jolly phonics grammar training ??- introduction into synthetic phonics and jolly phonics. ......

Download JOLLY PHONICS GRAMMAR TRAINING ??- Introduction into Synthetic Phonics and Jolly Phonics. ... continues on from the first year of Jolly Phonics and there are ... everyone is welcome

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  • JOLLY PHONICS & GRAMMAR TRAINING WEEKEND Saturday 26th September 9:30 to 13:30 (Jolly Phonics)

    & Sunday 27th September 9:30 to 13:30 (Jolly Grammar 1 & 2)

    A fun approach to teaching young children to read and write in English.

    Jolly Phonics Intensive Professional Training Seminar is an introductory course to Synthetic Phonics and is based on the theory of Jolly Phonics, presentation of the letter sounds, instruction and advice on how to implement the five principles of the method, stories, characters and above all, how to use Jolly Phonics on a daily basis in the classroom setting.

    Although the course is aimed mainly at preschool and primary teachers, it is for anyone who would like to know more about the benefits of using Jolly Phonics, whether it be at school or at home and everyone is welcome.

    Also included in the training is detailed instruction on how to use the specific Jolly Phonics resources (songs, books, actions, etc) and there are many invaluable examples of ESL- friendly games, activities and ideas that can be used every day to teach the method. All our clients also receive a Jolly Learning Official Certificate of Attendance and are given the chance to copy useful resources onto a pen drive. We also offer online support throughout the year.

    All of our courses are run by official Jolly Phonics Trainer, Beki Wilson who is certified by Jolly Learning. She currently offers teacher training in Spain and Europe.

  • Jolly Phonics Training Includes:

    The theory and main principles of the Jolly Phonics.

    Advantages of teaching to read and write in English using the Jolly Phonics method (teaching made fun!).

    A timetable of the 5 basic skills and how to implement them on a daily basis.

    An introduction to the letter sounds, including rate and order of introduction, digraphs, letter sound revision & the Tricky Words using a simple multi- sensory approach.

    Reading, blending, letter formation and how to identify the letter sounds in words.

    Advice on resources and decodable reading books available.

    Practical ideas (activities and games) for classroom teaching. examples of lessons, planning a curriculum and evaluation.

    Full Email support throughout the year for all clients.

    An Official Certificate of Attendance from Jolly Learning Ltd.


    Bring a USB drive to download our resources file.


    9:30-9:40 - Registration. 9:40-11:30 - Introduction into Synthetic Phonics and Jolly Phonics. - How to crack the English language code! - The 5 basic skills of the Jolly Phonics programme. - Daily revision through the use of games. - Learning the letter sounds: storylines and actions, multi-sensory approach, letter sound order, digraphs. - Letter formation: Creative ways to help young children learn how to write correctly. 11:30-11:45 - Refreshments & time for questions. 11:45-13:30 - Blending: how to teach children to read by blending words: practical activity ideas and games. - Identifying the letter sounds in words (segmenting): hearing the sounds in words. - Tricky Words: How to teach and spell irregular words. - Dictations: simple dictations and independent writing. - Main teaching points reviewed. - Decodable books: read and see books and Jolly Readers. - A brief review of some of the resources available. - Time for questions. - How to teach the letter sounds: ESL- friendly, fun, practical activities, games and ideas to implement in the classroom.


    Leading the teaching of grammar through synthetic phonics.

    The Jolly Grammar programme provides a systematic approach to teaching the structural aspects of the English language in a fun, multi-sensory way. It continues on from the first year of Jolly Phonics and there are currently six years of literacy teaching available.

    The Jolly Phonics Grammar Training Seminar consists of approximately 4 hours detailed instruction and is based on how to continue on from Jolly Phonics. It includes what the Grammar Handbooks cover each year and many examples of daily lesson plans. The course also offers a wide variety of adaptable and fun ESL friendly activities, games and ideas that can be used on a daily basis in any classroom setting.

    This introductory course is for anyone who wishes to know more about using the Jolly Grammar method at home or in school, in particular those who are already using Jolly Phonics, who have already had initial Jolly Phonics Training and Primary school teachers. However, everyone is welcome.

    All our courses are run by official Jolly Phonics Trainer, Beki Wilson who is certified by Jolly Learning. She currently offers teacher training in Madrid and all over Spain. For more information about prices, dates and availability please contact Beki at or go to


    Revision of the 5 skills introduced in Jolly Phonics. Why teach Grammar? Jolly Grammar format (spelling and grammar). Spelling lessons (progression, format, introduction to the alternative letter

    sounds, and magic e. Grammar lessons (progression, planning & activity ideas, examples from

    Grammar 2, 3 & 4), sentence construction, punctuation and dictionary skills. How to incorporate Jolly Grammar into your curriculum planning. Jolly Readers books. Resources and materials.

    Putting you new skills into practice:

    ESL friendly, practical ideas, games and activities to use in the classroom. Also Provided:

    Full email support. Refreshments. Official Jolly Learning Certificate of Attendance.


    9:30 - 11:30 - A brief review of Synthetic Phonics and the 5 skills necessary to teach Jolly Phonics. - Why teach grammar? - Examples of Jolly Grammar format (The Handbooks, lesson plans, activities). - Detailed examples of the spelling lessons in Grammar 1 & 2 (activities and practical ideas). - Using a Multi-sensory approach to teach Grammar. - Sentence work such as expanding sentences for independent writing, punctuation, parsing, proofreading and word webs. - Common and Proper nouns: lets take some photos! - Spelling progression through the first 3 years: How to teach Magic E. 11:30 - 11:45 - Refreshments and time for questions. 11:45 - 13:30 - Introduction of verbs and their progression through the first two years. - Kung-Fu Punctuation: Making punctuation fun for everyone! - The adjective Snake. - Words webs and synonyms. - Adverbs and Compound Word Birds. - Dictionary & Thesaurus skills. - Examples of decodable books. - Speech Marks: Storytelling and role-play. - ESL- friendly, fun, practical activities, games and ideas to implement in the classroom.

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