john womersley ppd staff meeting john womersley 6 february 2007

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John Womersley PPD staff meeting PPD staff meeting John Womersley 6 February 2007

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  • Director, Facility Operations 1566 StaffFacilities for Science Business Unit 766Science & Technology Business Unit 800Resources 44Technology 272Space 201Lasers 79ISIS 325SR 161ASTec 56E-Science 103P Physics 100UK ATC 104Nuclear 10CSE 69Resources 42Island Sites TBD

  • Facility OperationsPrimary Functions Deliver S&T & Instrumentation through Research, Development, and Facilities Enable HEIs & Industry to realise the full potential of this R&D and facilities Deliver KT & Outreach, and provide input to UK S&T Strategy


    Two Business Units, each led by an Executive Director, and each with 700 staff

    Departments within each BU are typically 100+ staff, led by a Director

    Self-contained front-line Finance/Admin/IT processes within each BU

    BUs fully linked to all other STFC Directorates

  • STBU Facts Formally up and running from 1/4/07 ~ 100M income ~ 800 Staff

  • Top-Level STBU issues - 1 No staff losses proposed or expected Department science strategy and management remains with the Directors / Heads Recruit top-quality Director Technology Resolve issue of Director Particle Physics

    John Womersley

    I am not sure the name Science and Technology Business Unit has been formally agreed

    Structure shown is that on 1/4/07; it is open to subsequent evolution e.g. move departments from FBU to STBU, split off Space Institute

    Key issues for particle physics:Exploit better connections with Technology departmentWhat is best position/organisation for department

    John Womersley

    Director of Science StrategyEssentially replaces the position of Chief Scientist

    Responsible for science and technology strategy across the whole remit of council operations

    My view is that it should aim to connect The good background of peer review and community involvement inherited from PPARCWith the in-house science expertise inherited from CCLRC

    Therefore it is a key part of making sure that STFC is more than just PPARC + CCLRC

    I think it will benefit STFC and (indirectly) Particle Physics if I take this role

    John Womersley

    Plan AI remain involved in running PPD at some level, especially where big strategy is concerned, but with day-to-day administration delegated

    Plan BThere will be a new director of PPD

    This will be resolved soon has been delayed by availability of some of the people who need to be involved in the decision (including me sorry!)

    John Womersley

    PPARC Science Committee NewsSC met last week. News is not good. The overall budget is 9M deeper in the red than thought over next 3 years:Australian contributions lostCost of shared services centre at SwindonGovernment reduction across all RCsIn this climate big new projects are hard to fund

    SC recommended supporting GridPP3 at PPRPs minimum viable level

    MICE and NF PPARC will look to CCLRCASTAB meets tomorrow and Friday at DL

    Support for LC-ABD still being discussed but not likely to grow

    Still trying to find a way to do T2K

    Zeplin III comes to next meeting

    John Womersley

    Questions, comments