album SingleArtist Title Album Genre CreditA-Lin "Gentlewoman" Guilt POP / WORLD Vocal Editing / MixingAlfred Hui, Fred Cheng, Hubert Wu"Be A Star Tonight" Miss Hong Kong 2015 Theme Song POP / WORLD MixingAll American Rejects Entire Album Myspace Presents "When The World Comes Down" ROCK/POP Vocal Editing / TuningAll American Rejects Entire Album Live In London DVD ROCK/POP Vocal Editing / TuningAllison Iraheta Songs for Upcoming Album To Be Released ROCK/POP Producing / Writing / EngineeringAmes of Grace "Cool On Fire" Single INDIE ROCK Editing / MixingAmes of Grace "Trippin &amp; Fallin" Single INDIE ROCK Editing / MixingAmes of Grace "Clarity" Single INDIE ROCK Editing / MixingAmes of Grace "It's Gonna Get Better" Single INDIE ROCK Editing / MixingAmes of Grace "I Just Want To Convey" Single INDIE ROCK Editing / Additional MixingAmes of Grace "Your Love Was Mean" Single INDIE ROCK Editing / Additional MixingAndy Grammer "Touch", "The World Is </p><p>Yours", "Where Are You", "Still Beautiful"</p><p>The World Is Yours POP Recording / Producing / Mixing / Mastering</p><p>Aubrey Wood "Black Thick Rimmed Glasses", "So Much better", "Heart", "What If I", "Love Jenny"</p><p>Aubrey Wood ROCK Additional Engineering / Mixing</p><p>Aubrey Wood "Fly" Single POP Vocal Editing / MixingAubrey Wood "In The End", "Island", </p><p>"Love Sick", "Picking Petals", "Smile"</p><p>Picking Petals POP / ROCK Vocal Editing / Mixing</p><p>Ross Lynch &amp; Laura Marano You Can Come To Me Austin &amp; Ally POP Vocal Production / RecordingRoss Lynch &amp; Laura Marano Superhero Austin &amp; Ally POP Vocal Production / RecordingRoss Lynch &amp; Laura Marano Don't Look Down Austin &amp; Ally POP Vocal Production / RecordingBadasht (JB Eckl &amp; Eric Dozier) While The City Sleeps, </p><p>"Meek &amp; Lowly", "Free Yourself", "He Maketh Victorious", "Hollow Reed", "Unity Prayer", "Say God Sufficeth", "Healing Suite PartsI-IV"</p><p>Badasht Vol. 1 - While The City Sleeps OTHER Mixing / Mastering</p><p>Badasht "Benediction", "The Greatest Name", "O Son of Glory", "As Ye Have Faith", "If Thou Lovest Me", "These Great Oppresions", "Refresh &amp; Gladden", "Unity Prayer", "Thy Name is My Healing", "Raise Me Up", "Handful of Days"</p><p>Badasht Vol. 2 - Raise Me Up Mixing / Additional Mastering</p><p>Badasht "Take Me Home", "Tarry Not", "Burst Thy Cage", "Spiritual Revelutionary", "In The Garden of Thy Heart", "Unite The Hearts", "Amazing Grace", "Broken Winged Bird", "New Creation", "Cool", "The Fire", "Each To Each", "Beautify Your Tongues"</p><p>Badasht Vol. 3 - Visionaries Mixing / Mastering</p><p>Badi "Bring It Back", "Keep Me Posted", "Super Vision", "Move Forward", "Noble"</p><p>Super Vision EP HIP-HOP / SOUL Writer / Recording / Producing / Programming / Guitar / Bass / Mixing</p><p>Badi "The Departure", "Fate Of The World", "Be OK", "I Don't Know", "Sister", "Sidewalkin", "The Fire", "Say What", "Ain't Sayin Nothin", "Next Movement", "In My Soul", "Twenty One", "Full Circle", "Super Vision"</p><p>The Departure HIP-HOP / SOUL Writer / Recording / Producing / Programming / Guitar / Bass / Mixing</p><p>Badi Yazdi "Yaran", "Ay Bandeh Hagh", "Elaha Mabooda", "Ay Bandeh", "Ay Hadi Abrar", "Ay Delbar Mehraban", "In Halgh Baha"</p><p>Yaran WORLD Vocal Editing / Mixing</p><p>Barry Wallenstein ft. John Hicks Entire Album Tony's Blues JAZZ MasteringBASS Adjustment "Feel As 1" Single ELECTRONIC MixingBASS Adjustment "My House" Single ELECTRONIC Mixing / Vocal EditingBASS Adjustment "Why" Single ELECTRONIC Mixing / Vocal EditingBASS Adjustment "Believe" Single ELECTRONIC Mixing / Vocal EditingBig Daddy Kane "2 Da Good Tymz" Veteranz Day URBAN EngineeringBig Time Rush "Cover Girl" Elevate POP Vocal Editing / Additional Engineering</p><p>Mixing Engineering / Vocal Producer | 917.440.2796</p></li><li><p>Page2of6</p><p>Artist Title Album Genre CreditBlacklist "Africa / Raids", "The Coast </p><p>of Africa", "The Middle Passage", "Slavery In The New World", "Visions of Freedom", "Emancipation", "The Hunt", "Transcendence", "Rapture"</p><p>Tales of the Black Experience JAZZ Producing / Engineering / Mixing / Mastering</p><p>Blacklist Blacklisted Blacklisted JAZZ Mixing / MasteringBlue Discourse Entire Album Wage Peace on Burden SPOKEN MasteringBoA "Call My Name" Call My Name POP / WORLD MixingBoA "Close To Me" Who's Back? POP / WORLD MixingBoA "Shout It Out" Shout it Out POP / WORLD MixingBoA "Airport de Machiawase" Fly POP / WORLD MixingBoA "Fly" Fly POP / WORLD MixingBoA "Kiss My Lips" Kiss My Lips (Japanese Version) POP / WORLD MixingBoA "Look Book" Look Book Single POP / WORLD MixingBrigit Mendler "Postcard" Hello My Name Is POP Vocal Editing / MixingBrina "Feet Dont Fail Me Now", </p><p>"Lala Vizuri", "Where Is Your African Pride", "Daughter of Zion", "Simple Progression", Interlude, "Soul's Song", "Guns and Roses", "We Are Free", "Under One Sun"</p><p>Under One Sun REGGAE Mixing</p><p>Brina "Seeds of Freedom" Single REGGAE MixingBuddahead Undecided Single ROCK EngineeringCarly Rae Jepsen "Your Heart is A Muscle" KISS POP Vocal Editing / Additional EngineeringCasey Abrahms "Simple Life" Casey Abrahms POP Vocal Editing / Additional EngineeringCharlotte Leigh "Kill Your TV" &amp; "Little Rock"Single POP Vocal Editing / Mixing / MasteringChelsea Williams "So Good" (Cover) Single POP Vocal Editing / Mixing / MasteringChristina Grimmie "My Anthem" With Love POP Vocal Editing / Mixing / MasteringCoba Coba Coba LATIN Engineering / Producing / MasteringCoco Jones "The World Is Dancing" Made Of POP / URBAN Vocal Editing / MixingColbie Callait "Happy Christmas" Christmas On The Sand POP / HOLIDAY Vocal Editing / Additional EngineeringConnie Talbot &amp; Jordan Jansen "Reach Out" Single POP Vocal Editing / Mixing / MasteringCrystal Lane Swift "Secrets and Lies" Single POP MixingDanie Geimer "Wrecking Ball" X-Factor POP Mixing Track for Live ShowDavid Cook "The Time Of My Life" Single POP Vocal Production / EditingDef Jam Gospel Entire Album Gospel Sampler GOSPEL Engineering / MasteringDevon Gundry "Morning Lamps", </p><p>"Departed", "Refrenergy", "Remover", "Unite The Hearts"</p><p>Refrenergy POP / ROCK Additional Engineering / Vocal Editing / Mixing</p><p>Dia Frampton "Daniel" Red POP Vocal Editing / Additional EngineeringDove Cameron "Better In Stereo" Liv &amp; Maddie Themesong POP Vocal Production / RecordingDove Cameron "Count Me In" To Be Released POP Vocal Editing / MixingDove Cameron "Future Sounds Like Us" Shake It Up POP Vocal Production / RecordingDr. Atomic Entire Album Hallucignosis ELECTRONIC MixingEDUKE "Feel So Good" Feel So Good DANCE Vocal Editing / MixingEDUKE "Take Care" EDUKE DANCE Vocal Editing / MixingEDUKE "Only Love" EDUKE DANCE Vocal Editing / MixingEllona Santiago "Till The World Ends" X-Factor POP Mixing Track for use on Live ShowEllona Santiago "Titanium" X-Factor POP Mixing Track for use on Live ShowEllona Santiago "Baby Love" X-Factor POP Mixing Track for use on Live ShowEric Dozier "God is Most Glorious", </p><p>"God Forever Reigns", "We Give God The Praise", "My Prayer, My Praise", "Keep On Workin", "Don't Know Bout You", "Holy Spirit", "Praise", "Guide Me, Protect Me", "God is Good", "The Wilderness", "Bonus"</p><p>My Prayer My Praise GOSPEL Engineering / Producer</p><p>Faith Marie "Antidote" Single POP Vocal Production / Engineering / MixingFaith Marie "Little Girl" Single POP Vocal Production / Engineering / MixingFaith Marie "Devil" Single POP Vocal Production / Engineering / MixingFiona Sit "Worry" Single POP / WORLD MixingGala Gala EP ELECTRONIC MasteringGala Single Singles ELECTRONIC EngineeringGirl's Generation "Catch Me If You Can" Catch Me if You Can POP / WORLD MixingGirl's Generation "Chain Reaction" The Best POP / WORLD MixingGirl's Generation "Gossip Girl" Love &amp; Peace POP / WORLD MixingGirl's Generation "Blue Jeans" Love &amp; Peace (Deluxe Edition) POP / WORLD MixingGreyson Chance "Leila" &amp; "California Sky" Truth Be Told POP Vocal Editing / MixingGroup Song Perfect Day X-Factor POP Mixing Track for Live ShowGustaff Besungu "Shadows" Single WORLD Mixing / MasteringGustaff Besungu "New Day" Single WORLD Mixing / MasteringGustaff Besungu "Mamaye" Single WORLD Mixing / MasteringH Flo About Him Single URBAN Engineering / MixingHayes (Interscope) Various Songs To Be Released URBAN Bass / Assistant EngineeringHemphill Kids Future To Be Released URBAN Engineering / Voc ProdIldo Nanja Entire Album Paz A Todos JAZZ / WORLD Additional Mixing, MasteringJ-Bird The Straybird Entire Album The Straybird URBAN Mixing / MasteringJack Lenz Entire Album Midsummer Noon SPOKEN Restoration, Remastering</p></li><li><p>Page3of6</p><p>Artist Title Album Genre CreditJames Leon "Besame", "Party for Two" Upcoming ReleaseJamie Findlay Entire Album Reflections JAZZ MasteringJason Castro "Hallelujah""Somewhere </p><p>Over The Rainbow"Jason Castro POP Vocal Production / Editing</p><p>Javier Colon "Most Beautiful Girl In The World"</p><p>Come Through For You POP Vocal Editing</p><p>JB Eckl "New Creation", "May This Be Love (Waterfall)", "Unseen Hand", "Here Comes The Rain", "Summer Wind", "One of These Days"</p><p>Sparks ROCK / SOUL Producing / Engineering / Mixing</p><p>JB Eckl "Trash Can Song", "Ruin Your Life", "Book of Revelation", "All This Will Be Yours", "Another Story", "Battery", "I Think Its Time", "Never Satisfied", "That's How It Goes", "Thing We Wish Were True"</p><p>Everywhere At Once ROCK Engineering / Editing / Mixing</p><p>JB Eckl (ft. Lonnie Jordan) "I Can't Breathe" Single AMERICANA Vocal Editing / MixingJessica Jarrell "Here's To life" Glow POP / URBAN Vocal Production / Editing / Mixing / </p><p>MasteringJessie J "Who You Are" (Acoustic) Single POP Vocal Editing / MixingJohn Legend "Heat Stroke" To Be Released POP / URBAN Vocal Recording / EngineeringJohn Pattitucci Quintet Live Concert Recording The John Pattitucci Quintet Live In Concert JAZZ EngineeringJohn Paul Duvall Entire Album Album 2 ELECTRONIC MasteringJonathan Chase "Fare Thee Well", </p><p>"Forevermore"Singles POP Mastering</p><p>Jordan Jansen "Not Over You" Single POP Vocal Editing / Mixing / MasteringJuakali "Freak You Back" Single DUBSTEP Engineering / Mixing / Vocal ProductionJuakali "Black Magik", "Fittest Of </p><p>The Fittest", "Bring Me Home", "Take Off", "Fireworks", "Light My Way", "Bodega", "Life of Da Party", "Half Man Half Machine", "Black Magic (Explicit)", "Bad Mofo"</p><p>Feathers Too Bright DUBSTEP Vocal Production / Mixing</p><p>Juakali "Rule The Night" Rule The Night DUBSTEP Vocal Editing / MixingKajessa "I Will Love" Singles POP Vocal Editing / MixingKajessa "Red Door" Singles POP Vocal Editing / MixingKanye West Ft. Myleka Candy Myleka URBAN Vocal Production / Engineering / MixingKC Porter "Ruisenor", "Martires", </p><p>"Quisera", "El Viajero", "Virgin Del Sol", "Tanta Locura", "Sera", "Pasaporte"</p><p>Upcoming Release LATIN POP Vocal Editing, Mixing</p><p>Kerli "Immortal" Frankenwenie Soundtrack POP / ROCK Vocal Editing / Bass / MixingKrewella "When We Go Down" Get Wet DUBSTEP / POP Vocal Editing / Additional MixingKumi Koda "Touch Down" Summer Trip POP / WORLD MixingKumi Koda "Touch Down" Bon Voyage POP / WORLD MixingKurtis Blow Basketball ReMixinges Single URBAN EngineeringLee DeWyze "Who Would Have Known" Frames POP Vocal EditingLin Cheng "Lost Season" Greater Than Gold WORLD Additional Engineering / MixingLin Cheng/Red Grammer The China Tablet Single WORLD MixingLonnie Jordan "Interlude - San Juan Dub", </p><p>"Interlude - Leroy"War Stories ROCK / BLUES Mixing</p><p>Macy's Day Parade 2014 Numerous Songs Songs for broadcast and performances VARIOUS MixingMacy's Day Parade 2015 Numerous Songs Songs for broadcast and performances VARIOUS MixingMarcus Bell Various Songs To be Released URBAN Engineering / MasteringMark Lomax Quintet "Balm in Gilead", "For God </p><p>So Loved", "Go Down Moses", "Lift Every Voice &amp; Sing", "Somebody", "Sweet Little Jesus", "Swing Low", "Wade In The Water", "Worthy"</p><p>Lift Every Voice and Sing JAZZ Mixing / Mastering</p><p>Martin Kerr "Disappear" Single INDIE / FOLK MasteringMea Karvonen Entire Album The Nightingale's Cry JAZZ MasteringMichael Speaks "Hands Off", "What You </p><p>Gonna Do", "You Can't Tell"To Be Released GOSPEL Engineering / Producing</p><p>Mike Longo Various Live Concert Recordings</p><p>Live Jazz Series Recordings JAZZ Engineering</p><p>Minor Soul "The Way It Goes""Streets of New York""That's Just Love"</p><p>Home Is Where You Are POP Vocal Editing / Mixing</p><p>Minor Soul Entire Album Home Is Where You Are POP MasteringNatalia Jimenez "Tu No Me Quieres Mas", </p><p>"Escapar", "Un Corozon Se Rompe", "Algo Brilla En Mi", "Angeles Caidos", "Solo Tu Me Haces Feliz", "Te Esperare", "Mariposas", "Tu y Yo", "Quedate Con Ella", "Creo En Mi"</p><p>Creo En Mi POP / WORLD Vocal Editing / Mixing</p></li><li><p>Page4of6</p><p>Artist Title Album Genre CreditNew Creation "Let All Associate" Single FOLK Recording / Production / Mixing / </p><p>MasteringNick Howard "Untouchable" Single POP Vocal Editing / Mixing / MasteringO-Fresh "8 Years Old &amp; Fabulous", </p><p>"Keep It Fake", "One Man Stampede", "Suburban Gangsta", "I Like That", "Chryme Fighter", Hmm, "The Back Room"</p><p>Suburban Legend URBAN Engineering / Produce / Programming / Mixing</p><p>One Direction "Taken" Up All Night POP Additional MixingOne Direction "Truly Madly Deeply" Take Me Home POP Vocal Editing / MixingOne Human Family Various Projects Live in NYC GOSPEL Engineering / ProducerPixie Lott ft. GD &amp; Top "Dancing On My Own" Young Foolish Happy POP / WORLDPrimal Pont Entire Album Inspire ROCK Vocal Production / Editing / Additional </p><p>EngineeringPrince Royce "Perdoname" Soy El Mismo (Deluxe Edition) POP / WORLD Vocal Editing, Mixing</p><p>Prince Royce "The Lucky One" Double Vision POP / WORLD Vocal Editing, MixingRachael Crow "Mean Girls" Rachael Crow POP Vocal Editing / MixingRachael Crow "Some Kind of Wonderful" Rachael Crow POP Vocal EditingRamine Yazhari "This Newborn Child" This Newborn Child INSPIRATIONAL Production / Engineering / MixingRandy Weston Quintet Live Concert Recording Live in Concert at the Great Hall JAZZ EngineeringRebecca Ferguson "Wonderful World" Freedom POP Vocal EditingRed Grammer "Power To Change The </p><p>World", "Everybody Has A Bucket", "I'm All Filled Up", "I Am A Bucket Filler", "Bucket Fillers", "I've Got A Lid", "See Me Beautiful", "Fill A Bucket", "Pop On My Lid", "Circle of Light"</p><p>Circle of Light: Songs for Bucket Fillers CHILDRENS Mastering</p><p>Respect: The Musical Cast Album Respect: A Musical Journey of Women BROADWAY Producing / Engineering / MixingRon Carter Live in Concert at the Great Hall JAZZ EngineeringRonan Parke "Whoa" Unreleased POP Vocal Editing / MixingRoshan Fegen / Caroline Sunshine</p><p>Afterparty Shake It Up POP Vocal Production / Recording</p><p>RoXxy Montana Royals X-Factor POP Mixing Track for Live ShowRy Moran "Right Time", "Dreams of </p><p>Grey", Waterloo", "Feel You Here", "Buffalo", "No Good Reason", "Stumptown Rag", "Red River", "Butterfly", "Humanity"</p><p>Groundwater AMERICANA Mixing</p><p>Salome Pacific "Beautiful &amp; Strong", "Sent To Save Me", "Could This Be Love"</p><p>Single POP / WORLD Production, Editing, Programming, Mix</p><p>Sandy Hoover "Powwow Banger" Powwow Banger Single ELECTRONIC Vocal Editing, MixingSamantha James "Rise", "Come Through", </p><p>"Angel Love", "Rain"Rise: Acoustic Sessions ROCK/...</p></li></ul>