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Johanna Hurwitz Internet Research

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Page 1: Johanna Hurwitz

Johanna Hurwitz

Internet Research

Page 2: Johanna Hurwitz

Your task is to find the answers to the question found on each

slide and record that answer on your answer sheet.

Let’s get started!

Page 3: Johanna Hurwitz

1. What other job did Johanna Hurwitz have other than author? How long did she

do that job?

Page 7: Johanna Hurwitz

5. What does Ms. Hurwitz say the best practice is for writing books?

Page 8: Johanna Hurwitz

6. Look at the selection of books that Ms. Hurwitz has written. Which three would you like to read and why?

Page 9: Johanna Hurwitz

7.When did Johanna Hurwitz become a librarian?

A published author?

Page 10: Johanna Hurwitz

What jobs did Johanna’s parents have? Do you think that their jobs had anything to do with her becoming an author? Why or why


Page 11: Johanna Hurwitz

9.Who mainly influences Ms. Hurwitz when she is imagining characters and writing her


Page 12: Johanna Hurwitz

10.This page has pictures of a visit Ms. Hurwitz made to a school in New York

City. What do you think she talked about with the students? What question would

you ask her about being a well-known author?