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    1955: First commercially successful GC (Model 154 Vapor Fractometer).. .1963: first GC/MS 6D)...1967: First integrated GC/MS (Model 270)...1977: First microprocessor GC First Windows-based data-handling system (TurbochromrM)... 1997: First GC/MS witfj (TurboMassrM)...2002: First GC with color touch-screen interface (Clarus 500).. modulated headspace with trap (TurboMatrix HS Trap).. .2004: First amperometric sulfur"

    50th! iterface (Medef RMU-'^Sigma 1)... 1987:

    IFI capab i l i t i es ! 12003: First pressure letector (ASD)...

    join a celebration of innovation

    Since 1955, innovations in gas chromatography that go on and on. PerkinElmer.

    When PerkinElmer introduced the first practical gas chromatograph in 1955, it was widely praised for its versatility and ease of operation.

    Now celebrating 50 years, PerkinElmer continues to provide innovative solutions to evolving customer needs through advances such as the first GC headspace sampler with built-in trap technology.

    Innovations in GC. See what's here and what's coming-Such as our NEW TurboMatrix Thermal Desorbers for unrivaled performance.

    Visit our website at

    f> PerkinElmer*

    prec ise ly .

    (800) 762-4000 (U.S. and Canada)

    (+1) 203-925-4602

    For a complete listing of our global offices, visit

    Request more at

    join a celebration of innovation


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