joint eea- promote user workshop on gmes atmosphere services

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P R O M O T E P R O T O C O L M O N I T O R I N G A T M O S P H E R E. Joint EEA- PROMOTE User Workshop on GMES Atmosphere Services. 12-13 June, 2008 EEA, Copenhagen. AGENDA. DAY 1 (12 June). Registration. 9 . 00. Welcome Addresses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Joint EEA- PROMOTEUser Workshop onGMES Atmosphere ServicesAGENDA9.00Registration10.0010.1010.3010.5011.3014.4015.5015.2014.20Welcome AddressesJeff Huntington, EEAEleni Paliouras, DLRPROMOTE Overview and Data AccessEleni Paliouras, DLRSession 1: Using Atmospheric Services

    Chair: Thomas Holzer-Popp, DLR.EIONET PerspectiveJanet Dixon, DEFRAThe GEMS project Regional Air QualityVincent-Henri Peuch, Meteo-FranceSession 2: Political Framework and Projects

    Chair: Tim Haigh, EEA.Air Quality Directive: Implementation and Future Direction Andrej Kobe, DG ENVAtmospheric Satellite Data Usagein the U.S.Jill Engel-Cox, Battelle Memorial Inst.

    GMES Network of UsersHerbert Haubold, UBA-AUsing Satellite Data for Air Quality MonitoringDominik Brunner, EMPA14.00Regional AQ Model Applications in GermanySabine Wurzler, LANUVFor more information on PROMOTE, please visit: http://www.gse-promote.org11.50

    PROMOTE User Activities Kerstin Stebel, NILU Local air quality forecasts and alerts in LondonStephen Potter (Borough Croydon) and Christine McHugh (CERC)15.00Coffee BreakP R O M O T EP R O T O C O L M O N I T O R I N GA T M O S P H E R E12.10EMEP Monitoring Activities Contributions to and Requirements from GASAasmund Fahre Vik, NILU17.10Lunch break12.3016.30Exploitation of environmental data in the Health SectorPatrick Malla, C.H.U. Nice16.50Summary and DiscussionDAY 1 (12 June)12-13 June, 2008EEA, Copenhagen11.10Integrated Air Quality Platform for EuropeLaurence Rouil, INERISCoffee Break17.45End of Day16.10GMES Atmosphere Service Arno Kaschl, GMES Bureau

  • 9.009.2010.0010.3016.00ESA User ServicesVeronique Aman, ESASession 3: Data and Tools

    Chair: Thilo Ebertseder, DLR.Basic ENVISAT Atmospheric Toolbox (BEAT)Sander Niemeijer, S&TCoffee BreakSession 4: PROMOTE Services - Demonstration and Training

    .EUMETSAT User ServicesKenneth Holmlund, EUMETSATParallel User Training Sessions

    Selected Topics include:

    Integrated Air Quality Platform for Europe (INERIS, FMI, DLR, RIU)European and Finnish multi-scale air quality forecasts (FMI)Nested Air Quality Forecast and Data Assimilation Products (RIU)European allergenic bioaerosols: an example of pollen (FMI)Atmospheric Formats and Data Tools (DLR)Satellite-based maps of particulate matter over Europe - methodology and example results (DLR)UV Service for Greenland (DMI)Using local air quality forecast and analysis services (ARGOSS)Street scale local air quality forecasts and alerts (CERC)Satellite-based regional maps of particulate matter: example of MODIS application over Northern Italy (CGS)BEAT Training (S&T)

    End of Workshop

    13.30For more information on PROMOTE, please visit: http://www.gse-promote.org10.50

    Atmospheric Data from ESA Claus Zehner, ESAP R O M O T EP R O T O C O L M O N I T O R I N GA T M O S P H E R ESummary and Discussion11.10Lunch break11.45DAY 2 (13 June)9.40Atmospheric Service Quality Strategy Rosalia Delgado (IASB-BIRA)


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