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  1. 1. JOIN US! WERE HIRING NOW! Get involved with a fast-growing movement in real estate sales with the fastest-growing real estate auction firm in the U.S. Earn virtually unlimited income Auctions benefit buyers, sellers and agents Enjoy unparalleled support, including weekly business coaching Weve got many executive, management and support positions available throughout the country for real estate agents with auction experience or at least a strong interest in auc- tions. Daily webinars are held to fully introduce the company, its mission, roles and fees. Here are the opportunities currently available: Regional Directors, managing multiple teams Team Leaders, managing a local team Project Managers, bringing listings to market PARTNER WITH US! We also love working with traditional listing REALTORS Keep your commission Retain your client Offer the auction option Referral fees available, too AUCTION ADVANTAGES Fast marketing and quick closings Only qualified buyers Online international bidding Great for virtually all markets Compeditive bidding means more more money for your Seller


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